Are Over The Knee Boots Still in Style in 2023?

Woman Wearing Over The Knee Boots

We are slowly leaving spring behind us, ladies, and our dresses will only get shorter and our sleeves, too. Summer is quickly approaching and to be honest with you, we cannot wait any longer.

Then why are we discussing over-the-knee boots, you ask? Because of short skirts and dresses, of course. Other than jeans, other pants just don’t mix well with this type of boot, because it is so tall.

We love over-the-knee boots with short dresses because they help refine the look when it might be a bit too daring if other shoes are worn, and also, they are very stylish boots.

Previously, we have looked at some gorgeous over-the-knee boots in one of our articles and also took a look at riding boots in another piece, but today we won’t be doing that again.

We know, we know, usually, our discussions of whether something is still trending in 2023 are accompanied by several products that we suggest, but we are going to keep this one solely focused on whether you should wear over-the-knee-boots this year.

Are Over-The-Knee Boots Still in Fashion in 2023?

Let’s get this matter settle quickly and the answer is: yes.

Yes, over-the-knee boots are still a fashionable boot that you should really make part of your wardrobe. Especially in the upcoming autumn and winter months.

And not solely because they look good, either! They are a great choice for cool days because they are so high, usually going just above the knee, but taller designs aren’t uncommon, either. Those are the ones known as thigh-high boots.

Plus, just take a look at some of the most stylish and popular celebrities at the moment and you can easily find photos of them rocking over-the-knee boots with a variety of outfit looks.

They are quite versatile, too, as you can wear them with different clothes and in different ways, which we will get to in a little bit.

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The Story Behind Over-The-Knee Boots

It’s fun to learn a few things about the history of particular fashion pieces. As with the rest of high heel shoes, over-the-knee boots were originally worn by men also. They can be traced as far back as the 15th century.

They were worn by soldiers, typically, since they were made of leather and were, therefore, lighter and more comfortable than the metal boots worn until then. Plus, being so tall, they also provided better protection than a shorter boot did.

In the 19th century they became a favorite boot among women, especially actresses that performed on stage, and gained a bit of a reputation. This reputation lasted well into the 21st century, especially after the 1990’s movie “Pretty Woman” was released.

As we said in our other piece on over-the-knee boots, this was a shame because these boots are beautiful and very elegant, contrary to their reputation of being worn by unsophisticated women.

Now you can easily find them in shoe stores, both locally and online, in numerous designs, prints, heights and also materials and the fact that celebrities love them, has completely changed the game for these boots, which have become quite popular in the past few years.

How To Style Over-The-Knee Boots

Woman Wearing Over The Knee Boots

First things first, there is an important question that we must answer:

Can everyone wear over-the-knee boots? Well, of course!

But this doesn’t mean that just about any style of over-the-knee boot will complement your silhouette. Height comes into play, as well as body shape, because we are not talking about a simple short boot.

Over-the-knee boots will bring the focus entirely on your legs and this can be either a good or a bad thing, depending on what you are going for.


In regards to height there are two types of women to consider: Tall and Petite ones.

Over-the-knee boots, especially those that are thigh-high are perfect for tall women, as they will elongate the look of your legs and show them off perfectly. Whether you prefer a low or high heel is entirely up to you.

As for petite women, it’s not true in the least that you cannot wear tall boots. Opt for high-heeled ones and if possible, wear bright clothing, especially dresses, which slightly cover the top of the boot.

This will work in two ways, firstly the bright, eye-catching color will make you appear taller and give a lot more presence, while the length of the dress will make your legs appear longer.

Body Shape

As you very well know, there are four body shapes common among women, but in regards to legs and thighs, we will be looking at your thighs: Slim and Thick thighs.

The reason for this is that the Hourglass and Pear shapes have curves and fuller thighs, while the Rectangle and Apple shapes typically have slimmer legs.

Those among you that have slim legs or love working out in the gym, are the perfect candidate for over-the-knee boots as you can hardly go wrong with them. Whether you are wearing jeans, shorts, skirts or dresses, tall boots in general go very well with your figure.

Curvy ladies, you look just as great wearing over-the-knee boots, but if you really want to go the extra mile, pencil skirts that end just above the knees will give you a sexy and very refined silhouette. This will work especially well if you choose your boots in a contrasting color to your outfit.

However, if you want to make your legs appear longer and consequently, slimmer, choose a skirt or dress that matches the color of the boots.

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How NOT To Style Over-The-Knee Boots

We feel that this is just as important as the previous part, so let’s take a look.

Firstly, mini skirts are a huge NO. We’re sorry for being this blunt, but an outfit of that sort will only look skimpy.

Secondly, avoid tight tops. The best option are blazers or oversized sweaters, as they help balance out the tightness and sensuality of these boots.

Find the right fit, because boots that are too loose at the top will slide down, whereas the ones that fit too tight will be uncomfortable.

Lastly, as a rule of thumb, the shorter the bottom part, the more covered should your top be for a classier and more elegant outfit.


Ladies, there you go! As always, we hope you learned something new and most importantly, that you enjoyed our time together. See you in the next one!

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