8 German Boot Brands For Your Casual Outfits

Woman Wearing Casual Winter Boots

A comfortable pair of boots can make all of the difference when preparing to leave the house.

Finding an excellent pair made with high-quality materials and stylish no matter what you wear them with is even better.

Here is a list of the top 8 German boot brands for your casual outfits and our picks for the best pairs each brand has to offer.


1. Birkenstock

Birkenstock Official Website
Birkenstock Official Website

Birkenstocks have been around for hundreds of years, originating in 1774, designed by Johann Adam Birkenstock.

The brand made its original shoes to offer better support in the arches of footwear, unlike the flat soles of the shoes at the time.

In 1896 the famous footbed was created, and by 1925 Birkenstock shoes were being sold all across the world.

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In 1966, these newly designed comfortable shoes were introduced to America and sold in health stores all across the country, at first primarily to hippies in the 1970s.

Birkenstock boots are mid-level priced and are known for longevity.

From the brand we show you the Bryson lace-up boot.

These black boots are made of soft, grained natural leather. The Bryson boot offers a casual and rustic look that we love.

Birkenstock Bryson Boot
Image from Birkenstock.com – Bryson Boots

Check Out the Bryson Boot at Birkenstock.com

2. Adidas

Adidas Official Website
Adidas Official Website

Adidas is a German shoe manufacturing company based out of Herzogenaurach, Germany.

This company is well known for its athletic styles and casual options. It is the 2nd largest sportswear clothing manufacturer in the world and the 1st in Europe.

This company originated in 1924 by Adolf Dassler and later co-created with his brother in their mom’s home.

It started while creating spikes on the bottom of shoes for sporting events (cleats) and just kept growing from there.

In 1947 Adolf and his brother parted ways and ended up competing for the better sports brand after his brother opened his own company Puma.

Adidas has since opened more stores and sold more sporting equipment than most sporting companies could ever imagine. Including comfortable and affordable casual style boots.

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An example from the brand is the Terrex Free Hiker Cold Rdy Hiking Boot which guarantees warmth, cushioning, comfort and a perfect grip.

Adidas Terrex Free Hiker Cold Rdy Hiking Boots
Image from Adidas.com – Terrex Free Hiker Cold Rdy Hiking Boots

Check Out the Terrex Free Hiker Cold Rdy Hiking Boots at Adidas.com

3. Zeha Berlin

Zeha Berlin Official Website
Zeha Berlin Official Website

In 1897 Carl Häßner founded his first-ever shoe factory in Weida, Thuringia, where he made slippers and felt fabric shoes with his own two hands.

A few years later, in 1905, he changed his choice of materials and started focusing on creating handmade leather shoes.

Around 1947, the company took another turn in design and focused more on sporting footwear such as football boots due to the family’s love of the sport.

In 1955 the double lines became the Zeha Berlin trademark, and a style was born, eventually becoming the official shoe for the East German Olympic Team.

Fast forward to the present, and the brand dropped the stripes, started using a new type of leather, and added a new and improved sole, making these boots cream of the crop. And they better be for nearly $300 a pair.

An example is the Urban Classic Ankle boot, a well-crafted hiking boot that inspired its 1950s designs.

It comes in 3 great colors and offer a thick inner sole that keeps your feet comfortable and a thick outer sole that keeps you from slipping and sliding.

Zeha Berlin Urban Classics Ankle Boot
Image from Zeha-berlin.de – Urban Classics Ankle Boot

Check Out the Urban Classics Ankle Boot at Zeha-berlin.de

4. Bär Schuhe (Bär Shoes)

Alles startet mit einer Idee: BÄR Schuhe

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The creation of the Bär Schuhe company happened when Christian Bär got sick of walking around in shoes that were constantly causing him pain.

He couldn’t figure out why shoes were not the same shape as an actual foot.

So, Christian and his wife went to work and created their own.

The Bär Schuhe shoes are foot-shaped shoes that fit carefree and naturally whether you are walking, hiking, running, or anything in between.

This company offers an array of styles and designs for men and women. It has its own line of sandals, moccasins, slip-on, boots, and more.

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A boot model that clearly reflects the phylosophy of company is Yasemin. We love the look of thses Bar Schuhe shoes.

It is a sleek black design with a comfortable, warm felt lining. It is a tall boot made from Calfskin Nappa leather, Coated textile.

This boot would look great over a pair of skinny jeans or under a skirt.

Bar Shoes Yasemin Boot
Image from Baer-shoes.com – Bär Shoes Yasemin Boot

Check Out the Bär Shoes Yasemin Boot at Baer-shoes.com

5. Jack Wolfskin

MARKED BY THE WILDERNESS - for 40 years #athomeoutdoors | JACK WOLFSKIN

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In 1981 the history of Jack Wolfskin begins with a smart and savvy former boy scout who started his business adventures by selling Taiwan camping gear in the German marketplace.

He was known as the flea market man but eventually turned himself into a famous entrepreneur in the sustainable outdoor apparel world.

From the jump, Jack knew his paw print logo was perfect for his business. It stood for everything his brand did. It gave his brand a personality, symbolizing the wilderness, freedom, and nature.

All of its products are well made, and its boots are undeniably comfortable and durable shoes that will last for many years and trendy enough to work with any fashion style.

Wear these boots with a pair of jeans or even your favorite sweat pants and still look fantastic.

6. Buffalo

Buffalo Official Website
Buffalo Official Website

In 1976 Buffalo company owner Michael Conradi fell in love with the look of cowboy boots during a trip he took to Mexico.

At that moment, he decided that’s what he wanted to do, make a line of cowboy boots on his own.

In 1979 Buffalo Boots was born, and Conradi was the biggest cowboy boots importer in the country, and because the demand for them was so high, he became very successful very fast.

Then in 1984, Buffalo became more than just boots and incorporated a variety of colors and designs for their sneaker line, and in 1995 gave it a high sole giving into the platform fashion.

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Now the Buffalo brand is a very popular shoe company owning a commercial brand and luxury brand of boots, appealing to all audiences and budgets.

Among the many types of Buffalo Boot, our favourite is the Mattie model, a classic black color, made from 100% calfskin, and is a high-legged length that goes up to the middle of your calf.

This boot has a very versatile look that will go great with any outfit you put on.

Buffalo Mattie Boot Leather
Image from Buffalo-boots.com – Buffalo Mattie Boot Leather

Check Out the Mattie Boot Leather at Buffalo-boots.com

7. Gabor

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In 1919, Pius Gabor started his own shoe business in Groß-Strehlitz. Almost 15 years later, and with a lot of help from his wife, Gabor‘s business flourished with one shop for custom shoes and another for productions.

In 1946, their eldest son Bernhard Gabor decided to pick up the family business and started making slippers out of old car tires.

And in 1956, the Gabor company was the first to have pre-made soles; this is in hopes of keeping up with popular demand.

The factory expanded and modernized throughout the years while still keeping its reputation as a solid and quality brand.

In 2019 Garbor celebrated its 100th year of shoemaking and selling its brand of boots, shoes, and apparel all across the globe.

An example of Gabor Boot is the beautiful black and smooth leather Chelsea boot .

This Chelsea model is the perfect casual outfit boot out there. With its rock design that would go perfect with a comfortable pair of skinny jeans.

Gabor Chelsea Boot
Image from Gabor.de – Gabor Chelsea Boot

Check Out the Chelsea Boot at Gabor.de

8. Lowa

Lowa Official Website
Lowa Official Website

Lowa boots and shoes have been a well-known and highly sought-after brand of outdoor foot ware since 1923.

Lorenz Wagner, a Bavarian cobbler who started his business making heavy, durable work shoes.

Within a few years, his company grew, and it was onto ski-boot for the mountain infantry and then mountain boots and street shoes in 1946.

After Lorenz passed away in 1953, his daughter took over and started sponsoring mountain expeditions, which lead to Jim Whittaker being the first American to summit Mount Everest in a pair of Lowas.

From then on, the company has hit many milestones and achieved more than it could ever imagine, being one of the most popular brands of outdoor boots in the world.

And leading in the #1 spot in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, selling nearly 3 million pairs of shoes every year.

This company is well known for using only top-quality materials and using the best technology to create a strong, long-lasting, and sustainable boot.

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Among the models of brand we have chosen the Cevedale Evo GTX WS boots.

These shoes are equipped with a climate control insole and made with split-leather/ microfiber. Not only are they well made, but the color is amazing, and it would be great for all occasions.

Lowa Cevedale Evo GTX WS Boot
Image from Lowaboots.com – Cevedale Evo GTX WS Boot

Check Out the Cevedale Evo GTX WS Boot at Lowaboots.com

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