Jacket Brands like Barbour: 11 Alternatives You’ll Love

An Alternative to Barbour Jackets

Barbour is a very famous British company that produces clothing, accessories, and footwear for men, women, and children. Its history begins in 1894 in the Market Place in South Shields and since that year it has always been family-run for five generations.

Today the brand is very famous and known all over the world, with offices spread over different continents.

The characteristic elements of Barbour are noticeable above all in the simple design with classic lines at the same time. In addition, there is no lack of original details.

Thanks to its wide variety of designs, today Barbour is appreciated by a very large clientele, especially for its jackets.

But in this article, we’ll not be going to talk about Barbour! Instead, we’ll look at 11 brands that are similar to Barbour for some of their jackets. This way you’ll have even more jacket options for this autumn and winter.

So, let’s find out who these brands are, their characteristics, history, and their main products!


1. Belstaff

Belstaff official website
Belstaff official website

The Belstaff brand is the epitome of the rebel life. Started by Eli Belovitch and his son-in-law, Harry Grosberg in 1924 in the UK, this luxury coat company was the first to introduce water-resistant waxed cotton jackets for the motorcycle scene.

Belstaff now creates coats with a luxurious style that will last for many years.

In its history, the company has created a modern look with a traditional touch. They have not limited themselves to motorcycle styles either.

With different touches, they have created a name for themselves in the biker and sportsman communities. They have created beautiful and functional coats that are great options for the road.

As an example, we have picked their women’s Trialmaster Waxed Cotton Jacket, one of the brand’s iconic jackets created in 1948 perfect for any type of journey.

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2. Filson

Filson official website
Filson official website

Filson makes clothing, accessories, and footwear for men, and women, just like Barbour, and was founded in 1897 by C.C. Filson, who founded “C.C. Filson’s Pioneer Alaska Clothing and Blanket Manufacturers”, which became “Filson” over the years.

Today the brand is known worldwide and its production line mainly focuses on elements for outdoor activities. The main feature of its products is the high level of comfort and safety, always considered first.

Every garment and in particular the jackets are designed for different purposes: to amaze with their original design and satisfy the tastes of each customer, and protect from the cold and bad weather. For this reason, the jackets are equipped with durable materials.

All types of fabric are particularly sought after and many creations are equipped with numerous pockets, to ensure practicality and comfort. Every detail is carefully studied and each garment is light, so as not to hinder movement.

In addition, the company pays great attention to respecting the environment, which is why its solutions are sustainable while trying to recycle as much as possible.

A product that represents all these characteristics is the MACKINAW WOOL CRUISER JACKET, which appears elegant but at the same time is suitable for different outfits and is also very warm.

Made with 100% virgin wool, this jacket allows you always to stay protected from the cold, thanks to the high quality of its materials.

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3. Superdry

Superdry official website
Superdry official website

Superdry is a company specializing in the production of women’s and men’s clothing offering a wide range of products. The jackets are very original because all the models are innovative and have characteristics that distinguish them from each other.

In addition, there are different types such as those with more classic designs, puffer jackets, leather jackets, and others. Also, some jackets have unique details which make the difference. Many jackets made by Superdry can protect you from bad weather such as strong rain and wind.

A model that can be an example is the College Varsity Jacket, perfect for you to stay warm, but at the same time with an innovative style. This is precisely the main purpose of the brand: to combine originality and vintage characteristics, innovation and tradition, without sacrificing fashion.

Superdry also focuses on respecting the environment and adopting eco-sustainable solutions.

As for the history of the company, it all began in 1985, thanks to Julian Dunkerton and a former business partner who gave birth to the “Cult Clothing”.

This was a shop based in Cheltenham, UK, but which was immediately successful and the two founders were able to open other stores in other university cities.

Julian founded the Superdry brand in 2003, also thanks to the help of designer James Holder. Since that year the brand has had an increasingly widespread success and in fact today it is very popular in the UK and overseas.

4. Orvis

Orvis official website
Orvis official website

Orvis is another brand that is quite similar to Barbour and that makes clothes and also accessories for everyday wear. The brand also has categories for sports clothing, especially for outdoor activities.

It was Charles F. Orvis who founded the company in 1856, with the official name of “Orvis Company”. The headquarters were in Vermont, in Manchester. In the early years, the production focused on fly fishing equipment. Later, the company specialized in creating products for nature and adventure, in particular clothes.

Attention to the natural environment has always been present, so much so that Orvis allocates 5% of its profits to nature and its protection. The brand has also created an entire line for dogs.

Another particular category, on the other hand, is that of outdoor accessories.

Orvis jackets are designed to protect you from the cold, strong wind, and rain, and allow you to stay dry without hindering your movements. An example is the Pack-and-Go Jacket, very comfortable, practical, with a simple design, and at the same time very resistant.

5. Dubarry of Ireland

Dubarry of Ireland official website
Dubarry of Ireland official website

Dubarry of Ireland was born in 1937 and sells clothing for men and women. It has a particular category for the sailing sector.

The corporate philosophy is based on the desire to combine Irish characteristics with those of the European tradition. The name of the brand comes from that of a lover of Louis XV, Madame du Barry, from which “Dubarry of Ireland” derives.

In the early years, the company became famous for its leather craftsmanship, considered perfect, and then its fame grew more and more.

The jackets of the brand are very resistant but their fundamental characteristic is elegance. Other features include high protection from cold temperatures, wind, and rain, without forgetting style.

An example is Ballynahinch Tweed Jacket, perfect for staying warm, but at the same time also for counting on a trendy product.

6. L.L. Bean

LL Bean official website
L.L. Bean official website

L.L. Bean specializes in the production of outdoor gear and clothing and was founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean.

From the beginning, its creator wanted to give life to a brand that dedicated itself to the search for excellent quality materials, but also to the creation of products capable of distinguishing themselves from others on the market, thanks to their original details.

Another strong point is the vast typology of models available and the attention to safety.

The jackets of the brand are particularly durable and at the same time, every detail is designed both to provide comfort and to have a style that is suitable for adventures in the outdoors.

An example is this Men’s 3-Season Jacket, ideal for daily wear and that provides extra warmth thanks to its fleece lining.

7. Boden

Boden official website
Boden official website

Boden is a British brand that was born in 1991 and initially dedicated itself only to men’s clothing. Over the years, the production has expanded more and more, so much so that today there are also women’s and children’s clothing categories.

Its creator, Johnnie Boden, was pushed to fulfill this important dream by his wife Sophie. Today the brand’s clothing items are famous because they are comfortable, but at the same time elegant, colorful, and easy to combine with different types of outfits.

As for the jackets, they are warm, but also able to last a long time. Their Velvet Chore Jacket, for example, demonstrates the characteristics of the brand, being rich in colors, but also durable and original.

8. Lands’ End

Lands End official website
Lands’ End official website

Lands’ End was born in 1963 thanks to Gary Comer, its founder. Today it makes clothes for women, men, and children and each product stands out from the others on the market thanks to simple designs, but which never lack original and unique details.

In the beginning, the brand specialized in the selling of sailboat equipment. Today jackets are very popular among the various products of the brand.

For example, this Women’s Custom Embroidered Fleece Lined Outrigger Jacket is very durable and warm, a good option to protect you from cold weather.

9. Regatta

Regatta official website
Regatta official website

Regatta was born in 1981 in Manchester, England, and initially consisted of only 12 employees. They became hundreds in a few years and now the brand trades with different countries and throughout the European continent.

It creates clothing to wear during outdoor activities with elegant details for adventure and sport. The company’s philosophy is to produce items that can have affordable prices for everyone.

Their jackets are versatile and resistant to any weather, such as the Men’s Pack-It III Waterproof Jacket, which also guarantees great freedom of movement.

10. Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers official website
Brooks Brothers official website

Brooks Brothers was founded in Manhattan in 1818 and produces not only clothing for men, women, and children but also items for home furnishings.

The company’s key word is “elegance”, but the design of the various products is also focused on simplicity.

As for the jackets, they’re much appreciated by customers as they stand out for their durability and comfort, just like the Wide Wale Corduroy Harrington Jacket.

11. Fjällräven

Fjallraven official website
Fjällräven official website

Fjällräven makes outdoor equipment and clothing for women and men. The company philosophy is based on the desire to make nature increasingly accessible to all, thanks to its products.

The founder, Åke Nordin, started the brand in Sweden in 1960, thanks to the creation of a practical backpack that was light and comfortable.

Among the various products, their jackets are perfect for protecting you from bad weather. An example is the Women’s Kiruna Padded Parka.

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