Are Denim (Jean) Skirts in Style in 2020? + 5 Suggestions

Are Denim (Jean) Skirts in Style in 2020? (Olivia Palermo and Rihanna)

Back with another article on 2020 trends, today we will be discussing denim skirts.

So far we have focused mostly on pants, leggings and shoes so the time has finally come for skirts to make an appearance.

While skirts in general have always been in style and will continue being a staple of women’s wardrobes, denim skirts are very specific and not for everyone.

We picked this type of skirt because firstly, we love denim as a fabric and secondly we think skirts are a must-have. A beautiful skirt will make you look well-dressed and with the range of styles available, you can find a skirt for any occasion.

Skirts are also suitable for all ages. From baby girls to mature ladies, everyone can rock a skirt.

Plus, they are incredibly versatile and the styling options are practically infinite. They also go great with different types of shoes, as we will see in a minute. What’s not to love about skirts, really?

But do denim and skirts work well together? Yes, as time has shown. However, is this still a look you should wear in 2020? Let’s find out!

Are Denim Skirts Still in Style in 2020?

Are denim skirts still in style in 2020? (Katie Holmes)


Let’s focus on the matter at hand, now. We love skirts and we are sure most of you reading this do, too.

We will answer this question right away and then take a look at its history and when the trend of denim skirts originated.

As with all fashion choices, it is up to the individual. But denim skirts are still worn and preferred in 2020, especially during spring and summer.

But why did we say before that they are not for everyone? Well, it’s because sometimes the image that comes to mind when you think of denim skirts, are those mini ones that show a little bit too much for comfort. To some it makes a woman look a bit too out there and not everyone prefers that.

This is an unfortunate correlation as denim skirts come in a variety of styles, cuts and lengths from the super short to ankle-length ones, so the choice is yours.

Not only that, but religious women are some of the most common wearers of long denim skirts. This goes to show that you can be as modest or exposed as you want.

Whether you love an A-line skirt, a tight one, short, long, split, distressed, patterned, whatever style you can think of, there is a denim skirt that will suit your style.

So, in short, wear denim skirts to your heart’s content in 2020!

A Brief History

Are denim skirts still in style in 2020? (Diane Kruger)


We will be adding this as a separate segment since it’s a very interesting way to look at trends. The origination and reason behind a clothing style will shine light on how to best style it and for those who prefer original looks, it is a great reference point.

Denim skirts were created by hippies in the 1960s. They were all about freedom of expression, including freedom of creativity. So they came up with the idea of denim skirts made of old jeans. A great recycling idea if we’ve ever seen one!

Later this grew into a trend and here we are today.

At first, denim skirts were made to resemble denim jeans, with the pockets, closure and belt loops all intact. A specific detail was the back slit, where the trousers where opened up.

Nowadays, as we mentioned, you can find both the original style, while also numerous new designs that are trendy and a lot more versatile.

How To Style Denim Skirts

Time to look at how to style a denim skirt and what types of different outfit looks you can create with this garment.


How to style denim skirts (Alexa Chung)


Denim skirts are suitable for year-round wear, depending on the length and design. As such, depending on the season, you have several choices here.

Turtle necks are great for an old-fashioned look with a long denim skirt, for example. Sweaters, too, go well with long skirts in general, as they counteract the “free and breezy” look of a skirt beautifully.

During spring you can opt for off-shoulder tops, short sleeves and cute cardigans and jackets, just like in autumn. If wearing an A-style skirt, opt for cropped sleeves and off-shoulder designs for a very refined and feminine look.

Summer is where you can go crazy with denim skirts. Short ones are especially suitable during this season and tank tops will complement them the best.

Shirts with short sleeves are another beautiful option, especially for long skirts. Paired with flats, this is not only a good-looking outfit, but a very comfortable one, too.

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How to style denim skirts (Alessandra Ambrosio)


While with certain styles of skirts, different shoes are required, this is not the case with denim ones. A short denim skirt looks just as good with flats as it does with heels.

When choosing shoes for a denim skirt outfit, what we like to keep in mind is where will we be going. If for an outing during the day, sandals with thick heels or wedges are the ones we prefer.

But if we will be walking or just can’t be bothered with heels, then flats, ballerinas, sandals or Vans are the best options.

To work, if a denim skirt is suitable to wear in the first place, we would suggest classy low heels, such as the 50s type of heel, you know the one we are talking about.

And for a night out, rock that short denim skirt with a pair of sexy high heels, such as platform ones or stilettos and you will look and feel great.

Here are also two videos that show how to wear a denim skirt:

5 Ways to Wear the Denim Skirt | Summer Style

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How to Style: Denim Midi Skirts for Summer

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Our Recommendations

Now it’s time to look at our recommended denim skirts. We picked 5 beautiful designs that are neither too short, nor too long so you can wear them on different occasions.


* Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases. The availability of the products in this page might change at any time. Please check the materials, features, colors and sizes on the various shops (linked in this page, if any) before buying. We do our best to be accurate, but sometimes our articles might contain errors. The product images shown are for illustration purposes.

Levi’s The Every Day Skirt

Levi's The Every Day Skirt


Check it out on:

The first one is by Levi’s and it is called The Every Day skirt.

It is made of 100% Cotton and comes in a straight fit, which is great for rounding out the hips, while being looser on the legs. This makes it suitable for plus size ladies, too, who prefer a more discreet look on their legs.

There are five pockets and also belt loops and it is a mid-rise design, with a vertical stitch running down the middle.

This design is suitable for high heels and flats alike, so it can be worn in a variety of ways.

We like the slightly high waist and would suggest you wear it with the top tucked in. There are two colors to choose from: No inhibitions and Wild calling.

Lily Parker Denim Mini Skirt

Lily Parker Denim Mini Skirt


Check it out on:

By Lili Parker we have selected a lovely distressed mini skirt. It is made of Cotton and Spandex, so it has some stretch for a more comfortable wear.

We love this design’s chic look, with its raw-edge hem and abrasions. The fading adds to the look and the most important detail is the rivet beading along the front pockets and both sides.

To better show off all of these details, a tucked in tank top would look fantastic. Pair this style with fashionable heels, preferably thick ones, or even half boots or high Converse shoes and you cannot go wrong.

This design comes in two colors: Dark blue and Light blue.

Wax Denim Mini Skirt

Wax Denim Mini Skirt


Check it out on:

You are going to love this denim skirt by Wax. It is great for young women as it shows off the legs and comes with very stylish buttons on the front.

The fabric is a blend of Cotton, Polyester and Spandex so it fits comfortably and lays beautifully on the body.

There are two front pockets and it closes up with a button. Because the waist can be worn both high and mid waist, you can style this design with crop tops, tucked in T-shirts or a lovely off-shoulder blouse.

Wedges and platform heels would looks stunning with this skirt, which comes only in the color Dark denim.

MakeMeChic Ripped Short Denim Skirt

MakeMeChic Ripped Short Denim Skirt


Check it out on:

For those of you who prefer a grunge look, Make Me Chic‘s distressed skirt would suit you perfectly.

With pockets both in front and back and belt loops, dark colored tops fit the look just right. The distressing is done on both sides and the hem is not only split in front, but also with a raw edge.

The fabric is made of Cotton and Polyester, and the cut is tight, so it gives a very rounded look to the hips and thighs, for a curvier silhouette.

There are three colors available: Black, Blue and Light blue, which has a triangular piece instead of the split hem.

ANGVNS High Waist Jean Skirt

ANGVNS High Waist Jean Skirt


Check it out on:

Our last pick is by ANGVNS, a stylish casual mini skirt with a high waist.

It is made of Cotton and Polyester and comes in the classic five-pocket styling, along with belt loops and zipper-and-button closure.

It is a great every day skirt, especially for an outing with friends and most suitable for summer.

A crop top will show off that summer body you’ve been working hard on and to kick things up a notch, stilettos would be the best choice.

This design comes in two colors: Blue and Dark blue.


With that we round up today’s topic and we will see you in the next one.

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