10 Italian Shoes and Boots Brands: Our Favorites

best italian shoes and boots brands infographic

Italy has a unique character and style that makes it home to some of the best hand-crafted shoes.

Its generations of artisans have perfected every stage of the shoemaking process, ensuring durability, design elegance, material quality, and intricate stitching.

One of the main shoe materials itself, Italian leather, is also a product of an authentic Italian tanning process.

Tanning artists have developed techniques that boost the leather’s elasticity and resistance.

In this article, we highlight some of the best Italian shoes and boots brands on the market. Let’s begin!

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Redback vs Blundstone Boots: A Comparison

Redback vs Blundstone Boots Comparison

If you love boots, then you’ve probably heard of Redback and Blundstone. Both are giant Australian footwear manufacturers with decades in operation.

The two are famed for the production of durable, fashionable, and comfortable boots for people from all walks of life. A mention of one brand will almost always invoke the discussion of the other.

Anyone who is into boots will tell you how challenging it is to choose one brand over another. Everyone’s opinion varies, and many people have a favorite. For others, they’d rather have both brands in their shoe collection because they just can’t choose one!

In this article, we take an in-depth look at each brand, including the history and materials used in manufacturing.

We’ll also give our two cents on the Blundstone vs Redback comparison, but the ultimate decision on which is best for you lies with, well, you!

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Why Are Blundstone Boots So Expensive? Are They Worth It?

various styles of blundstone boots

You can expect to spend north of $200 on a pair of Blundstone boots – or Blunnies, as they are famously known in Australia.

There are many Australian brands of shoes and boots that you can buy, including Rossi, Wootten, Redback, Baxter, and R.M. Williams, whose iconic boots have become very popular in Australia.

Blundstone is one of the many footwear brands that have made Australia famous globally for highly durable, stylish, and timeless shoes and boots.

As with other boot brands, Blundstone products are quite expensive, typically in the $200-$250 price range. However, they are somewhat cheaper than boots from a brand like R.M. Williams.

But why are Blundstone boots so expensive? Why are people willing to pay top dollar for Blunnies? Are the boots even worth the money?

In today’s article, we explore the Blundstone brand to explain some of the reasons behind its high prices, popularity, and the worthiness of the company’s boots.

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R.M. Williams Alternatives: 8 Boot Brands You’ll Love

RM Williams Boots Alternatives

R.M. Williams is an iconic Australian footwear brand founded in 1932 in an Adelaide suburb.

Reginald Murray (RM) Williams started by producing and selling leather goods and today the brand is known worldwide.

Its products are beloved by many customers, especially the Chelsea boots made with quality leather and attention to detail that give them fine details and a luxurious feel. Comfort is also a characteristic of R.M. Williams’ boots.

As for prices, the brand is expensive, period. We’re talking $400 USD or more, for a pair of boots.

Yes, in our opinion, the products are worth the price, but what about other options? Are there any other brands with similar products?

We did the research and found 8 boot brands like R.M. Williams. They’re similar in their designs, history, and high-quality materials. And many of these companies offer more accessible prices too.

So, are you curious yet? Here they are:

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Why are Fjällräven Products so Expensive? Are They Worth It?

woman wearing blue fjallraven kanken backpack

There are thousands of brands with costly products. We often wonder why they are so expensive and if they are really worth all of the money people spend on them.

The bottom line for most of the brands is that their products are genuinely worth the money, and that’s the case with Fjällräven products.

In the past, we have extensively explored different aspects of the iconic Fjällräven brand. Today’s article focuses on two of the brand’s main product lines: its jackets and backpacks.

We will look at why Fjällräven backpacks and jackets are so expensive and popular, as well as if they are worth the high prices you have to pay to own them.

Let’s dive right in!

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7 Swiss Jackets, Coats & Outdoor Clothing Brands: Our Favorites

woman wearing winter jacket in city park

Brands from Switzerland that make jackets, coats, and outdoor clothing stand out for their precision in the search for innovative materials and technologies to ensure maximum comfort.

In addition, Swiss companies also take great care of the design and each of their products becomes functional and capable of withstanding even the coldest temperatures, protecting you without any problems.

Simplicity is another characteristic element, as well as refinement and elegance. Many brands focus also on sustainability.

Today, we have chosen for you our favorite 7 Swiss brands for jackets and outdoor clothing.

Let’s take a look at all their features!

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Brands like Filson: 13 Alternatives [Outdoor & Casual Wear]

woman wearing winter clothes

If you’re searching for some casual clothing that’s outside of the box, you’ve come to the right place. From comfortable pants to weather-resistant jackets, the brands we’ll talk about today are all about comfort with a twist.

They have one thing in common: they are all similar to Filson, a popular brand from Seattle, famous for its comfortable and durable outdoor clothing and accessories.

Whether you need clothing for your next winter adventure or an easy-to-wear casual solution for your busy day in your city, you can shop these brands right now to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Scroll through to see our top picks and learn about their history, characteristics, and main products.

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Dr. Martens vs Solovair Boots: Which Brand is Better?

woman wearing doc martens

The quest for the right footwear is not impossible. After all, it is all about your personality, the occasion, and the feeling at first sight.

The research for best buys, instead, is a totally different matter especially when it comes to boots. Boots should be sturdy and comfy, so to last for years!

It is not by chance that we instantly think of Dr. Martens and Solovair for everlasting boots, but which brand is better? Which one will not disappoint you? Here is our verdict.

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Fjällräven vs Herschel Backpacks: Which Brand is Better?

Fjällräven vs Herschel Backpacks: Which Brand is Better?

Backpacks can be great life-savers for the everyday person. They are notably bigger than the average-sized purse and are so much easier to travel with, keeping your hands free for other tasks.

They are also precisely what you want to have when packing for vacation or when planning a hike through the mountains or woods.

If you are on the market for a great backpack but are not sure which one is right for you, here is a list of two different brands that have a lot to offer in totally different ways.

Let’s take a closer look at Fjällräven vs Herschel.

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Dr. Martens vs Timberland Boots: A Comparison

Dr. Martens vs Timberland Boots: A Comparison

When looking for the perfect pair of boots, what do you consider to be the most important factors? Is it style? Quality? A pair that won’t give you blisters after being on your feet all day?

The answer can be different for everyone because we all spend our days leading very different lives, and the type of boot on your foot will have to fit each specific day-to-day activity. They also have to fit our feet comfortably.

That’s why we spent a lot of time looking into two well-known brands that offer a wide variety of boots that you can pair with just about any outfit or uniform you choose for your day: Dr. Martens and Timberland.

Both of these brands offer many different types of footwear. However, we are going to home in on their boots. They’re a go-to choice for so many. Let’s find out why, shall we?

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