Are Riding Boots Still in Style in 2018? + 6 Suggestions

Are Riding Boots Still in Style in 2018? (Jennifer Aniston and Emma Watson)

If there is one thing to love about winter, it’s most definitely boots. Especially high boots that keep you warm and cozy, even more so stylish and chic ones.

A boot style that has been around for decades is the riding boot, initially designed for horse riders.

They are called riding boots because of some design specifics, such as length, heel, toe and outer sole, which set them apart from other boot styles.

Today we will be dwelling into different aspects of wearing riding boots, styling them and answering a very important question: Are riding boots still in style?

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8 Cheaper and Comfortable UGG Boots Alternatives to Wear this Winter

Ugg Boots Alternatives: Margot Robbie And Ariana Grande

‘Tis the season for boots and truly, who doesn’t love them?

They go great with different outfits, are comfortable and keep you warm and cozy in the freezing winter weather.

One very popular design is the UGG Boots which come all the way from Australia. These sheepskin boots might not be the best looking, but they are certainly the most comfortable. It feels as if you are walking on a cloud. Not to mention the warmth!

Another great thing about them is their weather-proof qualities, so you can wear them in the worst weather and go about your day.

There is just one thing, though; they are quite pricey. While the quality certainly explains the price, not everyone can afford them.

Luckily, alternatives are always there to save the day! Let’s take a look at 8 cheaper alternatives to UGG Boots that won’t break the bank.

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7 Best Jumpsuits For Women To Add To Your Wardrobe in 2018

Best Jumpsuits For Women: Emma Watson and Vanessa Hudgens

“New year, new me” is probably the most repeated slogan for everyone out there.

We start off the new year with resolutions such as losing weight, studying more, joining a gym and things along those lines. There’s something about the thought of starting anew that really brings out the motivation in each of us.

As for us, we are starting off the new year focusing on wardrobe. You’ve reached your goals, you are happy, healthy and at a good place in your life. Well, good for you! So now it’s time to turn all that focus and energy into refreshing your look and style and we are here to help.

Today we will be talking jumpsuits. While they might not seem like the most practical thing in the world to put on and fumble with, once you get that hang of it, things will go smoothly from there.

Jumpsuits are a good choice for women on the go and those who’d like to save money and space. It’s a whole outfit in one piece, after all.

We have selected 7 jumpsuits that are a must-have for 2018. They are suitable for all body types and sizes and come in some very interesting designs.

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Best Tunic Tops To Wear With Leggings: 8 Ideas Reviewed For 2017 – 2018

Best Tunic Tops To Wear With Leggings: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Welcome back to another one of our selections and you are in for a treat this time, believe us!

Several weeks ago we wrote about leggings and we also mentioned tunic tops briefly in another selection. Today we went the extra mile and combined these two together: tunic tops to wear with leggings.

Really, it is all about comfort at the end of day, isn’t it? And seeing how versatile leggings are, a tunic top complements them beautifully. You will look well-dressed with barely any effort and without having to compromise your comfort in the least.

Tunic tops differ from other tops in length and width. They come in a flow-y design and usually go below the hips in length.

Tunic tops are perfect for cool temperatures and best of all, they are suitable for all body types. Regardless of whether you are top or bottom heavy, are plus size or slim, you cannot go wrong with this style of top. They are flattering and help hide any flaws, while keeping you comfortable. Plus, they are perfect to wear during and post-pregnancy, too.

Here you will find 8 different styles, designs and plenty of colors to choose from.

Let’s take a look!

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9 Best Rompers For Women To Add To Your Wardrobe

Lily Collins, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner: Best Rompers For Women

This week we will be going back to those warm and sunny summer days. While winter has its perks, let’s be honest, when it comes to fashion, summer is the season for it.

We all love a chic and stylish coat, as well as some warm and cozy boots, but there is nothing like wearing loose and breezy clothes.

The comfort, the flexibility and the freshness are what dreams are made of. And what better portrays all of these than rompers?

They are flowy, super light and come in a variety of styles. Plus, they are practical and quite ingenious in design, as you get both a top and bottom in one piece.

We have selected 9 fantastic designs that are a definite must-have for any fashionista.

Let’s get started right away!

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What to Wear During Pregnancy? + 8 Suggestions

Zoe Saldana and Gwen Stefani: What To Wear During Pregnacy

Welcome back, ladies! We have a good one for you today so make yourself comfortable and let’s get started.

There are few things that bring as much joy and novelty to someone’s life as having a baby. And while the dads are certainly excited and cannot wait to hold their baby, mothers have a lot more to worry about.

Especially during the arduous nine months of pregnancy.

What with bloated days, swollen feet and those crazy food cravings, those nine months are no easy feat for anyone, and especially new mothers. Those with more experience have some great and very helpful tips and are, to a certain extent, prepared to handle pregnancy like real pros.

New mothers, on the other hand, truly have no idea what they are in for! But, with that being said, pregnancy has the best positive outcome one could hope for, your tiny, adorable baby and in the end, that makes it all worth it!

Well, we are a fashion blog and of course today’s topic will be about clothes, as you have surely seen from the title.

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Rafaella Pants: Curvy, Petite or Classic Fit For Work & Casual Occasions

Alicia Keys In Curvy Fit Black Pants

Girls welcome back to another article about pants. This time, a selection for each of you despite your body shape.

Whether you are skinny, petite, curvy or plus size, we have selected versatile designs for all. The reason for us focusing on pants is very simple. We feel that not much attention is given to them when it comes to fashion tips and that is a shame as a good pair of pants can really make your outfit standout.

Especially if it also a form-flattering one! That is why today we have selected 7 designs which vary in style and cut, complementing different body types and sizes, as we mentioned earlier.

And that’s not all! It also a special article because we have selected all of these pants from one single brand : Rafaella.

Rafaella was founded in 1982 in New York City and grew in popularity over the years for their interesting and innovative designs. They manufacture women’s clothing, aimed at different body types and lifestyles, ranging from casual to classic and more work-suitable.

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8 Best Pajamas for Women in 2018: Cute & Cozy Sleepwear for this Winter

8 Best Pajamas for Women in 2018: Cute & Cozy Sleepwear for this Winter

Welcome back to our latest article! Today, we will be changing things up a bit and focus on a new clothing category.

As you have seen from the title, we will be discussing winter pajamas, that will make you feel cozy and let you have a good night’s sleep.

While we often focus on outdoor clothing, such as pants and jackets, we thought it would be fun to take a look at 8 lovely pajamas that you can wear this season, while looking and feeling great.

The selection includes a variety of options, when it comes to both material and design, so we are certain that each and everyone of you will find what you are looking for!

Time to get started!

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Are Leggings Still in Style this Fall / Winter 2017 – 2018? + 2 Outfits

Ideas On Styling Leggings: Gigi Hadid and Olivia Palermo

Leggings lovers, come together once again, for this time we will be discussing about a topic that is on all of our minds. Can we still be “in” this fall and winter by continuing to wear leggings?

Ridiculous, right? But with fashion trends changing so fast and abruptly even within the same season, the fear and worry is always there.

It is serious when it comes to leggings, though, as this is not just a simple matter of looking good, but feeling good too. We would argue that leggings are the most comfortable thing a woman can wear. And seeing how versatile they are, it would be a shame for them not to continue being a part of this season’s trend.

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7 Stylish Winter Ponchos and Capes for Women

7 Stylish Winter Ponchos and Capes for Women

Welcome back, girls! It has been a while, but we will make up for it with today’s collection. For a while now, we have been focusing on the lower body and it’s about time we changed the pace a bit.

Yes, winter is finally here and no, we will not be looking at jackets today. Much better, in fact!

We have picked out 7 lovely ponchos and capes that can be worn throughout the seasons.

Ponchos are a great choice if you prefer feeling free and unrestrained. Not just that, but they are also a fashion choice that you cannot go wrong with.

Whether worn over dresses or a shirt and pants, a stylish poncho will take your outfit and look to a whole other level.

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