Are Leggings Still in Style this Fall / Winter 2021 – 2022? + 2 Outfits

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Leggings lovers, come together once again, for this time we will be discussing about a topic that is on all of our minds. Can we still be “in” this fall and winter by continuing to wear leggings?

Ridiculous, right? But with fashion trends changing so fast and abruptly even within the same season, the fear and worry is always there.

It is serious when it comes to leggings, though, as this is not just a simple matter of looking good, but feeling good too. We would argue that leggings are the most comfortable thing a woman can wear. And seeing how versatile they are, it would be a shame for them not to continue being a part of this season’s trend.

So let’s get down to it and be serious for a minute. The question is whether leggings are still in style for this winter and we are happy to report that, yes, yes they are!

We believe that a “Yay” is in order.

How did we come to this much preferred answer? The power of Google is a real thing, girls. And low and behold, most of the fashionable outfits for the season are in combination with leggings and we couldn’t agree more!

We have previously touched on the topic of leggings and included several designs for you to wear this winter, especially if you really feel the cold.

Different Types Of Leggings

When people say leggings, right away yoga pants are what come to mind and with that, sometimes, the see-through issue follows next.

While that may have been the case when leggings (tights, if we are going to be technically correct), first started to become popular, nowadays that is not an issue at all.

There are hundreds of designs out there, which range from thin and transparent, to thick and super opaque.

More recent designs are made specifically for different types of weather and vary in material. Those for spring and summer are either made of cotton or breathable polyester, while those for colder months even have a fleece lining on the inside, with some even lined with teddy fur for added warmth.

So the options are abundant, therefore don’t be discouraged thinking you cannot find a pair that will suit your needs.

Different Prints And Colors

The same goes for these features, as there are numerous options to choose from.

The color selection is practically limitless, including not only single-color leggings, but also mixed ones, which start from two combinations, to a whole canvas of colorfulness and creativity.

You are only left with the, shall we say difficult, choice of choosing which one to get and which one to not get at the moment.

But jokes aside, whether you prefer a more refined look, with toned down and classy colors, or are a bright and vibrant person that loves to express herself through colors, there is something for each of you in the world of leggings.

What To Wear With Leggings

Since we are talking fashion trends, it would be senseless to leave this very important part out.

What to wear with leggings has been one of the most searched questions in the past years, as they grew in popularity. Leggings, much like jeans, are very versatile as they can be worn with different tops, jackets and shoes.

Whether you love high heels or sneakers, stylish tops or casual crop tops, the right leggings design will make your outfit come together in an instant.

Seeing how each and everyone of us has her own unique style, there is no “one type fits all” when it comes to styling leggings, but we love sharing ideas and introducing you to new outfits that you may not have considered.

We are at the key segment of our article, where we will be looking at two gorgeous outfits, to give you an even better idea on styling leggings and what to shop.

Outfit 1

First Outfit On Styling Leggings

We put together this outfit that you can wear to work, to lunch or for a walk. It is stylish, comfortable and warm.

Simplee Apparel Oversized Pullover Dress

Simplee Apparel Oversized Pullover Dress



Starting with the top, we chose this lovely sweater dress by Simplee Apparel, that gives you a lot of options when it comes to outfit combinations. You can wear it with numerous pants, or even on its own, looking fabulous.

It is a long-sleeved design, with a turtleneck collar and oversized sleeves, that give it a cozy look and feel. The shape is that of a mini dress, with an elastic bottom hem and a relaxed fit at the hips.

On both sides there are two pockets, that come in handy for carrying small belongings.

The design itself is knitted, just like a sweater. It comes in two colors: Beige and Black, both of which work very well with this outfit.

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Hituus High Waist Leggings Synthetic Leather

Hituus High Waist Leggings Synthetic Leather



On to the leggings and the design we have picked for you is by Hituus.

This synthetic leather design comes in a high waist, with a tall waistband that helps tuck the tummy in.

The material itself is warm and shiny, with elastic incorporated throughout, that makes these leggings fit more comfortably. Apart from that, it also helps smooth everything out, which makes them a good option for plus-size ladies, too.

We picked this design because it goes great with the sweater dress, but you should not be limited to that option alone. A shirt, or a T-shirt go just as well and you can style them in different ways, especially since they are cropped leggings.

This allows for a variety of outfit styles, so have at it! You can get them only in the color Black.

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Tommy Hilfiger Double Breasted Classic Peacoat

Tommy Hilfiger Double Breasted Classic Peacoat


(not available at the moment)

Since we are looking at winter outfits, too, a jacket is a requirement and for this first outfit we have chosen a peacoat by Tommy Hilfiger.

It is made of Polyester, Rayon and Wool, a combination that holds its shape beautifully, while providing warmth and coziness. It closes in front with a six-button closure, in a double-breasted design.

The split collar helps tone down the serious look of the jacket and the vertical welt pockets at the waist help to keep your hands warm.

It is a hip-length jacket, which comes with a banded back and in two colors: Red and Heather Olive, the latter being the one we’d recommend for this outfit.

Adidas Original Tubular Shadow Sneaker

Adidas Original Tubular Shadow Sneaker



For the shoes, the Tubular Shadow sneakers by Adidas, in either the color White or Black, complete this look beautifully.

They are made of mesh fabric on top, which makes the sneakers breathable and prevents overheating.

The rubber sole provides cushioning and helps keep your feet relaxed and pain-free, especially if you will be walking a lot during the day.

They come with reflective stripes and with speed lacing, so you will be out and about in no time.

There are three colors total to choose, Raw Pink being the third, apart from the White and Black mentioned previously.

Outfit 2

Second Outfit On Styling Leggings

For this outfit, we strived for a more elegant look that you can wear to work and throughout winter.

True Angel 3/4 Sleeve Pullover

True Angel 3/4 Sleeve Pullover


(not available at the moment)

The top we have chosen is by True Angel, a beautiful pullover, which is made of 60% Cotton and 40% Acrylic.

The knitting, in combination with the design really set it apart. It is a hip-length pullover, with a split bottom hem on both sides and with ribbed, oversized bell sleeves.

The pattern on the body is a mix of chains and braids, all the way up to the rounded collar. It is a warm pullover that you can wear alone, or with a shirt underneath, depending on the temperatures.

There are three color options: Black, Burnt Aubergine and Rusted Gold.

Kjahslk Fleece Leggings Pants

Kjahslk Fleece Leggings Pants



Thick and warm, Kjahslk‘s Shiny Fleece leggings are a must-have and our choice for the second outfit.

They are made of Polyester and Elastic, with a fleece lining on the inside, which will keep you warm and cozy in harsh weather.

The elastic makes them fit more comfortably and also brings out the best in your legs, bringing focus to your curves and smoothing out any small imperfections.

They come with elasticized ankles, completely closing them off from the outside temperatures. The high and elastic waist tuck in the tummy and bring attention to the waist.

They come in the color Black, which goes great with the rest of the outfit, especially with the cape that you will see next.

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Hitop Winter Houndstooth Poncho

Hitop Winter Houndstooth Poncho


(not available at the moment)

A design for fashionistas, Hitop‘s Houndstooth knitted cape is a great addition to any wardrobe.

The flowing design, along with the houndstooth pattern and color combination makes this cape versatile and easy to match with a variety of outfits, including dresses.

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It is made to resemble an oversized shawl that you throw over your shoulders, creating two open sleeves and a lovely irregular back.

The material is a blend of 50% Polyester and 50% Acrylic and it measures roughly 155cm in length. The color available is Black, mixed with White and Grey.

Naturalizer Jenelle Riding Boot

Naturalizer Jenelle Riding Boot



Laslty, for the shoes we chose these wonderful boots by Naturalizer, which are their Jenelle riding boots.

They are made of 100% Leather, which is renown for adjusting to different-sized feet, making them a great choice for wide feet, too.

The design is made with long-term wear in mind, so they are comfortable to walk around in, reducing feet fatigue. This way, you can wear them all day long with no drawbacks. The outer sole is synthetic, just like the insole, and it is designed to be anti-slipping.

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They are under-the-knee in height and you can slip them on, which is made very easy by the elastic top and back. There are four color options: Tan, Black, Brown and Oatmeal Leather.

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Two Videos On Styling Leggings

For this segment of our article, we have included two videos, because visualizing an outfit is much helpful than talking about it.

Let’s take a quick look at both of them.

The first one, by Song of Style, focuses more on elegant-casual looks, that are great for everyday wear, be it work or lunch with friends. They are stylish and feminine, with a very carefree look about them.

And if you prefer a more Rock/Punk look, you will find that also.

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The second lookbook video is by MissAlex and she focuses more on casual and sporty looks, that are a great choice for running errands or if you need to get out quickly, while looking well-dressed.

How I Style: Leggings / Yoga Pants / Petite Lookbook

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That concludes our article and we hope you enjoyed the selection! See you in the next one!

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