Monpiel Bags: Timeless Pieces of Fashion from Spain

Monpiel Leather Shoulder Bag

After our selection of Spanish bag brands where we showed you some very interesting ideas, we came across another brand from Spain, Monpiel.

I (Emy) tried one of their leather bags (photo above) and I like it very much. It has now become one of my everyday fashion pieces.

Are you curious to explore this brand in more detail? Let’s get started!

Monpiel: A “Slow Fashion” Brand from Spain

Monpiel official website
Monpiel official website

Monpiel is a Spanish brand that takes pride in crafting leather products for men and women. At Monpiel, you’ll find bags, shoes, wallets, and many other accessories to personalize your outfits.

The brand emphasizes the importance of sustainable and handcrafted production, creating exclusive designs with a personal touch. Each product from Monpiel has its own story, reflecting the brand’s commitment to the slow fashion movement.

Monpiel focuses on essential, basic items that are classic and timeless, ensuring that they are of high quality and designed to make customers feel special.

The brand stands out by avoiding large manufacturing chains, instead relying on skilled artisans who meticulously work on each piece by hand, using natural materials to produce calm designs with soul.

Monpiel’s accessories are tailored for everyday use and are celebrated for their exceptional quality and uniqueness.

Monpiel Leather Shoulder Bag
Monpiel Leather Shoulder Bag

A Few Words about the Brand’s History…

Monpiel has a rich history that dates back to the 1980s when it was founded by a young and optimistic businessman who ventured into the leather fashion sector.

Starting with a small workshop, the brand gradually expanded as it gained popularity among its customers. Over time, Monpiel has established itself in the market, gaining recognition for its commitment to offering high-quality products at competitive prices.

Now in the hands of the second generation, Rosa Pino and Salvador Alamar have continued the legacy, presenting a product catalog that is both timeless and meticulously curated.

The brand caters to a sophisticated and adventurous community, ensuring that every piece remains unique and exclusive. Monpiel’s craftsmen work diligently to maintain high-quality standards in the manufacturing process.

The brand’s designs are distinctive and original, blending the finest natural leathers with the latest fashion trends.

The inspiration behind Monpiel’s creations comes from a team with a youthful spirit, driven by motivation and curiosity to provide leather accessories that suit the modern lifestyle and pace.

Monpiel’s Artisan Workshops

Monpiel has a deep-rooted connection with traditional craftsmanship and ethical production practices, which is reflected in its choice of workshops and their locations.

Leather Goods from the Sierra de Cadiz, Spain: Monpiel has chosen the region of Ubrique, renowned for its leather craftsmanship, to locate some of its workshops. With over 30 years of collaboration, these artisan workshops are trusted partners in creating leather goods.

Leather Footwear from Levante, Spain: The brand’s shoemaking workshops are situated in the Levante area, from Elda to Alicante, a region known for its shoemaking tradition. Monpiel is deeply involved in the production process. The workshops are small and staffed by trusted people who contribute significantly to the learning and development of new footwear.

Leather Accessories and Hand Embroidered Textiles from India: The newest addition to Monpiel’s workshop locations is in India. These workshops are part of a social commitment initiative, supporting local communities through the creation of 100% handmade products. The production involves looms in marginalized areas, independent embroiderers who support their families, and various associations.

All of these workshops meet the brand’s high standards for quality and social commitment. Each item that is created there is a testament to a well-executed and conscious production.

I Tried their Basic Leather Shoulder Bag…

Monpiel Basic Leather Shoulder Bag

As I mentioned in the intro, I tried their Women’s Basic Leather Shoulder Bag and I must say it’s now a unique piece of my outfits with a quality that’s evident as soon as you take the bag in your hands.

Here are some other photos (click to enlarge):

Monpiel Basic Leather Shoulder Bag Monpiel Basic Leather Shoulder Bag

This is a timeless accessory that is part of the MONPIEL BASICS collection. It’s designed to be a fundamental piece in any wardrobe, offering a blend of simplicity and elegance. The bag is crafted from 100% natural leather, ensuring both quality and durability, and it proudly carries the “Made in Spain” seal.

It has an adjustable strap, allowing it to be worn crossbody or on the side. Its classic design makes it a suitable addition to a variety of outfits, effortlessly adding a touch of sophistication to your daily look.

I Also Got this Greeting Card with the Bag

There are a few small details that make brands stand out for their slow production, unique designs, and care for their customers. Like this greeting card that I received with the bag (click the images to enlarge):

Monpiel greeting card Monpiel greeting card


This is one of those brands that I love and recommend. Slow fashion, handmade and unique products, ethical practices, and fair prices! What’s not to like?

So, check out their official website and enjoy. And let me know what you think.

Until next time,

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