7 Best Mom Jeans For Big Thighs to Try Now + How To Wear Them

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Girls with big thighs, here’s another selection just for you.

Big thighs are all the rave at the moment. Those who have them are lucky and those who don’t are working hard to get that round “bubble butt” and thick thighs.

This is all well and good, but any girl who ranges a little on the plus side, rather than just being curvy, will tell you about the struggle of finding a good pair of jeans that not only fits properly, but that looks flattering, too.

Today we chose a selection of 7 mom jeans for women like yourself, who have yet to feel comfortable in a good pair of jeans.

For those wondering about what “mom jeans” are, they’re high-waist pants, with a sort of baggy cut on the thighs. They’re often thought of as being unflattering, but with the right top and most importantly, attitude, you can rock this style of jeans.

Let’s dive right in and take a look at what we have picked out!



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Our Top Picks

Hale Tess High Waisted ’90s Jean

Hale Tess High Waisted '90s Jean

Image: pinterest.com

(not available at the moment)

Tess by Hale is a stylish design that come with a straight leg cut and are rounder at the hips.

It’s a rare occasion for a woman with big thighs to not have curvy hips too, so these jeans are designed to round up your hips and smooth out any less flattering bits.

Because the legs are cut straight, there is plenty of room to wear them comfortably, without worrying of undoing a stitch somewhere. Hey, no shame in that! We’ve all been there!

The pockets are five, in the classic jeans style and they are not full-length. Well not completely, anyway. Because of that, this style goes great with high heels and crop tops, for a very summer-y look.

There is one color to choose from: Senna, and the fabric is a blend of 99% Cotton and 1% Elastane.

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Yours Clothing Plus Size Distressed Mom Jeans

Yours Clothing Plus Size Distressed Mom Jeans

Image: pinterest.com

(not available at the moment)

Not just for curvy women, but plus size women too, Yours Clothing‘s distressed mom jeans are just what you were looking for.

Super comfortable to wear and in a very casual design, you can’t help but love these jeans.

The high waist tucks the tummy in, while the loose-fitting legs will flatter any leg size and shape. Since we’re on the waist, it is quite high, in order to fit the curviest among you.

Now, about the distressing, it is placed on the thighs, on both sides and it is done very well. No weird gaping holes or anything.

With a band T-shirt tucked into them and your favorite flats, you can rock that 90’s look like nobody’s business. They come in the color Blue.

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Boohoo Plus Size Riley Light Wash

Boohoo Plus Size Riley Light Wash

Image: pinterest.com

(not available at the moment)

“Don’t wear bright and lightly colored pants” is something all women who have more to love about them has heard at some point. Well, not any longer.

Designed by Boohoo, Riley is a design specifically for the plus size ladies who love bright clothes.

In the color Blue, super washed and highlighted, you will look absolutely fabulous in these jeans.

The high waist rounds up the hips and flattens that muffin top out, and the loose-fitting legs take away attention from size and place it into the style.

With folded ankles that go great with both heels and flats and a back design that lifts up the butt, you cannot go wrong with Riley.

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Sevozimda Mom Jeans

Sevozimda Mom Jeans

Image: pinterest.com

(not available at the moment)

If you are a love of old-fashioned trends, especially fond of the hippie era, we have just the right style of jeans for you.

By Sevozimda, we chose this design for its interesting cut and details.

The medium-height waist and baggy fit are a perfect touch for that carefree, casual look. Suitable to style with both tees and jackets, you will feel that hippie freedom and display it too.

The legs wrinkle at the top, which is a detail that we personally love, as it adds a touch of casualness to that elegant shirt you will wear, while looking just as good with your favorite T-shirt or crop top.

The legs are cut straight, so they are loose-fitting. Now, the really interesting part of this design is at the ankles, which are longer in the back.

This part complements both flats and heels so you will look just as good with either. They come in the color Blue.

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Silver Jeans Co. Mom Jean

Silver Jeans Co. Mom Jean

Image: pinterest.com

(not available at the moment)

The Mom Jean by Silver Jeans Co. come in a stylish design, with elasticized fabric that fits a little more snuggly than the previous designs.

Made of Cotton, Polyester and Elastane, they provide the comfort of denim, with the durability of polyester and the stretch of elastane.

The high waist is also elasticized and flattens the tummy, while the legs smooth out any bumps along the way. The folded ankles are adjustable, so you can wear them with heels, sneakers or ballerinas.

There is some light distressing done to them in the front, which is a very cool look, if you ask us. There is one color to choose from: Medium Light Wash.

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La Redoute High Waist Mom Jeans

La Redoute High Waist Mom Jeans

Image: pinterest.com

(not available at the moment)

Next, it’s La Redoute‘s mom jeans in a medium-height waist and cropped ankles. This design is made of 100% Cotton, so they are true denim pants.

We especially like the cropped ankles as they go well with a variety of shoe styles, from classic ones to sneakers. It adds a casual vibe to the top, regardless of what you’re wearing, so it is great for everyday outfits.

As per usual, there are five pockets and the legs fit quite loosely. A loose-fitting leg is not only comfortable, but also goes great with the relaxed look of this design.

What’s different about them, though, is the writing on the legs. With a variety of phrases, words and images, these pants really stand out from the crowd. The color available is called Stonewashed Blue.

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La Redoute Castaluna Mom Jeans

La Redoute Castaluna Mom Jeans

Image: pinterest.com

(not available at the moment)

Another design by La Redoute, this mom jean is the last one of this selection. With a high waist and legs that fit loosely throughout, you will have a great time wearing these jeans.

Style them with T-shirts and sandals and you’ll look and feel great. The slightly frayed ankles are a beautiful detail that really adds to this design.

They are made for women of all sizes who value comfort, along with style, when choosing clothes. The fabric is made of Cotton and Elastane and there is one color to choose from: Stonewashed Blue.

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Now that we went through our recommended options of mom jeans, let’s go a little bit further and look at the best way to wear and style these jeans and most importantly, how to choose not only a style that fits well, but that is also high quality.

For this reason, we compiled the following guide in order to make it a lot easier for your next jeans shopping, as it will save you time and a lot of effort.

We like these sorts of guides and tips because they are quite useful when the time to buy any new clothing piece arrives, so let’s get started right away.

How To Choose Some High Quality Mom Jeans

Choosing the right fitting pants is very tricky sometimes for many women.

Curvy ladies, in particular, have a hard time getting the right fit with most jeans because they tend to fit well on the thighs, but are too big at the waist, creating that awkward gap in the back.

It ruins the whole outfit because your top will look strange from behind and to be honest, who needs the added worry of ill-fitting clothes. We have enough things to worry about as it is, seriously!

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What Consists as “Good Quality” Jeans?

Often we correlate price and quality, but that is not always the case, as we all know. Sometimes high-end brands completely miss the mark when it comes to either design or quality, at times even both, and surprisingly, brands that are very affordable can completely run the show with some fantastic quality jeans.

But what exactly should you look for when deciding on the quality of a pair of jeans?

Stretchy Fabric

You may have thought that the first one would be the actual quality of the fabric, but we will get to that in a second. For curvy ladies, the most important thing when it comes to jeans is their ability to provide some stretch and fit comfortably, of course.

Such is the case with mom jeans, too, despite their fit being a bit on the baggy side.

It’s easy to spot quality stretch as at most, there will be 2% of Elastane or Spandex in the label. It’s a misconception that higher percentage of elasticity is better. If anything, it’s solely an indicator of how quickly the jeans will wear out and completely loosen up.

Fabric Quality and Weight

How To Choose Some High Quality Mom Jeans

While to most of us all denim looks alike, in terms of how it will wear and how long it will last, there is a big difference.

Typically indicated by the weight of the jeans, the lighter they are, for example under 12 oz (340 grams), the lower the quality. This is because a fabric with a lower thread count is used, meaning the weave is much weaker and as a result, it will wear out a lot sooner.

This is where it becomes a serious issue for big thighs, which tend to rub on the inner part, quickly creating rips and tears on the jeans. To avoid that look for heavier jeans, as the fabric will be a lot thicker and therefore sturdier.

Another plus of heavier and thicker denim is that it will wear a lot better on a curvy body and also help to round out, smoothen and shape the thighs quite well.

Stitching Quality

Just as important as the actual fabric quality, stitching is another thing you should really look into when buying jeans and clothes in general. After all, if the fabric won’t stay in place and hold its shape, what is the point anyway!

Even more so in the case of women with big thighs, which might run into trouble with weak stitches from time to time, especially when sitting or bending down.

Now, you don’t need to become a seamstress or have any stitching knowledge in the least, so don’t worry. Here’s how to tell if the stitching is done properly and whether it will hold or not:

  • Double-stitching – this is one of the strongest stitches and it is a good indicator that the jeans are well-made and will last for a good while. You can easily tell this one by the two parallel stitches placed close to each other.
  • Chain stitch – the chain stitch is the other strong stitch that holds very well and will not come undone. You should look for looping that resembles a chain in order to recognize this kind of stitching.
  • Single row stitch – this kind of stitch is to be avoided as it is the least resistant to wear. However, there are instances that it will hold very well if a thick and sturdy thread is used. If you are unsure about this one, give the jeans a tug and if you see (or hear) anything amiss, move on to the next pair.

Price As a Criteria

As we mentioned previously, you don’t always get what you pay for and this can be either a good or bad thing, depending on the situation.

If you don’t really mind spending and are solely focused on finding the perfect mom jeans, then turn to designer jeans as they are most likely to be made of high quality fabric and are usually well-designed, too.

Even if you don’t intend to buy any, they will help with creating a better image and feel about quality jeans and you can put that knowledge into practice when shopping at cheaper places.

Where To Look For Quality Mom Jeans?

While online shopping certainly has its perks and the selection is abundant, we would highly recommend that you look locally first.

Thrift stores are a great choice since they often have old-fashioned clothes and mom jeans are the epitome of old-fashion. But you shouldn’t have much trouble on most stores because mom jeans have been back in style for a while now and can be found everywhere.

As for online shopping, go ahead and order away at your heart’s content but keep in mind what we mentioned above. Look at the product description and check to see if weight, fabric blend and material is mentioned.

Usually, well-made jeans have plenty of details as the brands want to show them off as best as possible.

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How To Wear Mom Jeans

Woman Wearing Mom Jeans

Let’s move on to another very important topic, that of learning how to style mom jeans where we will look at different ways to wear this type of jean.

But first, finding the right fit is the most important step as none of the following tips will matter if the jeans you have chosen don’t work for your body type.

Based on what you are going for, avoid high-cropped jeans if your legs are thick as they tend to shorten and widen them even more.

The main thing to look for, however, is how mom jeans fit at the waist. If the fit is right, no gaps or being too tight, then there is no reason for concern as they will flatter your body and round out the hips beautifully.

Mom Jeans with Boots

Cropped boots work with practically any type of jeans and that is the case with mom jeans also. You can go with either punk-style boots or high-heel ones because it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with this particular combination.

Mom Jeans with Heels

High heels are the most versatile shoes to wear because they go well with any look. They are especially flattering with mom jeans as high heels help to balance their casual vibe by adding a touch of finesse and sensuality in your outfit.

You can choose a variety of heels here, but stilettos are the best option, regardless of whether they are closed or sandals. Another great choice are chunky and low heels.

We would advise against platform heels because they will completely throw off your entire look.

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Mom Jeans with Sneakers

Spring Outfits || How to Style Mom Jeans

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Honestly, mom jeans and sneakers are a match made in heaven. They really bring out the best in each other as sneakers go great with the relaxed, comfortable and classic look of mom jeans.

Sneakers like Vans or other flat-bottomed ones are the best choice for this both for the comfort factor, as well as being the most flattering ones to wear with mom jeans.

Mom Jeans with Flats

Flats, especially the ones with a fabric upper go perfectly with mom jeans. Especially loafers! They are comfortable and very casual in style, so there is no wonder they complement mom jeans so well.

Mom Jeans in Winter

While mom jeans are usually cropped, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rock them in winter.

This is where oversized sweaters and cropped boots come into play. They will make up for the exposed ankles from wearing mom jeans, while also keeping you warm and cozy as boots are wont to do.

Long jackets, such as trench coats, and especially cardigans are very flattering to wear with mom jeans due to their old-style look and cozy feel.

Tops To Wear with Mom Jeans

To make this short and sweet, all tops work well with mom jeans.

  • Tank tops and T-shirts during summer are a great choice, especially when tucked in, showing off the small waist and round hips.
  • Crop tops are a very casual option to go for and work best with sneakers of preferably a matching color.
  • Silk shirts are another interesting choice for creating vintage looks and high heels will fit this outfit perfectly.
  • Oversized tops also look great with mom jeans, in particular shirts and sweaters during winter.
  • Pastel colors are not only very pleasing to the eye, but they create a beautiful combination with mom jeans and your favorite ballerina flats.
  • Lastly, off-shoulder tops go with most jeans but with mom jeans in particular, they really shine. Mom jeans don’t take away the delicacy of this kind of top and help show off their playfulness and femininity.


Ladies, this was it for this topic. See you in the next one! We will leave you with this video that shows some examples of how to style Mom jeans:

How I Style Mom Jeans | clothesnbits

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