8 Backpack Brands from Germany: Our Top Picks

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Ready for some brands that make backpacks to use in your everyday life in the city, or why not, even in your mountain adventures while still being fashionable? Today we will provide you with some new backpack options all made by German companies.

These brands use very durable, flexible, and at the same time, light materials, to make your experience both fun and safe. They are also attentive to respect for nature and for this reason they use sustainable materials where possible.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 8 German backpack brands, along with their characteristic elements, their history, and products.

Let’s get started!


1. Puma

Puma official website womens backpacks
Puma official website – Women’s backpacks

Puma is a German company well known in many countries of the world and produces all kinds of sports items: clothing, accessories, footwear. The products are aimed at both men and women, but also children. The company’s strength is to make each element very resistant, so you will always be agile and fast during any sporting activity.

In fact, the Puma logo represents a puma while jumping, precisely to indicate the philosophy of the brand. Its history begins in 1948, in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Another goal of the brand is to satisfy even customers with the most particular tastes, creating items with a unique design but at the same time rich in comfort, very safe, and able to last for a long time.

In particular, the Puma backpacks are numerous, available in different colors, water-resistant, and have plenty of pockets to carry with you any object you may need during sport or city life. In addition, the company is always looking for innovative solutions to respect nature and is committed to always disposing of waste correctly.

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2. Vaude

Vaude official website backpacks
Vaude official website – Backpacks

Vaude produces clothing and equipment for mountain sports, including backpacks. Its headquarters is in Tettnang, not far from Lake Constance. The logo is very particular because it consists of three elements that form a triangle.

The brand name derives from the name of the founder Albrecht von Dewitz, who created Vaude in 1974. Today this brand is an international reference point and is also very attentive to sustainability. In fact, the company is constantly looking for sustainable materials to respect the environment and also to make each product as natural as possible.

CityTravel Backpack | VAUDE

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Its backpacks are very resistant, perfect for carrying numerous objects and avoiding carrying excessive weight on the shoulders. The fabrics are highly waterproof and will accompany you during your excursions or travels, guaranteeing maximum safety and resistance. In addition, they are available in different sizes and colors.

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3. Jack Wolfskin

jack wolfskin official website day packs
Jack Wolfskin official website – Day packs

Jack Wolfskin‘s history starts in 1981 and the headquarters is in Idstein, Germany. Ten years later, in 1991, the company was sold to Johnson Outdoors and over time, after a few other acquisitions by different companies, it has become more and more known – today it is internationally famous.

Its production focuses mainly on sports clothing and outdoor equipment. It is also famous for making shoes, backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags. Jack Wolfskin specializes in the search for details: each element is carefully studied, before producing an article to launch on the market.

This is important because it shows that the brand aims for maximum customer safety, maximum product resistance, and customer satisfaction by offering unique designs. The backpacks of the brand are equipped with fairly neutral colors but with many compartments to carry all the objects you need.

Many models are also equipped with the ACS TIGHT pack carrying system, which allows you to have ample freedom of movement and always have a great ventilation system. In addition, this brand is also always attentive to sustainability.

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4. Adidas

adidas official website womens bags backpacks
Adidas official website – Women’s bags and backpacks

Adidas is a brand from Germany known all over the world that produces sports clothing, footwear, and accessories as well as bags and backpacks. Its logo is also famous and composed of three stripes.

Adidas products are made with innovative and modern designs and are always equipped with maximum safety, to ensure an improved sports performance, excellent reliability, and durability.

The backpacks are light and equipped with extreme flexibility, but also numerous straps and pockets to ensure maximum versatility. The materials are water-resistant and the brand offers models of all colors, sizes, and shapes.

The company’s history began in 1949, thanks to Adolf Dassler and in the early years the brand made only soccer items, then its production expanded to produce gear for all types of sports.

To understand the company philosophy, you can consider their motto “Impossible is Nothing” and in fact, Adidas wants to create more and more innovative articles, to reach ever better levels.

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5. Hugo Boss

hugo boss official website mens backpacks
Hugo Boss official website – Men’s backpacks

Hugo Boss is a popular fashion brand headquartered in Germany, in Metzingen. Its story begins in 1923, when the founder Hugo Boss, from whom the company takes its name, started a textile company. In the 1930s there was a bankruptcy, but after a few years, he founded the brand again and dedicated himself to fashion and luxury.

Today Hugo Boss produces clothing, watches, and accessories such as backpacks, belts, bags, scarves, and many other products. The backpacks have a very elegant and luxurious design but are also resistant and durable. In addition, they guarantee ample freedom of movement and are not heavy to carry on the shoulders.

Among the most used materials, there are leather and nylon. There are many models to choose from: there are casual backpacks, backpacks suitable for going to work, and also for everyday wear.

6. Bogner

bogner official website LADIS BY NIGHT HERMINE BACKPACK
Bogner official website – LADIS BY NIGHT HERMINE BACKPACK

Bogner, also known as “Willy Bogner” is a company that produces luxury sports clothing and accessories such as backpacks. It is based in Munich and its origin dates back to 1932 when Willy Bogner founded it.

He was a professional skier and in the early years, the brand had an important success, which however was interrupted during the years of WWII. Later he resumed control of the company and in 1947 there was a turning point thanks to the creation of new ski pants that were even worn by the very famous Marilyn Monroe.

In addition to sports products, Bogner also produces casual items with an innovative, modern, and comfortable design. Backpacks, for example, are all flexible, resistant, capable of lasting over time, and elegant.

7. Engelbert Strauss

Engelbert Strauss official website Backpack e.s.motion ten
Engelbert Strauss official website – Backpack e.s.motion ten

Engelbert Strauss is headquartered in Biebergemünd, Hesse, Germany, and makes workwear, footwear, and also backpacks. In 1948 Engelbert Strauss, who gave the company its current name, founded the brand, which became more and more famous over the years.

The company’s philosophy is based on safety: each product is in fact designed to make every phase of a worker’s day safe and guarantees resistance, freedom of movement, and durability.

In addition, the brand is famous for its search for innovative and sustainable solutions. The backpack designs, like the other products, are quite simple but functional and available in different colors.

8. Deuter

Deuter official website
Deuter official website

Deuter is a brand whose main purpose is to reach a high level of quality and amaze its customers with safe, resistant, and versatile items. The company’s focus is also on respecting the environment while specializing in the production of outdoor and sports backpacks, bags, daypacks, and other outdoor equipment.

The deuter UP Stockholm daypack

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It was founded in Augsburg in 1898 by Hans Deuter, who gave the brand his name. In the following years, production increased and today Deuter’s backpacks are internationally famous.

All models are flexible, light, and with many pockets, but also made of highly water-resistant materials, which protect them from cold temperatures and wet.