Are Dresses With Leggings Still in Style in 2023? + 3 Outfits

Woman Wearing Dress with Leggings

It’s all about leggings this week, too, where we will be taking another walk down the path of “Is it still in style?”.

Both of us over here are quite fond of leggings, as we have stated before. They are super easy to style, are very comfortable and quite versatile. There are numerous outfits that can be put together with a simple pair of leggings.

Previously, we discussed whether patterned leggings are still in style this year. Today we are sticking to regular leggings and instead will be focusing on a particular way of styling them. Get ready to have a long and relaxing read with us about leggings and how well they match with dresses.

Like everyone else, when we want to quickly assess whether a particular fashion trend is still popular, catwalks and celebrities are a good indication. But, unfortunately, this isn’t always helpful as there are some trends, such as the one we are discussing today, that are not very suited for catwalks.

Leggings in general are often related to casual outfits, when outside of the gym of course. As such, it is solely up to you to decide if you will be wearing them.

But since we always strive to be honest with our readers, dresses and leggings together have had their last appearance on a catwalk nearly a decade ago. This is understandable as trends evolve and now we are seeing quite avant-garde clothing styles.

So what is there to turn to, so we can answer today’s question? Well, keep on reading.



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Are Dresses With Leggings Still in Style in 2023?

As we already said, this combination of dresses worn with leggings underneath has not made a comeback on catwalks. But this is not an indication of something being fashionable or not, especially since we are discussing casual outfits.

That’s why we turn to women, in this case. Regular, everyday women that we see on the street, that we work with and hang out with.

Going solely by that, then the answer is very simple, isn’t it? Yes, dresses worn with leggings are, and will likely continue to be, still in style.

Dresses with leggings are now part of everyday life for the majority of women all over the world. This is understandable when we take into account how comfortable this outfit is.

On one hand you have a dress, which is practical, easy to wear and you can move around in. Put that together with the comfort of leggings and you have a match made in heaven. Well, with a few things to keep in mind, of course.

Ever since leggings became popular, so did this outfit. We often see women wearing leggings throughout the year, even in summer, and that’s when you mostly see it matched with a dress. Aside from comfort, leggings provide coverage, too.

That way it gives a sense of freedom as you can move around carefree, without worrying about any incidents, if you know what we mean.

During colder months, you will just have to pick long sleeves and thicker, warmer leggings and then you are good to go.

So not only has this outfit style become a regular in women’s wardrobes, but you also keep wearing it despite the season.

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How To Wear Dresses With Leggings

Before we get started with how to correctly wear a dress with leggings, there is something we really must say: avoid “out there” patterned leggings.

Patterned leggings are great for tops, tunics and sweaters, but they completely wreak havoc when combined with dresses, in our opinion. We blame the pattern, obviously, because it completely takes away from the dress. It will either bring all the focus down to your legs, which is not something you necessarily want, or it will ruin the visual of the whole outfit.

This is not to say that you cannot wear patterned leggings and dresses at all. We would recommend going for elegant patterns such as stripes, for example, while avoiding flowers or animal prints.

Now, as for monochrome, or solid color leggings, you shouldn’t be restricted with only wearing black.

Yes, black does go well with most colors, but why limit yourself? Go for colors that look well together. To be more specific and make this more of a “rule of thumb” sort of thing, pick colors that fall in the same group.

For example brown and beige, which is a very elegant and refined combination in any outfit. However, if you are unsure and want to play it safe then opt for black, as simple as that.

Another way to look at this, when it comes to picking the right color for the leggings, is to consider the color (and type) of shoes you will be wearing. Black boots and black leggings will go well together, while leaving room for you to choose any style of dress you prefer, as it will all look great together.

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Also keep in mind to choose tight-fitting leggings, which don’t wrinkle or sag at the knees and thighs, otherwise they will completely throw off your entire outfit.

As for what style of dresses goes best with leggings, we would recommend the ones that go slightly above the knee. This will give the appearance of having longer legs.

Lastly, for shoes we would recommend ballerina flats if you are looking for a comfortable and simple outfit. Heels would be best suited for a night out or more formal outfits, in our opinion, unless they are boots, which you can wear on most occasions.

Especially if the boots are the same color as the leggings, which will elongate the appearance of your legs and create a more flattering look.

Our Outfits Suggestions

We couldn’t leave out suggestion clothes because they help create a better idea and also help you visualize what we have discussed so far.

There won’t be only clothing recommendations, because we thought it best to organize this as an outfit suggestion, in 3 pairs. Each pair has a dress and leggings, so let’s get started.


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Outfit Number One

Cody Line 3/4 Sleeve Tunic Dress

Cody Line 3/4 Sleeve Tunic Dress


(Not Available)

We’re starting with the dress, which is by Cody Line. This is a tunic style, with cropped sleeves and made out of Polyester and Spandex.

It is stretchable, which helps the sleeves and top fit perfectly, while the rest of the fabric rests loosely on the body.

This is a great dress as its style is quite versatile and can be worn both for casual and more classy occasions. It is medium-length, ending above the knee and comes in a very form-flattering cut, suitable for curvy ladies, too.

The color selection is abundant, with numerous options both in prints and colors, such as: Olive, Navy, Jade, Charcoal and Shy brown.

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Daily Ritual High Waist Stretch Leggings

Daily Ritual High Waist Stretch Leggings


Check it out on:

The leggings are by Daily Ritual and come with a high waist and regular length.

They are made of Cotton and Spandex, at a high percentage, which makes them fit comfortably. The design is also made to show off curves and will look especially good on women with long legs.

There are two color options: Black and Charcoal heather. We would highly recommend you go for the Black option as it is the one that goes best with the dress included.

Outfit Number Two

Dearlovers Long Sleeve Dress With Pockets

Dearlovers Long Sleeve Dress With Pockets


(Not Available)

The second dress is by Dearlovers, another beautiful design, with cropped sleeves. It has a rounded collar and is slightly shorter than the one before, which makes it very suitable to wear with leggings.

The A-line cut is a well-thought design as it is the most flattering one for different bodies and sizes. It takes attention away from the belly and hips, creating a very refined silhouette.

The style is very casual, so wearing it for running daily errands or in a get together with the girls is where it will really look its best. It comes in 7 multicolor prints that you can chose from.

LMB Capri Leggings Regular and Plus Size

LMB Capri Leggings Regular and Plus Size


Check it out on:

We went a bit more daring with the leggings, to match the length of the dress. These cropped leggings are by LMB and are designed to not only feel comfortable, but also shape the body.

They tuck that muffin top in and lift the butt, making your body look gorgeous. And another great thing? The numerous color options that you can easily match with the colors of the dress we chose.

Outfit Number Three

HAOMEILI Dresses With Pockets

HAOMEILI Dresses With Pockets


Check it out on:

The third and last dress is by HAOMEILI and you will absolutely love this design.

Loose-fitting, it flows and looks fantastic on all body shapes and sizes. The T-shirt style is quite flattering and is very suitable to wear to work, casual and formal gatherings alike.

The fabric is stretchable and because of the Rayon, it rests beautifully on the body. There are 20 colors to choose from, with options that include both sleeveless and cropped designs.

Satina High Waisted Leggings

Satina High Waisted Leggings


Check it out on:

Lastly, we bid you goodbye with a sexy pair of leggings by Satina. They have a high waist and are completely opaque, along with being super soft and comfortable.

This design tucks the tummy in and shapes both the legs and butt so you can look great with dresses and tops alike.

It comes in more than 20 colors, including: Black, Vintage violet, Olive and Red.


To conclude, here is a video that explains how to wear dresses with leggings:

How to dress: Dresses with leggings

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