Can You Wear Mom Jeans If You Have Big Thighs?

Curvy Woman Wearing Jeans

Curvy ladies, we are back at it again with another topic just for you.

We have looked at some mom jeans for big thighs in the past and today we will be discussing on whether wearing this type of jeans is a good idea at the end of the day.

Mom jeans have had some rough times in the fashion industry because they were regarded as unflattering by most people. Wide at the crotch, with loose-fitting legs and a high waist, they were the staple jeans of mothers back in the 70’s.

Being very comfortable and modest is what they are best known for, which explains why women, especially housewives at the time were so fond of them.

What’s better than being comfortable while having to run errands all day and chase kids around, after all!

In the 80’s is when mom jeans became a trend and were being worn by young and mature women alike.

So why is it that they are considered unflattering? Well, it’s because they don’t really do much in showing the body shape and curves.

But now the matter at hand is whether a girl with big thighs should wear this type of jeans so let’s get right down to business.

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Why Mom Jeans Deserve Attention

Let’s begin with mom jeans and why they deserve some attention and recognition by everyone.

First of all, we (and many others) completely disagree that they are unflattering. At the end of the day, if any piece of clothing fits well and you feel comfortable and confident wearing it, do not let anyone shy you away from it.

Mom jeans have a high waist, which is something that works well with most tops. If you prefer it covered, so be it, wear the top over it. If you want the waist to show, especially if you have a tall torso and shorter legs, tuck that top in and get out there.

Crop tops, too, work very well with jeans that have a high waist, especially if you love the feeling of a crop top, but are not ready to show that much skin yet.

Moving on to the loose-fitting legs. With straight cut and boyfriend cut jeans being two very popular options, we don’t see why mom jeans should be any different.

Boyfriend jeans differ just in the waist height, the rest is practically the same. Wide legs, loose in front, lengthy, what’s the big deal?

So rock mom jeans at your heart’s content as they work well with most tops and look great with heels, flats and especially sneakers.

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Mom Jeans For Big Thighs

choosing jeans

Now, do they work for women with big thighs specifically? Of course!

Women with big thighs usually have big hips too. Being popular among mothers for their comfort, is why they will work great for your pear and hourglass body shape, too.

As we said, the high waist is great for curvy women as it really shows off the pear-shaped body, rounding your hips and enhancing that small waist.

The loose cut is perfect for big thighs because, first of all, you will feel extremely comfortable wearing them not just because you can move around freely, but because they help hide any minor imperfections. Being loose, the focus is taken away from the width of the legs, which some women prefer.

This is the reason why skinny jeans are not the best for curvy ladies who prefer a more refined and modest look as they will show off everything.

The baggy fit in front is not too big of an issue for those with a fuller figure as your back will tuck things into place perfectly. Even better, you won’t have to deal with jeans that cling on your lower belly and cause trouble when sitting down.

Being usually quite lengthy, mom jeans are very versatile to style as you can wear them rolled up, down, cropped and whichever way you prefer.

However, we would recommend wearing them ankle-length, whether rolled up or down, so as to give your legs the appearance that they are longer.

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Our tip when shopping for mom jeans is to look for those who have some elastic in them. It will help with movement, comfort and it will also shape the body a lot better.

As in our previous article about pants for big thighs and small waists, we would recommend you opt for jeans without highlights, especially in the front, as it brings too much attention to the legs, which defeats the purpose of wearing mom jeans to begin with.

For colors, dark washes are always best, but this is completely up to you.

There you have it girls. Rock your favorite mom jeans out and about and we will see you in the next one.

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