Interview with a Blogger #2: Carmen Vecchio from “Mrs NoOne”

Interview With Carmen Vecchio - Mrs NoOne

Today we’ll continue with a new quick but interesting interview from our category “Interview with a Blogger”. This time our guest is Carmen Vecchio, an italian fashion blogger who writes (in italian) and publishes her beautiful pictures at Mrs NoOne.

Let’s start right away with some travel and fashion questions!

1. Hi Carmen, can you tell us briefly how your blog Mrs NoOne was born?

My blog was born from my obsession with fashion.

Mrs NoOne - Carmen Vecchio

2. We know that you love travelling, do you have a favorite place where you’d like to live one day?

Yes sure, New York!

New York City

3. Which are your three most favorite fashion brands?

Underprotection swimwear, Zalando and Liu-Jo.

Carmen Vecchio - Underprotection Swimwear

4. If you had the chance to play a movie character, who would you want to be? Why?

I would like to be Wonder Woman, because I really would like to feel like an hero!

Wonder Woman Poster

5. Summer is here. What types of outfits would you recommend for this season?

A lemon off shoulder jumpsuit, a romantic tulle dress and a black bikini.

Carmen Vecchio - Lemon Off Shoulder Jumpsuit

Carmen Vecchio - Tulle Dress and a Black Bikini

6. Which are some of your accessories that you use often?

I can not live without my watch, I’m in love with this necklace, and the hats.

Carmen Vecchio - Fashion Accessories

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7. Do you have any books that have influenced you more than others, that you’d like to mention?

Yes, Steve Jobs‘s Biography.

Steve Jobs Biography


Now we’ll continue with some questions about blogging.

8. Firstly, what part does blogging take in your day to day life? The time it takes to write articles, take pictures, being active on social media, etc.? Or you do the most work in certain days, so you can work less in others?

I work on my blog every day for 3 hours or more, I do my job with love and passion and takes a lot of time and patience!

9. What advice would you give to those who are thinking to start a fashion blog?

Be yourself, always.

10. And lastly, what are your favorite ways / methods, that you’d recommend, for promoting a fashion blog?

I think the social sharing is the best way to promote a blog.


Thank you very much Carmen for this interview! 😉

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