Levi’s vs Diesel Jeans: Which Brand is Better?

Levi's vs Diesel Jeans: Which Brand is Better? - (Women Wearing Jeans)

Jeans come in numerous different variations and that is a truly great thing. Having so many options to choose from leaves you with plenty of opportunities to play around with different styles and match them into different outfits.

Throughout our work, we have put together a number of comparisons, selections and reviews, in which we have looked at various types of clothing and footwear. Lately, however, our focus has been primarily on jeans, their types, designs, styles and brands.

It’s brands we will discuss today again, where we will go through their history, their popular products and see which one of the two would be the better choice for you to consider for your next purchase.

We picked two very popular denim brands, both of which we have previously featured in our articles. It’s Levi’s and Diesel we will discuss today so let’s get started right away.

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Capris vs Cropped Pants: What’s The Difference?

Capris vs Cropped Pants: What's The Difference?

Throughout the centuries, pants and trousers, in all of their shapes and forms, were worn by both men and women because of their comfort, practicality and versatility.

While in some cultures and countries they may have been far more common for women to wear, in Western societies it took a long time for pants to become a typical, everyday garment for everyone.

The two of us over here absolutely love pants, which is no surprise considering how frequently we discuss them on our site (for example, here and here).

We have primarily focused on jeans and the different cuts and styles they come in because, in our opinion, there is still confusion regarding the names of jeans designs.

And it’s not because of ignorance either, some of these styles look so similar that you require a very sharp eye to spot the minute differences that set them apart.

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However, jeans are not the only trousers that cause confusion thanks to these details, other types of pants can be just as frustrating at times, having to remember all the names and differences.

This is why we enjoy writing about this topic as a way to help you tell apart the numerous styles of pants available and, as usual, how to best style them and which body shapes they suit better.

Today we will be looking at two styles of pants that, once again, differ so little that they are often called by each other’s name.

It’s Capris and Crops we will be discussing, two types of pants that some love and others strongly dislike. While they do indeed share many similarities, there are some distinctions between the two, which we will go into more detail in a minute.

Let’s get started!

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Cotton Jeans vs Denim: What’s The Difference?

(A man and a Woman in Denim) - Cotton Jeans vs Denim: What's The Difference?

In the modern days you would be hard pressed to find someone who has no jeans in their wardrobe, or that has never tried them on, regardless if they are a man or a woman.

The reason for that is quite simple considering that jeans come in so many styles and fits, making them very versatile and easy to style with a number of different tops and footwear.

This also makes it easier for everyone to find exactly what they like and fits them best. Nowadays there are also a variety of colors available, catering to those who enjoy something more in their look as opposed to just washes of blue, black or grey.

However, the biggest contributor to jeans being so popular is their comfort. You can wear jeans to a casual outing or in a more formal event. To trips, on the plan, on the car, practically anywhere, without having to struggle with them or have them be too bothersome after a long wear.

We have gone through numerous styles of jeans in our comparisons and selections as a way to get a better understanding behind the designs available and also how they originated.

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Something we have yet to discuss separate from the style and cut is the material that jeans are usually made of. While many people may be well aware of “denim jeans”, how many of them can actually explain what denim is? Well, that is what we are here for today!

We will be discussing denim jeans and the difference between them and jeans made of cotton. Let’s get started!

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Can You Wash UGG Boots? How To Wash Them? (A Guide)

Can You Wash UGG Boots? How To Wash Them?

Our latest piece was about tips on how to tell whether you pair of UGG boots is genuine or not. This is an important thing to consider because you pay quite a bit of money for such boots and making sure that you are purchasing exactly what you are paying for is essential.

When it comes to boots that are made of such quality and come at a high price, proper maintenance is another important consideration. Not only will it help with keeping them looking like new for a long time, but it will also help extend their usability and lifespan.

To help make the process of cleaning and caring for your UGGs easier, we have compiled today’s guide on the proper steps of maintaining your boots in pristine condition.

Let’s now briefly learn a bit more about the history of UGGs and how they came to be so popular and beloved, then move on to the care guide for safe and effective cleaning of your boots.

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Fake UGGs vs Real UGGs: How To Spot Them?

Fake UGGs vs Real UGGs: How To Spot Them?

Shopping for comfortable shoes can be quite an arduous process at times. With all the options available and the beautiful designs, choosing a single pair may prove difficult.

Winter boots are some of the most challenging in this regards, as no two boots are made alike and finding the exact pair that you can wear comfortably is not the easiest task.

In fact, there is a boot design out there which is extremely comfortable, to the point that some even wear them inside the house.

The title of today’s piece gave it away, it’s the UGG boots we are talking about.

A boot that took the world by storm and became popular among all ages and genders, it also managed to divide people into preference camps, some loving the design and others disliking the way it looked.

Despite the latter, UGG boots remain a beloved part of many people’s winter wear, especially women.

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As with all brand products that gain popularity, the risk of counterfeit products is always present. This was the case for UGG boots, too.

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We are not talking about boots that resemble UGG but are from different brands, as the Ugg boot is indeed a type of boot originating from Australia and New Zealand, whereas UGG is a brand.

We are talking about counterfeit UGGs that claim to be originally made by the brand UGG.

Now that we have clarified this matter, let’s get started with today’s guide of how to spot original vs. fake UGGs.

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Mom Jeans vs Straight Jeans: What’s The Difference?

Mom Jeans vs Straight Jeans: What's The Difference?

Ah, jeans! Versatile and comfortable, jeans are one of our favorite pants to wear and write about.

We have written quite a bit about jeans and compared different styles to each other, too.

Seriously, what’s not to like about jeans?

No matter the look you are going for, from the most casual, cutesy and cozy one, to the sultry, sexy and rebellious looks, you cannot go wrong with jeans.

No matter the top, the style or the shoes you are dying to wear to girls’ night out, jeans are the easiest to match and combine into different outfits.

Lucky for you, we have compiled many selections of different types of jeans for a variety of body types, sizes and preferences.

Today we will be discussing jeans again, by comparing two styles that we absolutely adore, the cozy mom jean vs. the straight leg jean.

Let’s get right into it!

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Levi’s 501 vs 514 Jeans: What’s the Difference?

Levi's 501 vs 514 Jeans: What's the Difference?

If there is one thing the two of us over here are thankful for is the invention of jeans.

Really, what other type of pant is as versatile to style, suitable for a number of different footwear and tops, and in so many options, designs and styles?

You can find several selections, comparisons and brands that focus on denim pants here on our site and we recommend that you take a look if you need some guidance in choosing the best type of jeans for you.

Following our latest comparison with another piece on similar products, today, as per the title, we will look at Levi’s 501 vs. 514 designs and compare them to each other to see their differences and similarities.

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Comparing products within the same brand is a good way of understanding differences in style, cut and fit between them and it also helps you get a better idea as to which option would be best suited to your preferences and body shape.

We chose the 501 and 514 jeans for today’s comparison as they are quite similar in some regards, while very different in other features.

Let’s take a look!

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Levi’s 505 vs 514 Jeans: What’s the Difference?

Levi's 505 vs 514 Jeans: What's the Difference?

Late last month we looked at the differences between two very popular Levi’s jeans, as well as explained the meaning behind the numbering system.

This numbering system of products is quite unique to Levi’s because they indicate the fit and style of the jeans, without having to label them with a name, as we are used to seeing with other brands.

If you are interested in learning a bit more about their numbering system, head on over here.

Today, once more, we will go through two other popular designs by the brand, the 505 vs. 514 jeans.

Our goal for this comparison is to understand these styles better, as well as to give you a couple of tips on which body types they are best suited for and how you can style them.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at what we have in store for you today!

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Italian vs French Fashion Style: What Are the Differences?

Italian vs French Fashion Style: What Are the Differences?

Fashion styles are as numerous as the areas they originate from. The influence of culture is undeniable when it comes to setting trends and in the recent years we have seen a number of fads come and go.

However, fashion styles that are related to a country cannot and should not be considered just simple fads that will go away as the times change.

Although cultures evolve and, especially for those of us who are European, we are seeing a progressive trend more and more throughout the years, there are still certain core values that affect how women and men in certain areas and cultures tend to dress.

It’s for that reason that there are numerous articles, comparisons and videos done on these topics, which compare things like food, fashion, makeup and all the way to relationships, between different countries.

American vs. Italian, American vs. French, Arab vs. American and so on are all a Google search away and for us, they are quite enjoyable and insightful as they give us a peek at how women from around the globe go about their daily lives in style and elegance.

Today we have picked two of the world’s most prominent countries when it comes to fashion, Italy and France. After all, those are the countries where some of the most renowned fashion icons came from and there is quite a lot to discuss.

With that being said, let’s now get started with the differences between the Italian and French fashion styles, taking a look at what makes them so distinct and understanding each a bit better.

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