How To Have a Casual-Rocker Style

Casual-Rocker Style

If you were to ask someone “What kind of people wear black the most?”, you would definitely get “Rockers” as the first answer. For many years, it has become like a correlation, where wearing mostly black clothes means you have a rock style. However, that is not entirely true because when it comes to the typical rock style, what most people don’t realize is that there are many different combinations, colors and designs. Just like most styles out there.

It got popular from rock bands and the groupies of the time, who wore these clothes to identify with their favorite bands and then it spread and became a trend, not solely focused on rock bands anymore. Celebrities have worn it as well, as you can see in the picture above.

This is a style in which everyone can find something that fits their personality and preference. It’s such a versatile style and you cannot go wrong with it.

So, say you’re a fan of the style and you identify with it. It makes you feel good and confident, but the problem is that you don’t always know how to go about it. What to combine, how to combine them. What goes well with what and which colors to choose. And while considering how many options there are, it is definitely confusing and time consuming. But there is also the issue of wearing this style in your day-to-day life, not just for concert events or meetings with like-minded people.

We wrote this article just for that. A guide to help you girls out there understand the rock style better and wear it daily, without looking out of place in casual gatherings. We have also included our choice in each category, to help you have a better image of all this.

Casual-Rocker Style

The Jackets

Let’s start with the jackets. Leather jackets to be exact. They are the icon item of the rock style and the great thing about the style of these jackets is that not only do they look good in this style, they go really well with other choices as well, such as dresses or more formal clothes.

Whether it is PU leather or real leather, that’s a personal choice. What you need to keep in mind is the color. For the rock style, the darker the better. Preferably black. There are also different designs, some of which feature studs and spikes, to make your style look a bit edgy.

Zohran Leather Jacket


Our suggestion would be this jacket from Zohran, made of 100% leather and an inner polyester lining. It is a long sleeved jacket, with diamond stitches as the pattern on the outside. It has four zipper pockets on the sides and a short collar. This is a very comfortable jacket, which is another thing to look for when purchasing the jacket of your choice.

The T-shirts

Then on to the T-shirts. When it comes to the T-shirts which go well with the rock style, those with band logos on them are a no-fail choice. And luckily there are shirts for every band available, so rest assured that you will find the shirt for the band that you love.

However, band shirts are not the only selection you can make. There are shirts with different patterns and logos, as well as plain dark colored shirts. The rule of thumb is: if you are comfortable in it and it appeals to you, it will go well with the rest of your outfit. After all, everyone has their own preferences and we are quite particular and unique in that aspect.

Guns N' Roses T-Shirt


Our selection is a classical band T-shirt, with one of the most famous bands out there, Guns N’ Roses. This shirt is from Amplified and it’s 100% cotton. It’s a short sleeved T-shirt, with a scoop neck and comes only in the color black. It is a slim fitting shirt, with raw edge finish on the neckline, hem and sleeves, which gives it a carefree look.

The Pants

When it comes to pants, we advise going with jeans. We are trying to keep the look a bit on the casual side, plus they are really comfortable and you can wear them with different shirts and shoes.

There are numerous colors and designs for jeans and all of them would look appropriate with the rock outfit we are creating here, but if you prefer a more daring look, distressed jeans are definitely the best choice.

Levi's Distressed Jeans


The ones we suggest are 721 High Rise Distressed Skinny Jeans, from Levi’s. They are made of 99% cotton and 1% elastane, so they will fit comfortably. These are a bit cropped, with folded ends. The rips are on both knees, with the one on the right knee being the wider one. The color is Rugged Indigo and they are in the typical five-pocket style.

The Belt

No rock outfit is complete without a black belt. Whether it’s simple in design or studded, belts are a good choice to add to your outfit.

Calvin Klein Belt


Our selection would be this one, from Calvin Klein, which is a studded belt, 25mm (1 inch) wide, with a flat strap.

The Shoes

The shoes next. The shoes are definitely essential. Converse‘s shoes have been the classic shoes for this look, for many years now. There are numerous designs, short and long ones and many different colors. For a rock outfit, in all honesty, you cannot go wrong with whatever design you choose, and when it comes to the color, choose away, because it will look good no matter what.

But if you want a foolproof choice, then of course, we’d advise going with the darker colors.

Converse Chuck Taylor Studs


The design we’d suggest for this outfit, is the Hi velvet studded spike shoes. They come only in grey, with the sole being white, the characteristic Chuck Taylor All Star shoes’ design. They are spiked along the back of the foot and are ankle-high.

The Bags

As for the bags, it is a preferential choice. You can either carry one or not. Typically, the bags that go with the style are mostly the messenger bags, since they are very casual and cross body, so you can carry many things at once, without hindrance to your hands. But, since you’re wearing jeans for this outfit, there are enough pockets for you to carry the essentials, without needing to take a bag with you.

Selma Studs Michael Kors


However, since we are keeping it stylish and casual, this bag from Michael Kors is an excellent choice. It is studded along the sides and top, comes with an adjustable shoulder strap which can be removed and you can carry it as a handbag. It is made of cowhide, and it’s a medium sized satchel bag.

The Accessories

Lastly, accessories. The good thing when it comes to this particular style is that, as mentioned above, it is very versatile and customizable. You can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself.

When it comes to accessories, many people choose the chokers, or leather bracelets. Some pierce their ears, nose, lips or eyebrows. It is a very personal choice and you can choose to adjust the style as you prefer.

Kenneth Cole Necklace


With all that being said, since we’ve come so far and have made a complete outfit, why not add the finishing touch to it, with this elegant silver chain necklace from Kenneth Cole. It is a long necklace with different sized rings, some oval and some circular.

Now that you have some tips on how to go about the rocker style, get out there and experiment until you find what works best for you.

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