Jeans for Big Thighs but Small Waist? Some Tips and Ideas!

Jeans for Big Thighs but Small Waist

Shopping for pants and especially jeans is not an easy task, and for curvy women with bigger thighs it is less so. Especially if you happen to have a small waist, as well.

From jeans that won’t make it up past the thighs, to those who just won’t zip up because your thighs stretch them out, we feel you! And that is why we put our heads together and looked high and low for some of the best jeans for women with curves. And we are very happy to bring you ten different designs, for you to choose and pick from.

As a general guide, before we get into this selection, when you have a small waist and bigger hips or thighs, we would recommend looking for jeans that have some elasticity to them. They should have elastane in them, and preferably have some viscosity, too.

Not only will this make them easier to put on and the fabric more stretchable, it will also make you look much better. Another plus of that, is that they will last longer, because the fabric won’t be forcibly stretched out.

The choices we’ve included vary for different types of curvy shapes, including those for slimmer legs, as well as more muscular ones. With that out of the way, it is time to get started.

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Two Outfits for a Perfect Sporty-Chic Look

outfits sporty chic look

Winter is now behind us, finally! With that in mind, Spring is the perfect season for experimenting with different outfits and styles. You can mix and match both cool weather and warm weather clothes, creating your own unique style.

However, some help is never a bad thing. That’s what we are here for!

As it is now a regular theme of our blog, once again we have selected two beautiful outfits for you to wear this season. They are chic, yet casual and sporty in looks, making them perfect for everyday wear to any casual outing you are attending.

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3 Destinations For An Italian Summer Trip + An Outfit Idea

3 Destinations For An Italian Summer Trip + An Outfit Idea

For those who are barely waiting to leave winter behind, let us help you with that!

We will be taking a trip, virtually that is, to three beautiful destinations that you must visit this summer.

And what better country than one that has it all; art, culture, food and some of the best architecture in the world. Yep, Italy!

In this journey, we will be taking you to three famous Italian cities, Venice, Florence and Pisa, with some specific places that everyone should visit while being there. You will get to look at some beautiful pictures, while reading our guide, and we are certain that they will make you wish you were right there.

And because there is no fun trip without a chic and trendy outfit, we have thought about that, too. There will be an outfit suggestion featured within this guide, so you can pick and choose either it as a whole, or whichever clothing you might prefer.

We are as excited as you are about all of this, so let’s not waste any more time.

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8 Best Cargo Pants for Women You Should Try in 2017

Best Cargo Pants For Women 2017

It is the season of travelling and outdoor times.

Ladies, we have selected eight of the best cargo pants for you to wear this year, 2017, especially suitable for spring and early summer.

Cargo pants are popular because of how comfortable and versatile they are in style, as well as the fact that they make for very practical pants, as they have plenty of pockets.

They come in numerous designs and we tried our best to pick different style, so whether you are looking for a pair of work pants or just casual ones, keep on reading.

Related: 8 Nebulus Sport Pants for Skiing, Jogging, Running, for Men and Women

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8 Best ATTCL Sunglasses For Women And Men

8 Best ATTCL Sunglasses For Women And Men

We don’t know about you, but as soon as the weather warms up a bit and the sun shines bright again, sunglasses are a necessity.

Previously, we have looked at several trendy sunglasses for women and it is about time we included some option for men as well.

In this post, we will be taking a look at eight of the best and most affordable sunglasses online, made of high quality materials. They are by ATTCL a brand that makes some interesting sunglasses and not just that, but they offer lifetime warranty on them, that’s how confident they are in their product and how well made these sunglasses are.

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Geographical Norway Softshells: 9 Jackets for Adventurous “Girls”

Geographical Norway Softshell Jackets Women

We have discussed several times about outfits and accessories that you might need for different occasions and it is only fitting that we discuss softshell jackets.

Whether you are an active person or not, it doesn’t matter! Softshell jackets are designed for functionality, comfort and practicality.

If you are not familiar with softshells, what sets them apart from other jackets, is the material and design. They are made of Polyester and lined with fleece on the inside. This makes them breathable and insulated, as well as water-resistant. They make the perfect outdoors jacket!

Softshells are typically used as sportive jackets because they are functional and make movement easy, therefore they do not affect performance, like a heavier jacket would.

These jackets are lightweight, too and suitable for layering, which means that you can wear them underneath a heavier jacket, usually a hardshell.

We have selected nine gorgeous jackets for women, by one of the most renown brands when it comes to sports clothes and winter clothing, Geographical Norway. You are sure to fall in love with them!

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8 Beautiful Monicoco Dress Shoes

8 Beautiful Monicoco Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are never out of style and they continue to develop both in design and style.

Monicoco has some of the best, most beautiful, trendy and elegant shoes out there, which brings us to today’s selection.

Eight beautiful dress shoes, versatile in look and with plenty of color options, which you can match with any outfit you own.

So if you are looking for an elegant pair of high heels, ballerina flats, or overall comfortable and chic shoes, look no further!

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8 Stylish S’West Winter Jackets and Coats for Women

8 Stylish S'West Winter Jackets and Coats for Women

Following up with another selection for the ladies, this time we’ll be introducing S’West, a German brand, which makes quality winter jackets, some of which, we have selected to be part of today’s review.

There will be a variety of jackets in both style and length, so you can choose the one that best suits your preference and lifestyle.

They are quite elegant in design and also surprisingly affordable, considering their quality.

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Wedding Dress Hangers: 10 Beautiful Ideas

Wedding Dress Hangers: 10 Beautiful Ideas

Ladies, let’s talk about the big day! You have found the venue, planned the menu and now you are searching for the perfect dress.

In the middle of all the planning, what might not cross your mind at this point are dress hangers. We get it, you have a lot to think about and a lot to do, perfectly understandable. That is why we are here, to think of the little things.

We have selected several dress hangers in a wedding theme, so they will go beautifully with your wedding dress. Be it for pictures or just because you’d prefer something special for the dress, these hangers are just too good to skip.

And because we are certain you are going to love these designs, the good news is that many of them come in sets, which means that you can share them with your bridesmaids, maid of honor, parents and of course, the groom.

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What to Wear to Meet His Parents: 2 New Outfits

What to Wear to Meet His Parents: 2 New Outfits

Time to meet the parents of your partner and this sure is, for some, an exciting but also stressful event.

Previously, we have written a similar article, but with outfits more suitable for the warmer weather.

Therefore, now it is time for another selection of two stylish outfits, more appropriate to wear during the colder season.

We have selected the outfits based on when it is most suitable to wear them.

The first one is slightly more casual and is best for daily wear. The second outfit is formal, suitable if you are meeting them over dinner.

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