2 Fall Outfits For Women to Wear This 2016

2 Fall Outfits For Women to Wear This 2016

With September well on its way out, we are finally entering into proper fall season.

The temperatures drop and the days are windier than usual, and sometimes it rains. While those might not be too appealing, there is a plus side to this season as well. Clothes, of course!

With the temperatures going down, we are in need of more clothes to wear, and what exactly does that imply? Style, yes!

The options are endless, starting from pullovers or light jackets, to jeans, leggings, cropped-sleeve shirts and finally, boots. They go with everything, so go ahead and select your favorite pair of booties and see for yourself.

There are plenty of designs and a lot more prints, making it exciting having to match and purchase different clothes, but sometimes it gets too much.

We get it, so we are here to help!

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Best Ladies Watches: 16 Stylish Ideas

Best Ladies Watches: 16 Stylish Ideas

Accessories are a necessity to complete an outfit and choosing the right ones, that will complement the color or style of your outfit, can sometimes prove difficult.

One of the most popular and by far the most used are watches. They are not only stylish but also useful and practical, which makes them probably the best accessory you can wear everyday.

Watches nowadays come in a lot of designs, colors and styles, each suitable for different occasions or outfits.

Some go well with sportive clothes, while others are very delicate and elegant, suitable for dresses or formal events.

Versatility is the best feature of a watch. Truly, you cannot really go wrong by wearing one, despite what it looks like or its color.

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10 Casual-Chic Backpacks From Top Brands

10 Casual-Chic Backpacks From Top Brands

You’ve had this one bag for too long. You like it so much that you take it everywhere with you. After a while, though, as we are all aware, bags wear out and sometimes even get torn. It’s not a fun experience, but it does and will happen eventually.

Well, here we have compiled a list of ten beautiful and practical backpacks bags from top brands. They are casual bags, that you can take anywhere and you can pick your favorite that will suit your style and preference.

These bags are all high quality, which means they’ll last for a long time, so you won’t have to purchase bag after bag and waste both time and money in the process.

Without anymore delay, let’s head on to our selection.

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What To Wear To Meet His Parents: 2 Outfit Ideas

What To Wear To Meet His Parents: 2 Outfit Ideas

Your boyfriend has asked you to meet his parents. This is a long awaited moment for some, but to most it’s a bit of a stressful event, because you worry they will like you or not. After the initial stress goes away, the issue of what to wear arises.

When it comes to occasions like this one, finding the right outfit can be quite stressful and time consuming, since apparently, your brain is certain that nothing you will come up with, is suitable to wear.

Depending on the case, whether it is the first time ever, which means a more formal meeting, or you have met before and now it’s more of a casual gathering, the outfit needs to be fitting to the situation.

You can’t go in shorts and flip flops to a first meeting, and there is no point in going too formal, to just hang out with his family, with which you have already been acquainted.

We have planned two outfits for this occasion, the first one for an informal meeting with the parents and the other one for a formal meeting.

It will help you have a general idea on what clothes go best with either occasion, and maybe you will even find something in the items we’ve selected, that suits your preference and style.

Outfit #1: An Informal Lunch With His Parents

Outfit #1: An Informal Lunch With His Parents

Let’s start with the informal meeting outfit. As you can see, it’s a very casual outfit, that can be worn in many occasions, and can be customized with accessories of your choice.

Kensie – Women Daisy Dot Eyelet Dress

Kensie - Women Daisy Dot Eyelet Dress


The dress we have selected is from Kensie and it’s the Daisy dot eyelet dress.

It is a short, sleeveless summer dress, in a dotted pattern, with the shape of daisies all over, hence the name.

This dress is very feminine and goes well with heels and flats, but we’d recommend open- toe shoes, or sandals.

The material is 100% cotton, which makes it a very lightweight dress and comfortable to wear.

There are three colors available: Midnight sapphire, Canary and White and you can go with either of them, but we would suggest either white or

yellow, since it’s more flattering to wear, combined with the jacket we’ve chosen for this look.

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Outfit Idea #1: Polka Dots Look

Polka Dots Look

Clothes are a necessity in our lives. While some might go about it as if it’s a burden that they must deal with on a day-to-day basis, others are so involved and in love with finding that perfect outfit that it consumes hours upon hours and not rarely, even a lot of money. Nevertheless, we can all agree that the right outfit will not only make you look more presentable, but it is also a confidence booster.

With all that being said, we are launching a new series of articles about clothes, where we will discuss different trends, styles and patterns. Each of the articles will have a sample outfit recommended by us, with information for every item included.

For the first one, we thought it best to open with polka dots. They have been around for so long and never go out of style.

For those not acquainted with polka dots, they are evenly sized and spaced dots all over a piece of fabric. Traditionally, they were used by flamenco dancers, but then they spread and became a fashion style.

When most of us think of polka dots, Minnie Mouse comes to mind, with her red dress with white dots and the matching bow. She was created in 1928 by Disney, and since then the polka dots have been used in so many different pieces, with the dresses, of course, being still the mostly used and designed around this style.

As it is common knowledge, if a celebrity wears something, it becomes a trend afterwards and that’s actually how polka dots became famous, when Miss America 1926 wore a swimsuit with polka dots all over it. Nowadays, celebrities still continue to wear clothes with polka dots on them.

Polka Dots Look

As you can see, Jessica Alba is wearing a Tory Burch white dress with blue polka dots. Miranda Kerr was photographed in the “Space Cadet” jumpsuit from Beck & Bridge, with an open neckline, in black fabric and white polka dots.

In Dior‘s hot couture event, Cameron Diaz wore a dress from the fashion house itself, a beautiful dress, with short sleeved and a belt around the waist. And proving that polka dots can go with any style, Olivia Wilde rocked this white and black dots skirt by Mark Jacobs.

Now let’s head on to our outfit selection for this trend.

Polka Dots Outfit

We have come up with a casual outfit, which looks youthful and it is so comfortable that you can wear it whenever you please. And of course, there are accessories to go with it, and a bag, so you can have a complete image of how to mix and match clothes.

The Top

Azkara Crop Top


Starting from the top, this is a crop top from Azkara, with short sleeves and a rounded neck. It is made of cotton and is a slim stretch fit, which makes it very comfortable to wear and it is also lightweight.

It goes well with a lot of different styles and accessories, so you can customize your style as you prefer. There are a lot of colors to choose from, some plain such as: Black, Mint, Coral and Pink and striped: Black-White, Coral-White, Red-White, Grey-White, Jade-White, White-Black.

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How To Have a Casual-Rocker Style

Casual-Rocker Style

If you were to ask someone “What kind of people wear black the most?”, you would definitely get “Rockers” as the first answer. For many years, it has become like a correlation, where wearing mostly black clothes means you have a rock style. However, that is not entirely true because when it comes to the typical rock style, what most people don’t realize is that there are many different combinations, colors and designs. Just like most styles out there.

It got popular from rock bands and the groupies of the time, who wore these clothes to identify with their favorite bands and then it spread and became a trend, not solely focused on rock bands anymore. Celebrities have worn it as well, as you can see in the picture above.

This is a style in which everyone can find something that fits their personality and preference. It’s such a versatile style and you cannot go wrong with it.

So, say you’re a fan of the style and you identify with it. It makes you feel good and confident, but the problem is that you don’t always know how to go about it. What to combine, how to combine them. What goes well with what and which colors to choose. And while considering how many options there are, it is definitely confusing and time consuming. But there is also the issue of wearing this style in your day-to-day life, not just for concert events or meetings with like-minded people.

We wrote this article just for that. A guide to help you girls out there understand the rock style better and wear it daily, without looking out of place in casual gatherings. We have also included our choice in each category, to help you have a better image of all this.

Casual-Rocker Style

The Jackets

Let’s start with the jackets. Leather jackets to be exact. They are the icon item of the rock style and the great thing about the style of these jackets is that not only do they look good in this style, they go really well with other choices as well, such as dresses or more formal clothes.

Whether it is PU leather or real leather, that’s a personal choice. What you need to keep in mind is the color. For the rock style, the darker the better. Preferably black. There are also different designs, some of which feature studs and spikes, to make your style look a bit edgy.

Zohran Leather Jacket


Our suggestion would be this jacket from Zohran, made of 100% leather and an inner polyester lining. It is a long sleeved jacket, with diamond stitches as the pattern on the outside. It has four zipper pockets on the sides and a short collar. This is a very comfortable jacket, which is another thing to look for when purchasing the jacket of your choice.

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8 Bags for a Casual and Fresh Look

8 Bags for a Casual and Fresh Look

Bags are a must have item for everyone. Especially for the ladies, who often have way too many things to carry, and pockets just don’t do the job.

What is best about bags is that they are practical and offer you to carry many things at once, without inhibiting your freedom of movement. Another good thing about bags, is the huge selection available out there. Many colors, different styles, shapes, lengths and designs, each with specific features, to suit your daily life.

When it comes to bag selection, you need to keep several things in mind, such as what you are using it for and how many things are you putting in it.

For the purpose of a bag, it’s important to select the right one, because, for example: a small purse, while it might look very fashionable, it is not practical and will not be able to carry a lot, or a messenger bag, while it is practical, carries a lot and is comfortable to use, it’s quite wide, which might not suit your day-to-day activity. So keep in mind that when looking for the right bag, features such as practicality, comfort and size are the three main things to look for.

We have compiled a list with eight bags that are different in size, shape and design, with a good color selection as well, so you can combine it with your favorite clothes. They also differ in purpose and practicality, so whether it is for school, work or formal occasions, you can rest assured, there will be a right fit in our selection for you.

Fossil Preston Flap Cross-Body Bag



Fossil‘s Preston Cross-body bag is the first one we’re introducing. It is made of 100% leather, with an inner cotton lining. It closes with a flap on the front, which comes with an interesting zipper pocket in the flap itself. There are pockets on the inside as well, one is a zipper pocket and the two others are media pockets.

The strap is adjustable, as is the width of the bag, which can be widened with a zipper. The dimensions for this bag are: L 11″ x W 4″ x H 9.25″. The colors to choose from are many, including: Black stripe, Black, Espresso, Floral, Hunter green, Real red, Pink stripe, Sea glass, Shell and Tomato.

YOUNA Genuine Leather Retro Bucket Bag Women



This bucket bag comes from YOUNA. It is made of high quality materials, which include genuine leather for the outside and fabric lining for the inside. It is adjusted with drawstrings on the top and is divided in three parts in the inside, with the middle one being removable, with a zipper closure and several open pockets in it.

The strap is long, but can be adjusted accordingly. The dimensions are 10″ x 9.5″ x 6″ and weighs around 1.6lb. It comes in seven different colors: Black, Dark blue, Khaki, Light blue, Light purple, Pink and Wine red.

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Casual Dresses to Give Colors and Style to Your Daily Look

Casual Dresses to Give Colors and Style to Your Daily Look

Dresses have always been considered as the most feminine clothing item there is. Ranging from short to really long ones, there are so many designs, styles and prints out there.

Most of us ladies own a dress or two, or fifty, and it gives us a chance to feel good, while looking good. The best thing about wearing a dress is the freedom of movement and comfort they provide. And those things are very important when it comes to the warmer seasons.

Summer is really hot, we have all suffered through for years, and there is nothing like a dress to keep you fresh and cool.

This year’s style is more focused on floral prints, such as the one pictured above, worn by Marion Cotillard and stripes, like the dress worn by Zoe Saldana, with dresses mostly being knee-length and above the knee in length.

In our list, we have included several types of dresses, differing in style, prints and design. You will find floral prints, for the most part, as well as several other styles.

Betsey Johnson – Women Floral Fit-and-Flare Dress



Starting off with a beautiful dress with rose patterns, Betsey Johnson‘s Floral Fit-and-flare dress is made of 55% Rayon and 45% Polyester. It is sleeveless and the neck is rounded, with a V-back and a concealed zipper.

It is above-the-knee-length, and the main color is Ivory. As for the roses, they come in a multitude of colors, ranging from wine-red to light pink, with buds and opened flowers and leaves as a combination. This is a great dress to wear in formal occasions, but if you feel like it, you can surely wear it on a daily basis.

Betsey Johnson – Women Printed Floral Boho Dress



This dress comes, once again, from Betsey Johnson. It is the Women’s Printed Floral Boho Dress. It is made of 100% Polyester, with long sleeves. Nevertheless, it’s a very light and breezy dress, so don’t let the long sleeves put you off. The length is above the knee, and it comes with a V-neck.

The main color on the dress is black, with a print of many different flowers, such as roses, carnations and petals, all over the dress, with a multitude of colors, giving this dress a casual, but elegant look.

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4 Denim Trends For Women To Follow This 2016

4 Denim Trends For Women 2016

Denim pants are everywhere. All of us own a pair, whether they are cropped, ripped or just the classic design. Over the years, the designs and trends have changed immensely. First it was men who wore them, then they expanded to women as well. They were usually used by people working in mines and cowboys, but then, with the hippie subculture and the jeans’ appeal to teenagers, they were worn by a larger group of people, leading us to modern days, where they are worn by everyone.

With several designs and colors, there is something for the preference of each and everyone of us. Be it cropped, ripped, flared, high waist, cigarette, you are sure to find a pair that will become your favorite. We’ve looked at several designs and types of jeans, and have come up with a list for the ladies to wear during this year.

Let’s start with the ripped jeans.

Years back you would have been viewed with pity and compassion if you walked down the street with a pair of ripped jeans, people would just assume you had run into an accident and had your pants completely destroyed. Whereas, now, it’s the latest trend. Both women and men wear them, and we have to admit, if celebrities are wearing them, there is definitely something to the design.

As pictured above, Beyoncé is wearing a pair of this design, and they most certainly look great. They’re fashionable, trendy and add a freshness to the look, giving a younger and careless appearance. Our choice for this style includes the following:

FRAME Women’s Le Skinny De Jeanne Jeans



Frame‘s skinny jeans for women, are a good choice for those of you that have always wanted a pair, but are a bit shy to wear them in public. They are cropped, and with small rips on the knees, so they are suitable for this season and summer as well, with the temperatures rising and everyone needing lighter clothes.

Material is a combination of cotton, polyester and spandex, so this pair is stretchable and very comfortable to wear. There is only one color choice, the honey wood and it looks just great.

Chickle Women’s Ripped Distressed Roll Cuff Skinny Jeans



Baggy jeans, they go with every top you own. Shirts, T-shirts, long sleeved, short sleeved, what have you. They will never look out of place.

This pair comes from Chickle with rips that are not opened wide, but they go from the thigh down the knees, and with some tiny additional ones all over, for an added detail. They are a bit cropped, with the ends turned above the ankle.

There are two wide pockets on the front, with the classic small one on the right side, and two pockets on the back. They close up with a zipper and a button and are made of cotton. The color is the typical denim one.

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Trend Spring / Summer 2016 – Women Lace Up Sandals

Trend Spring / Summer 2016 - Women Lace Up Sandals

Spring is here ladies and that means lighter clothes, bolder colors and sandals. Sandals are fashionable, comfortable and very feminine, adding that extra touch to complete your look. We have seen several celebrities wearing sandals, with the lace up models being the most preferred ones.

Kendall Jenner is a well-known fashion model, popular for her unique style. She is seen wearing lace sandals in many occasions and, in all honesty, they look amazing. She has worn them with Sophia Webster pants and shirt, proving just how well these sandals go with pants.

As for Rihanna, let’s just agree that everything looks great on her. She has chosen to wear the Impera lace up sandals, with a gorgeous short dress, making these shoes stand out. They complement her legs, without overpowering the dress, and giving a really elegant feature to the whole look.

So as you can see, whether it’s pants or a dress, lace up sandals will always fit well.

Today we are introducing you to some great lace up sandals, which go well with dresses, skirts and pants, therefore being always a good choice, which will complement your style. You will find really interesting designs in our list, featuring stiletto sandals, flats and also the well – known gladiator style sandals, so there is something for everyone, whether you prefer high heels or more casual and comfortable shoes.

Steve Madden – Women Sandalia Dress Sandal



Steve Madden‘s dress sandal design is the first one on our list. This sandal is made of leather, with a synthetic sole. It is a stiletto, with a heel which measures 4.5 inches and a thin platform of only 0.25 inches. This design is an open toe one, and suitable to be worn with the dress of your choice.

The lacing up is done by the cage upper, ending with the adjustable ankle wrap, so this is an ankle – high design. The color selection for this pair consists of vivid colors, some with an extra touch to their print. This includes: Floral multi, Silver, Black, Blush, Purple, Gold and Floral pink – yellow.

Sully’s – Lace Up Leg Wrap Stiletto Sandals



Closely resembling Kendall Jenner’s sandals in the picture above, Sully’s Leg Wrap Stiletto Sandals are a must have for everyone. They are made of synthetic material, including the cage upper, laces and sole. This pair is an ankle – high as well, with open toe design and a 4 inch high stiletto. The platform is once again thin, making them quite elegant and comfortable to walk in. The colors to choose from are: Black, Nude, Olive and Red.

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