Best Place To Buy Work Clothes on a Budget? Try These Ones!

Best Place To Buy Work Clothes on a Budget? Try These Ones!

Ladies, let’s talk work clothing.

While some places such as banks, restaurants, coffee shops or post offices have a set uniform for you to wear, a lot of other high-end workplaces require a formal and refined look for which you will have to shop yourself.

While this leaves you with a lot of freedom to pick and wear only your favorite clothes and create elegant outfits, it does tend to get a bit expensive. A lot of formal wear can be quite pricey, which makes shopping on a budget a feat in itself.

You are in luck! We did a bit of online digging here and there and are happy to report that we struck gold… figuratively, of course!

Now, we found several online stores, some of which well known and others less so, where you can find great deals for many different type of outfits, and most importantly outfits to wear to work.

These are affordable options, which deliver quality clothing without you having to break the bank to go to work looking presentable and put together.

Let’s dive right in and take a look at what we have picked for you today!

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7 Best Boyfriend Jeans for Women with Thick Thighs to Try in 2018 + How To Wear Them

7 Best Boyfriend Jeans for Thick Thighs in 2018

We have looked at mom jeans, skinny jeans and a whole variety of types and cuts for women with big thighs. Today we will continue on our search for some of the best types of jeans for curvy women, where we will be taking a look at boyfriend jeans.

Boyfriend jeans are constantly trending and rightfully so. They are not only among the most comfortable type of jeans, but also quite stylish.

But what exactly qualifies as boyfriend jeans might be a bit confusing. Typically this cut is slouchy and baggy, more so in front, as to imitate jeans made for men.

They fit a bit loosely and often come with rolled up ankles, in order to give off the vibe that they are a tad too long, just like your boyfriend’s would be.

And before you wonder, they aren’t a creation of recent years. Marilyn Monroe was one of the first to make these jeans popular, so they go way back.

The reason we picked them for today’s selection is because they are very flattering on curvy bodies.

You can choose loose-fitting ones, or designs that fit the form, whichever you like best. Because of the often straight legs, with a tad of skinny look to them, they help shape the legs better.

Let’s get started with the 7 designs we have chosen for you today!

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What Type Of Jeans To Wear If You Have Big Thighs?

What Type Of Jeans To Wear If You Have Big Thighs? (Kylie Jenner)

Having big thighs is still one of the staples of the fashion and beauty world nowadays and everyone is still striving to get that perfect hourglass shape.

But, as we have looked into previously, having big thighs comes with a couple of downsides, despite the perks. The most important issue that women who have big thighs continue to face every day is buying the right type of pants, jeans to be more specific.

Jeans are comfortable, they are timeless and the most versatile type of pants, leaving you with plenty of room to experiment creating different looks. Unfortunately, not all types of jeans are suitable for women who are curvy and have the luscious and sexy fuller figure.

This becomes even more of an issue if you have a smaller waist, because jeans tend to leave that gap in the back of the waist, which is quite awkward-looking and uncomfortable.

But there is no reason to fret about any of this, because we have compiled this quick and easy guide, which will teach you all the tips and tricks of choosing the right cut of jeans for your body and how to wear it flawlessly.

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7 Best Mom Jeans for a Pear Shaped Body That You Should Try this Year

Mom Jeans for a Pear Shaped Body (Zooey Deschanel)

If you have been with us a while or even if you are a newcomer, welcome by the way, a quick look through our website will make it evident that we love mom jeans.

And what’s not to love, really? We dare you to find another type of jeans that even compares to the comfort that mom jeans provide. Plus, in the recent years they have made a comeback and are now quite in style.

These are very easy jeans to style with different tops and are quite versatile in wear as they fit all body types quite well.

Mom jeans are a great choice for curvy ladies, especially those with big thighs, as we have discussed a while back in one of our articles.

As a follow up to that particular article, today we will look at mom jeans that are specifically for women that have a pear-shape body. The pear shaped lady has a smaller bust and waist and has round hips, which usually means thicker thighs too.

Mom jeans suit this body type, along with the Hourglass shape, especially well because they have a narrow waist and the legs are a loose cut, meaning more space for the legs and added comfort.

We have selected 7 of the best mom jeans on Amazon that are designed to fit a curvy body beautifully.

Let’s take a look!

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Are Over The Knee Boots Still in Style in 2018?

Are Over The Knee Boots Still in Style in 2018? (Emily Ratajkowski)

We are slowly leaving spring behind us, ladies, and our dresses will only get shorter and our sleeves, too. Summer is quickly approaching and to be honest with you, we cannot wait any longer.

Then why are we discussing over-the-knee boots, you ask? Because of short skirts and dresses, of course. Other than jeans, other pants just don’t mix well with this type of boot, because it is so tall.

We love over-the-knee boots with short dresses because they help refine the look, when it might be a bit too daring if other shoes are worn, and also, they are very stylish boots.

Previously, we have looked at some gorgeous over-the-knee boots in one of our articles and also took a look at riding boots in another piece, but today we won’t be doing that again.

We know, we know, usually our discussions of whether something is still trending in 2018 is accompanied by several products that we suggest, but we are going to keep this one solely focused on whether you should wear over-the-knee-boots this year.

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What Kind Of Skirt Should a Petite Woman Wear? A Guide

What Kind Of Skirt Should a Petite Woman Wear? A Guide

Earlier in April we wrote a guide on what skirts to wear if you have a pear shaped body and it’s time for a follow up. Today we will be discussing the most flattering types of skirts for petite women and how to choose the right one.

The term “petite” refers to height, not weight, contrary to what some people believe. It is used as a term for women shorter than 5’3″ (162 cm).

However, you might see it used for taller women, too. This is because petite means “small” and women taller than 5’3″ can have a small torso, narrow shoulders, or short legs. But when someone is regarded as being petite, it is directly related to their height, just so we can be clear on that.

As for a petite woman’s body shape, it all depends. Since petite is a term solely for the height of a woman, they can have an apple, pear, hourglass or rectangle body shape, just like the rest of the ladies out there.

We will start off with a few tips on looking taller, slimmer and curvier for petite women in general and then continue with the most flattering types of skirts for your height.

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Best Swimsuit For Apple Shaped Body: 7 Bikinis, Tankinis & One-Piece Bathing Suits Reviewed

Best Swimsuit For Apple Shaped Body (Reese Witherspoon)

Some time ago we wrote a guide on choosing the best swimsuit for your body type. We wrote that because as with most clothes, finding a piece that best complements your body is key.

Despite loving a design too much, sometimes it will work against the look you are trying to go for if it doesn’t suit your shape. This is especially true for swimsuits.

Be it a bikini or a one-piece, you are showing off your body in its rawest form and finding the style of swimwear that you will look best in is very important. It stands for those of you who frequent the gym regularly, as well as the rest of us who might give it a try here and there.

Today we will be discussing the apple body shape and take a look at 7 lovely swimwear designs that will make you look great.

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Are Denim (Jean) Skirts in Style in 2018? + 5 Suggestions

Are Denim (Jean) Skirts in Style in 2018? (Olivia Palermo and Rihanna)

Back with another article on 2018 trends, today we will be discussing denim skirts.

So far we have focused mostly on pants, leggings and shoes so the time has finally come for skirts to make an appearance.

While skirts in general have always been in style and will continue being a staple of women’s wardrobes, denim skirts are very specific and not for everyone.

We picked this type of skirt because firstly, we love denim as a fabric and secondly we think skirts are a must-have. A beautiful skirt will make you look well-dressed and with the range of styles available, you can find a skirt for any occasion.

Skirts are also suitable for all ages. From baby girls to mature ladies, everyone can rock a skirt.

Plus, they are incredibly versatile and the styling options are practically infinite. They also go great with different types of shoes, as we will see in a minute. What’s not to love about skirts, really?

But do denim and skirts work well together? Yes, as time has shown. However, is this still a look you should wear in 2018? Let’s find out!

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Can You Wear Mom Jeans If You Have Big Thighs?

Mom Jeans (Cameron Diaz)

Curvy ladies, we are back at it again with another topic just for you.

We have looked at some mom jeans for big thighs in the past and today we will be discussing on whether wearing this type of jeans is a good idea at the end of the day.

Mom jeans have had some rough times in the fashion industry because they were regarded as unflattering by most people. Wide at the crotch, with loose-fitting legs and a high waist, they were the staple jeans of mothers back in the 70’s.

Being very comfortable and modest is what they are best known for, which explains why women, especially housewives at the time were so fond of them.

What’s better than being comfortable while having to run errands all day and chase kids around, after all!

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What Type of Skirt Should a Pear Shaped Body Wear?

What Type of Skirt Should a Pear Shaped Body Wear?

Welcome back to a guide, this time, on what skirts are most flattering for pear shapes. We recently did a piece on swimsuits for different types of bodies, so we thought it would be good to carry on with the topic of how to wear certain clothes for a specific body type.

A short informative paragraph is in order on what is a pear shape.

A pear shape refers to a woman who has a small waist and hips that are wider than her shoulders. Those of you with this body type usually have a fuller back, too, and a smaller chest. This is also the most common body shape in women, in case you were wondering.

Dressing a pear shape is quite simple as it gives you plenty of choosing options. A-line dresses look great on pear shapes, pants, leggings and jeans especially, look exceptionally good. If you play around with different tops, you can easily rock any outfit.

Today’s topic is skirts and we will be looking at what types of skirts you should wear, if you have a pear body shape. The reason why we are focusing on skirts is because a lot of women with this body type tend to shy away from skirts.

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