Are Leather Pants in Style in 2020? + 5 Suggestions

Are Leather Pants in Style in 2020? (Cate Blanchett)

We are back again this week with another discussion on trends.

Today’s topic are leather pants and how to best style them, along with 5 of our suggestions, of course.

A few articles ago we discussed leather leggings, faux ones of course. While they certainly do have their benefits, it’s hard to beat the real deal.

Some people tend to shy away from leather pants for different reasons, fearing that they will look unflattering on their bodies. But, being sturdy and quite forgiving, leather pants tend to hide minor flaws quite well, actually. And this goes for both genuine and faux leather pants.

Are Leather Pants in Style in 2020? (Ashley Graham)


Another concern could be their reputation, which isn’t a favorable one in the eyes of some. This is due to how tight they fit on the body, showing off the curves a tad too much for some.

However, since we are now living in the era of big hips and luscious figures, this is actually a big plus and a good reason to have a pair in your wardrobe.

Along the same lines, they are also infamous for being a bit uncomfortable. Overheating is the most common issue, which is why some people turn to leather leggings to avoid this.

But beauty means sacrificing, after all. On a more serious note, nowadays leather pants are a lot more comfortable than when they first started out, so if you are looking to spice up your outfits, go for it.

Lastly, it’s the matter of styling them. We will get to this in a few but let us tell you that apart from jeans, leather pants are the easiest to match into a great outfit. Especially if you know the right way to go about it, which we will tell you all about, obviously!


Are Leather Pants Still in Style in 2020?

Now let’s get started with the first segment of this topic, which is actually why we are here together.

Are leather pants still in style in 2020?

The answer is an astounding YES. They are one of the few that have remained a constant trend throughout the years.

But where did this all begin?

First things first, leather pants have been around for a very long time. Native Americans, for example, wore leather pants made by the skin of animals.

Are Leather Pants in Style in 2020? (Olivia Newton - Grease)


As for becoming a fashion trend and they firstly were made popular by rockstars, which turned them into a staple of the rocker and greaser style, especially at the time.

With the years passing and leather pants gaining more popularity, women also began to wear them and let us tell you, they rocked those outfits.

Now it’s hard to think of a popular Hollywood actress or a singer that hasn’t been seen in a pair of leather pants, that’s how fashionable and beloved they are.

Plus, there are so many styles nowadays, that it’s hard to ignore them. From the classic skinny ones, to straight and flared designs, options are not a thing that leather pants lack. Colors are also abundant, black, of course, being the staple look of these pants.

So wear them confidently, knowing that with the right top and colors, you will look amazing in leather pants.

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How To Wear Leather Pants

We are at everyone’s favorite part: how to wear leather pants.


Let’s start off with color matching as this is the most common error you will see when styling an outfit that includes these pants.

If you are a beginner fashionista, or just simply want to make it easier for yourself, which we wholeheartedly condone, opt for black pants. They match well with most tops you are thinking of and also leave plenty of freedom to choose different colors for the shoes and top.

How to wear leather pants - Color (Miranda Kerr)


When it comes to how to actually color match the top, pastels are a great option, provided you are not wearing pants in the same color. We’d recommend you avoid same-color combinations on most outfits as it is rarely flattering.

Vibrant and bright colors are also an interesting combination that could really work, especially if you are planning to wear flats or sneakers. This will help balance out the look of the outfit and add it some youthfulness.

Top and Jacket Style

Long tops, such as tunics, oversized shirts and sweaters look fabulous with leather pants.

Long sleeves are especially fitting as leather pants will turn your day into a horror show if worn in summer. Heat and leather pants are the worst combination you can possibly think off, so save them for autumn and winter.

How to wear leather pants - Top and Jacket Style (Hilary Duff)


Jackets are highly recommended as they go perfectly with the casual vibe of leather pants. Denim jackets, for example, are a great choice if you are going for a relaxed look to your outfit.

Other jackets and coats are also suitable to wear, but avoid leather jackets, lest you want to look like a biker. Which, if you are, go girl!

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When it comes to shoes, the choice is yours. Leather pants look great with high heels, sneakers and boots. Depending on which outfit style you are going for and where you will be wearing it to, pick the shoe that fits best.

How to wear leather pants - Shoes (Keri Russell)


Since we are on the topic of style, we would suggest that you avoid wearing leather pants to work.

Despite not being revealing or anything, they do come off as quite casual, a look that most offices and companies do not prefer. Keep leather pants for when you are out having fun.

Here is also a video that explains how to wear leather pants:

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Our Suggestions

It’s time to look at the styles we suggest.

These are all skinny leather pants, as it is the most popular choice, so we wanted to provide you with options that you would actually enjoy wearing.


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Suko Pull On Stretchy Faux Leather Leggings

Suko Pull On Stretchy Faux Leather Leggings



This first desing by Suko Jeans looks like pants, wears like pants, but is actually a super comfortable pair of leggings.

Made of Rayon, Nylon and Spandex, they fit like a dream and no one will be able to guess that you are wearing leggings.

You are getting the best of both worlds, really. The comfort of leggings on one hand and the sexy look of leather pants on the other.

Even the zipper and button closure is included to give them an authentic look, but surprise surprise, they are fake. You wear these like you would any other leggings, by pulling them on.

There are also five pockets on this design, which are actually functional.

The design is very flattering and it helps smooth out the appearance of your legs, while also lifting the butt. Pair them with heels and you will look fantastic. They come in the colors: Gold and Silver.

Suko Jeans Biker Moto Faux Leather Pants

Suko Jeans Biker Moto Faux Leather Pants


Check it out on:

Once again by Suko Jeans, this design is also a pair of leggings that no one can tell you are not actually wearing leather pants.

With wrinkles and a fit that has the “too long” look, these leggings are both stylish and sexy. High heels work great with them and will make your legs look long and slim.

You pull them on and the fabric is a blend of Rayon, Nylon and Spandex, which is what makes them so comfortable to wear.

Because the fabric is so well-made, it helps shape the legs better, while also tucking in the tummy for a flawless figure. This design is available only in the color Black.

1826 Jeans Faux Leather Stretch Plus Size Pants

1826 Jeans Faux Leather Stretch Plus Size Pants


Check it out on:

Plus size ladies, we have a great option for you right here.

Designed to show off the curves beautifully and made of quality Polyester and Spandex, 1826 Jeans‘s faux leather pants are just the ones you were looking for.

Great with different tops and high heels, you can rock different looks with these pants.

They fit well and come in an interesting look of matte and shiny areas. These help bring the attention on the best parts of the body, creating a very flattering appearance.

Ecupper Faux Black Leather Pants

Ecupper Faux Black Leather Pants


Check it out on:

For those of you who love high waists and skinny pants together, we’ve got just the right design.

By Ecupper, these skinny leather pants are made of Polyester and elastic PU fabric.

The waist is high and wide, which looks great with tucked in shirts, while helping to shape the hips and waist better, showing off the curves better.

There are zippered pockets on the front and slip-in pockets on the back, along with belt loops on the waistband.

We love the back especially, because it has a lifting effect. There are two colors to choose from: Black and Wine red.

Delcoce Skinny Pants

Delcoce Skinny Pants


Check it out on:

We will end today’s article and selection with Delcoce‘s leather pants.

They are made of quality faux leather and are mid-rise skinny pants with numerous pockets both on the front and on the back.

They fit well and are designed for a comfortable wear, while being very stylish and easy to match in different looks.

The legs are shaping and form-fitting, meaning that they will naturally round the curves and make your legs look great.

They come in two main styles and two colors, which include: Black and Wine red.

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