10 Italian Sneaker Brands that You’ll Love

a pair of superga sneakers

Today sneakers are increasingly sought after not only for their versatility and comfort but also for their different design options that allow you to express your personality.

The main feature of sneakers is that you can wear them every day with casual outfits, but also with more formal clothing styles.

You can recognize them from the fairly thick rubber sole and the other materials and details that add to the comfortability of this type of shoe.

Their features and design can vary between different brands as we’ll see today in this article. We’ve chosen 10 Sneaker Brands from Italy that we love and we think you will too.

We’ll take a look at their history, materials, and main products. Let’s get started!


1. Superga

Superga official website
Superga official website

Superga is an Italian brand famous for its sports shoes and for its sneakers of different models and very comfortable to wear. The company was born in Turin in 1911 and initially, its production focused only on rubber items such as toys and inner tubes for bicycles.

The first name of the brand was “Walter Martiny Limited Company”, referring to the name of the founder, and “Superga” was chosen later when a particular shoe model was born, which had a vulcanized rubber sole.

Today a fundamental characteristic of the brand is to make comfortable models, durable and very flexible, to ensure lightness and versatility.

Another peculiarity is that Superga produces shoes of many different styles: classic, modern, some with unique design and capable of attracting attention, others with neutral colors, sports shoes, casual shoes, etc.

SUPERGA pillar manifesto | Design

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2. Fabi

Fabi official website
Fabi official website

Fabi is specialized in the production of footwear that is made up of refined lines and elegant designs. Among their various shoes, the sneakers are all with original and particular features. The history of the brand began in 1965 with the founders Enrico and Elisio Fabi.

The company’s strengths have always been the same for years: elegance, extreme comfort, and the search for unique details. Among them, we can find the use of particular styles, such as the style of some models that are inspired by English tradition.

Thanks to modern technologies, the shoes are capable of adapting perfectly to the foot of the wearer. This is also possible thanks to the use of high-quality materials, such as leather, rubber, suede. Fabi’s sneakers offer unique designs that always follow modern fashion trends, are very comfortable, and are available in various models.

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3. Diadora

Diadora official website
Diadora official website

Diadora specializes in the production of sports clothing but also sports footwear and casual wear. The sneakers are available for both women and men. The main purpose of the company is to produce comfortable shoes, which are lightweight, but at the same time capable of protecting you from light rain.

For this reason, Diadora’s sneakers use both elegant and very resistant materials. In addition, their models are suitable for long use and are equipped with an optimal level of breathability, so they can also be worn for several hours of the day without accumulating sweat.

The company foundation year is 1948 and in the first years, its purpose was to focus on the production of trekking and work boots. In 1970, the production expanded to several sports, and the lifestyle category was also added.

Montecarlo 77 - Diadora Heritage

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4. Barracuda

Barracuda official website
Barracuda official website

Barracuda is an Italian company that creates footwear and its sneakers are for young people who want to be noticed, and who love to wear models with bright colors and extravagant features. The motto of the brand is “elegant with a strong character” and this sentence shows the characteristic elements of their shoes perfectly.

They are refined but not too much, they do not follow a traditional style but focus on innovation and adding details that make them unique.

Many models are also suitable for practicing sports, but others are only and exclusively for leisure time. Since the beginning of the history of Barracuda, craftsmanship has always been important for the company.

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5. Scarpa

Scarpa official website
Scarpa official website

Scarpa is a very famous company that produces sneakers and sports shoes not only for women but also for men. Its shoes are divided into many categories and many models are perfect both to accompany you during sport and to wear them every day, in your free time.

The brand is very attentive to search for details and it offers customers a wide variety of different sneakers, so even those who have difficult tastes can find the shoe that best fits their style.

As regards the origins of the brand, Scarpa was born in 1938, thanks to the founder Rupert Edward Cecil Guinness, who managed to make the company take off, so much so that today it represents an important point of reference for footwear.

Among the other shoe features, there are very bright colors, but also the search for maximum comfort, breathability, and safety.

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6. Lotto Sport Italia

Lotto Sport Italia official website
Lotto Sport Italia official website

Lotto Sport Italia is was born in 1973 in Montebelluna, a city in the province of Treviso. The company was born with the aim of concentrating its production only on tennis shoes.

With time, however, it also created footwear to wear for other types of sports. The symbol that distinguishes it is particular and represents a tennis and soccer field that overlap, to form a double lozenge. Today Lotto Sport Italia also produces sportswear, while for shoes it has designed many different lines.

Very famous are also their sneakers, perfect to wear every day because they are comfortable and beautiful to see. In addition, each model is very flexible, a factor that guarantees a perfect fit. All the products of this company are very safe, they guarantee maximum stability and are aimed at women, men, and kids.

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7. Fila

Fila official website
Fila official website

Fila produces sports clothing but also products for casual wear, like sneakers. Today, one of the strengths of the brand is the presence of numerous models, perfect for adapting to every taste of the customer.

Fila was born in 1911 in Coggiola, in the province of Biella, Piedmont. In 2007, however, there was a turning point, because the brand was purchased from the Fila Korea group and this allowed to expand the clientele even more.

During its first years, Fila created long underwear for men and women. Later there was change and the company started concentrating on the production of sports equipment. This turning point was because it also moved the headquarters to Biella.

Fila focuses on respecting the environment, paying attention to how to dispose of waste, and trying to never use harmful materials or that could damage the ecosystem. In addition, it is famous because it looks for details capable of making a difference, uses high-quality materials for production, creates always very resistant designs, lightweight and comfortable to wear even for several hours a day.

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8. Hogan

Hogan official website
Hogan official website

Hogan is an Italian brand famous for its sneakers which undoubtedly stand out from those of other companies. Its elegant lines in fact seem to follow a classical tradition, but in reality, the tendency also connects to contemporary fashion.

Today the main purpose of Hogan is to attract attention and curiosity by creating footwear that has refined designs but is also very comfortable to wear.

The brand was founded in 1986 by the Tod’s Group, and in that same year, Hogan attracted the curiosity of many customers because it created a particular model which was inspired by the cricket sport. The company is also very attentive to the use of high-quality materials such as different types of leather and suede.

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9. Kappa

Kappa official website
Kappa official website

Kappa was born in 1978, thanks to the founders Marco Boglione and Maurizio Vitale. They chose as the first name “Robe di Kappa Sport”. Only in the following years the name was abbreviated and became just “Kappa”.

The name today is very well known and has become a point of reference for all those looking for quality sports shoes and lifestyle footwear. The brand is famous not only for the production of sports equipment but also for its sneakers. The company logo is particular and has been always the same since its origins.

Kappa footwear is rich in colors, with unique designs, and is always very comfortable to wear. Another characteristic is that the company is very attentive to the search for resistant materials, capable of guaranteeing comfort, versatility, and breathability.

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10. Sergio Tacchini

Sergio Tacchini official website
Sergio Tacchini official website

Sergio Tacchini was founded by the famous tennis player Sergio Tacchini who created the company in 1966. Since its origin, the purpose of the brand has always been to create comfortable sports and casual shoes, but also stylish footwear.

The materials are of high quality and each model is durable, but also breathable. Today the company produces sneakers of different types and designs, to always satisfy the needs of each customer.

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