Why Are Coach Bags So Expensive? Are They Worth It?

Coach Rogue bags official website

Look around, and you’ll hardly fail to spot women carrying Coach bags wherever you go. Although Coach produces a wide range of accessories, including wallets, the company is particularly famous for its timeless Coach handbags.

The bags come to many people’s minds when you think of luxurious yet easily accessible designer handbags for women. Coach bags are also available in a wide range of styles and designs, suited for different needs.

Whether you’re looking for a commuter-friendly tote or a trending mini bag to keep you company all day, Coach has you covered.

However, to appreciate the beauty of Coach bags and answer other burning questions such as why these bags are so popular and expensive, let’s first dive into the history of Coach.

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Adidas Stan Smith Alternatives: 9 Sneaker Brands You’ll Love

woman wearing white Adidas sneakers in a city park

You probably already know the Adidas Stan Smith shoe, the tennis sneaker first launched in 1965 and renamed in 1978 after the American tennis player Stan Smith.

The Stan Smith sneaker comes in total white with some small parts in green and it can be matched with different outfits for different casual styles.

Starting from the versatility of this Adidas sneaker, for today’s article, we thought to do some research and see if we could find alternatives to this popular shoe.

We found 9 brands that offer sneakers similar to the Adidas Stan Smith so you’ll have even more options to wear.

Let’s take a look at these brands because we’re sure you’ll find two or three designs that you’ll like!

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Why Is R.M. Williams So Expensive & Popular? Is It Worth It?

RM Williams womens Chelsea boots collage

Imagine walking into an authorized R.M. Williams store and seeing an R.M. Williams boot with a price tag of more than $400. But that won’t be news to you, right? You already know the brand’s shoes and other products are expensive. But do you know why?

Why are so many people willing to pay top dollar for R.M. Williams boots, belts, and jeans?

When you seek out an answer to this question, you’ll be surprised to learn that even though you may know the brand, you know little about its products – including its dress boot, leather boots, and well-made shoes – and why they are among the best on the market.

In this article, we will explore some major reasons for the high price points of R.M. Williams clothing and footwear, why they are so popular, and whether they are worth the high price.

Let’s get to it!

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11 European Sneaker Brands: Our Favorites

woman wearing white Adidas and black Relance sneakers

We’ll talk about sneakers once again here on our site after our collections of Italian sneakers here and French sneakers here.

You already know what sneakers are: comfortable shoes available in thousands of designs and colors from various brands all over the world that you can wear with different types of outfits.

Since each brand has unique traits, we create these brand selections from time to time to give you more clothing and footwear options.

Today we’ll focus on 11 sneaker brands from Europe and look at their history, characteristics, and products.

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Jacket Brands like Barbour: 11 Alternatives You’ll Love

An Alternative to Barbour Jackets

Barbour is a very famous British company that produces clothing, accessories, and footwear for men, women, and children. Its history begins in 1894 in the Market Place in South Shields and since that year it has always been family-run for five generations.

Today the brand is very famous and known all over the world, with offices spread over different continents.

The characteristic elements of Barbour are noticeable above all in the simple design with classic lines at the same time. In addition, there is no lack of original details.

Thanks to its wide variety of designs, today Barbour is appreciated by a very large clientele, especially for its jackets.

But in this article, we’ll not be going to talk about Barbour! Instead, we’ll look at 11 brands that are similar to Barbour for some of their jackets. This way you’ll have even more jacket options for this autumn and winter.

So, let’s find out who these brands are, their characteristics, history, and their main products!

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9 Spanish Shoes and Boots Brands that We Love

woman wearing brown ankle boots and red floral dress

If you are looking for a new pair of shoes or boots you surely want them to be stylish, comfortable, and durable. You also want them to be reasonably priced.

With the Spanish footwear brands that we’re about to discuss, your wish is sure to be granted!

Señoras y señores, in this post, we present to you 9 of the best shoes and boots brands from Spain. We shed light on each brand’s history, products, materials, and pricing.

So, let’s jump right into it.

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Eastpak vs JanSport Backpacks: Which Brand Is Better?

Eastpak vs JanSport Backpacks

It’s sometimes confusing to choose between two brands owned by the same parent company and that produce the same type of products.

Both Eastpak and JanSport are famous American bag brands, and choosing one over the other can be daunting.

Our Eastpak vs JanSport comparison pits the two brands against each other to see which is better in what ways.

We’ll also offer recommendations for some of our favorite backpacks from each brand to make it easier for you to decide between them.

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JanSport vs Herschel Backpacks: Which Brand is Better?

JanSport vs Herschel backpacks

JanSport and Herschel backpacks aren’t only ideal for school.

You can use them for various light outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and mountain climbing. But which brand should you buy between the two?

In this comparison, you’ll learn about the history of the two brands, some of their best backpacks, and which brand wins over the other in various aspects.

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Are Blundstones Still in Style? How To Wear Them?

Blundstone Chelsea boots collage

In many industries, some brands come and go before they even make their mark on the market. Some never make a comeback. But that’s not the case with Australian footwear brands like Blundstone.

Blundstones have been in production for over 150 years, and their global market has expanded exponentially in places like the U.S., Canada, and Israel.

Blundstone boots are quite expensive yet highly popular as people all over the world choose them as their preferred boots for various activities.

We have studied Blundstone boots extensively, including comparing them with other brands like R.M. Williams, Redback, Dr. Martens, and Timberland.

In today’s article, we look at Blundstones to see if they are still in style and how you can wear them with different outfits.

We’ll also look at some of the most iconic Blundstone boots you can wear to rock your world.

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R.M. Williams vs Blundstone Boots: Which Brand to Choose?

different womens chelsea boots collage

Today we’ll continue with another boot brands comparison, again with two famous brands from Australia: R.M. Williams and Blundstone.

Boots are worn worldwide and have a long history, mainly for their versatility and protection. People wear boots for fashion or work.

However, despite the many boot brands available on the market to choose from, some brands stand out more than others.

In this article, we’ve put R.M. Williams and Blundstone against each other to see which company would be the better choice.

In the end, you’ll hopefully have all the needed information if you’re looking to buy your next pair of boots from one of these two.

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