Are UGG Boots Still in Style in 2024? + 5 Suggestions

Woman Wearing UGG Boots

Coziness and comfort are two important factors when we shop for clothes and shoes. We buy not solely based on style and looks, but also on how well clothes wear, especially shoes.

With people getting more and more aware of the risks of living a sedentary life, they are trying to be more active and walking is the activity of choice for many. It is easy, it can be done by almost everyone and most importantly, it is free.

That, on the other hand, has caused people to look into better-fitting shoes that are first and foremost comfortable.

During winter, though, sneakers are not a popular choice. Most of them let water in, not to mention the cold. So boots are where it’s at.

We have looked at several boots in our previous selections, ranging from different designs, styles, and types. Today, we are not only going to look at a specific type of boots but also see if they are still trending and a good fashion choice.

You’ve seen the title, it’s all about the UGG boots today.

Ladies, let’s get real for a minute here. These boots are incredible to wear. Be it in comfort or durability, you cannot compare Uggs to any other design out there.

However, what we want to focus on in today’s article, is whether you can wear them in 2024. Well, you certainly can, but should you?

Some might have an immediate “No” reaction to that question. There are some people out there that strongly dislike these boots because of how they look.

If you ask us, and we have also said this before, they aren’t the best-looking ones, but if you style them properly they can just blend in with the rest of the outfit.

This leaves you with comfort and happy feet, without sacrificing your reputation as the local fashionista. We will get into how to style them in a little.


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Uggs in 2024: Hot or Not?

Get comfy ladies because we will be here a while. We would rather settle this matter once and for all today, so things will be quite elaborate.

Where are we basing all of this we are about to write, you ask? We take our job here very seriously and scour the internet through and through in search of the best and most accurate information. This goes for all of our other reviews and articles, too.

When it comes to topics like this one, it can be a bit challenging to come to a definite conclusion, as style and fashion are very personal things. What is beautiful to some, is absolutely horrendous to others, and frankly, no one is right or wrong about any of this. Different strokes for different folks, as the saying goes. But trends, on the other hand, are a good indicator of whether you should wear something.

Such is the case for the matter at hand. Are Uggs still trending in 2024? To the dismay of some among you, yes they are.

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People Walking in Snowy Street

In fact, if we are to look at this truthfully, they never went out of style. Sure, you wouldn’t wear them every day or each time winter rolled around, but they were still there in the back of your shoe closet. Nothing to be ashamed of, really, as that’s the case for many.

Uggs boots are just that, boots. Just like other shoes (or clothes), you like them for a while, then you get kind of sick at wearing them, and months after you find the beauty in them again. It’s just how we humans are.

What do experts say on the matter? Well, this is also a divisive point as some don’t mind them, some love them and the rest would rather they were wiped off the face of the Earth.

The brand has recently collaborated with some catwalk brands and Uggs were worn by models, in an attempt to bring them back into the public’s attention. How successful was this? People are once again talking about them, so this campaign (sort of) got the attention it wanted.

But frankly speaking, few people follow catwalks and fashion shows. What we look at when it comes to our next shopping spree are celebrities. And boy oh boy do they love their Ugg boots.

From the famous singer Rihanna, actresses Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, and supermodel Gigi Hadid, these boots are still being worn by celebrities in their everyday lives. And who can blame them, really? They are easy to put on and be it rain or shine you are good to go.

Another thing to consider, since we have probably said the word comfort too much already, is that comfort does not always equate to support.

While these are boots you can walk in for long hours and your feet won’t feel too fatigued, there are some concerns about the outsoles, but that is mostly for imitations of this boot.

The genuine UGG boots have sturdy yet soft outsoles that support the legs and spine. They are also designed to be anti-slipping so that you can wear them on both wet and dry surfaces.

New Designs

Have you ever dreamed of being a cowgirl, but couldn’t come to terms with that type of boot? Well, UGG has a surprise for you, girls. High heel Uggs, go figure. They are warm, that’s for sure.

With a pair of jeans on you can finally be the woman you envisioned in your head.

There are other new designs by the brand, such as the sandal-boot hybrid. We will go right ahead and say it. What they (most certainly) lack in looks, they make up for in comfort and support. You can proceed at your own risk.

Styling Uggs

Despite there being several Uggs’ designs you can always rely on jeans to save the day.

Jeans go with everything and that is also the case with these boots. As for the top, go crazy girl. Wear whatever you’d like as you are sure to rock that look!

Tights and leggings are also suitable to be worn with Uggs. Especially faux leather ones and we have just the design for you.

How about skirts and dresses? If you are feeling a bit adventurous, sure, but they aren’t the most complementary thing to each other.

An interesting thing you can do with your long Uggs is to turn the shaft inside out. This shows the fluffiness on the outside, which is quite adorable if you ask us.

Our Suggestions

Now it’s time for the selection of Uggs we would recommend. We’ve kept it short and neat, with just 5 options for you to look at, that might rekindle and fuel your love for these boots.

We think that suggesting options is helpful, especially after such a lengthy discussion about them.

They help you create a better idea of what to look for and who knows, maybe you will come across something you really like.

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* Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases. The availability of the products on this page might change at any time. Please check the materials, features, colors, and sizes on the various shops (linked on this page, if any) before buying. Sometimes our articles might contain errors.

UGG Classic Short Boot

UGG Classic Short Boot

Check it out on:

Let’s start things off with a classic design, the Classic II boots in mid-calf height. The upper material is suede and twinface sheepskin, and it comes with dyed sheep fur on the inside.

The heel measures around 1″ in height and the outsole is Treadlite rubber.

We will note this next part here, but it applies to the following options as well. While these are resistant to moisture, due to the pretreatment, it is best to reapply the coating every so often.

This will ensure that your boots will be completely waterproof and can be worn without concern.

They are available in over 20 colors, including Brindle, Seashell pink, Nightfall, Fawn, Pajama blue, and Coastal green.

UGG Shaina Boot

UGG Shaina Boot

Check it out on:

Next, we have Shaina, a lovely design in ankle-height.

The upper is made of cow suede and lined with dyed sheep fur on the inside. What’s interesting about this design is the lovely knitting cuff on the ankle, which is made of Acrylic and Cotton.

They come with a buttoned strap on the side and have Treadlite rubber outsoles.

The insole is made of UGG Pure wool and synthetic, which provides a lot of cushioning for very comfortable wear.

These boots come in 3 colors: Chestnut, Grey, and Black.

UGG Gita Pom-Pom Boot

UGG Gita Pom-Pom Boot

Check it out on:

You are going to love this adorable design called Gita Pom-Pom boots. They come with a split shaft that is ankle height and ties in front with ribbon and fluffy sheep fur pom-poms.

The upper is made of sheepskin suede and lined with sheep fur on the inside. The rubber outsole is about 1″ thick and of course, anti-slip.

There are 4 colors to choose from Black, Chestnut, Grey violet, and Powder.

UGG Bailey Button Winter Boot

UGG Bailey Button Winter Boot

Check it out on:

Bailey Button II boots are about 7″ high from the arch and have a rubber outsole that measures 0.5″. They are made of Cow suede for the upper and lined with dyed sheep fur on the inside.

There is a fastening button on the side and a V-split opening for a more interesting appearance.

There are 8 colors available: Black, Chestnut, Chocolate, Fawn, Grey, Navy, Sand, and Nightfall.

UGG Classic Tall Winter Boot

UGG Classic Tall Winter Boot

Check it out on:

We left a long boot for last and it’s the Classic II Tall Winter Boot.

They measure around 11″ from the arch and are made of twinface sheepskin, with fur on the inside.

The rubber outsole is about 0.75″ and slightly arched in front, as opposed to most models, which are flat.

They come in 5 colors: Black, Chocolate, Sand, Chestnut, and Grey.


And that concludes this topic for today. We will see you in the next one!


  1. Thanks, reading this definitely made me feel more confident to go on and keep wearing my Uggs that I love!

  2. I do wear my short classic every day, summer and winter, in my retail job at a craft store. I developed a number of foot issues, and after a year of trying different brands and styles of shoes, these proved to be the best for minimizing fatigue and maximizing comfort. If they ever change the fit, I’ll be in trouble. These have been a life-saver for me!

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