Are Leather Pants in Style in 2018? + 5 Suggestions

Are Leather Pants in Style in 2018? (Cate Blanchett)

We are back again this week with another discussion on trends.

Today’s topic are leather pants and how to best style them, along with 5 of our suggestions, of course.

A few articles ago we discussed leather leggings, faux ones of course. While they certainly do have their benefits, it’s hard to beat the real deal.

Some people tend to shy away from leather pants for different reasons, fearing that they will look unflattering on their bodies. But, being sturdy and quite forgiving, leather pants tend to hide minor flaws quite well, actually. And this goes for both genuine and faux leather pants.

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Are Dresses With Leggings Still in Style in 2018? + 3 Outfits

Are Dresses With Leggings Still in Style in 2018? (Jessica Alba)

It’s all about leggings this week, too, where we will be taking another walk down the path of “Is it still in style”.

Both of us over here are quite fond of leggings, as we have stated before. They are super easy to style, are very comfortable and quite versatile. There are numerous outfits that can be put together with a simple pair of leggings.

Previously, we discussed whether patterned leggings are still in style in 2018. Today we are sticking to regular leggings and instead will be focusing on a particular way of styling them. Get ready to have a long and relaxing read with us about leggings and how well they match with dresses.

Like everyone else, when we want to quickly assess whether a particular fashion trend is still popular, catwalks and celebrities are a good indication. But, unfortunately, this isn’t always helpful as there are some trends, such as the one we are discussing today, that are not very suited for catwalks.

Leggings in general are often related to casual outfits, when outside of the gym of course. As such, it is solely up to you to decide if you will be wearing them.

But since we always strive to be honest with our readers, dresses and leggings together have had their last appearance on a catwalk nearly a decade ago. This is understandable as trends evolve and now we are seeing quite avant-garde clothing styles.

So what is there to turn to, so we can answer today’s question? Well, keep on reading.

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Alternatives to Levi’s Jeans: 8 Ideas for Women Reviewed

Alternatives to Levi's Jeans (Alessandra Ambrosio and Kendall Jenner)

Levi’s is probably the most renowned brand of denim jeans in the world.

Their designs are worldwide famous and have been so for many years. Jeans, in general, are pants that will never go out of style, honestly.

They are super easy to style and can be worn on many occasions. Depending on the top you choose and what shoes you are going for, there are numerous looks you can create with a simple pair of jeans.

Another great thing about them is the abundance of different styles, colors and cuts. They come in many sizes, too and tend to look really good, especially since they are very good at pulling everything together and keeping things in place.

Today we will be looking at some alternatives to Levi’s, which range in price (some are cheaper than the original Levi’s) and style. We are doing this as a means to introduce you to new brands and jeans, and hopefully you might find something that really suits your body and style.

Let’s take a look at the eight jeans we have picked out for you!

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Are Mom Jeans Still in Style in 2018? + 5 Suggestions

Are Mom Jeans Still in Style in 2018? (Bella Hadid)

Welcome back to another article where we discuss whether a certain clothing style is still in fashion.

We are loving these recent articles as they not only give an answer to the question, but also show you how to best style different pieces, along with some product recommendations from us.

So far we have discussed UGG boots and leggings, so today we are moving on to pants. More precisely, as you have seen by the title, we are going to take a look at Mom Jeans.

Often referred to as the less favorable of the jeans’ designs, mom jeans have straight-cut legs and a high waist. They usually fit a bit loosely, as compared to other jeans styles and some designs are also cropped.

In this article we will settle the matter of whether you should wear this type of jeans in 2018 and of course, how to best style them if you decide to do so.

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7 Best Flattering Skirts for Big Hips and Thighs

Flattering Skirts for Big Hips and Thighs (Ashley Graham)

Welcome back, ladies!

Today’s selection is for those of you with beautiful curves, especially if you have big thighs, too.

Several weeks ago we took a look at some jeans and pants for women with big hips and thighs, where we got down to business and discussed not only which ones best suit your body shape, but also how to style them.

Today we will do the same with our selection of 7 gorgeous skirts that are a must-have for you.

These are A-line dresses, with a bit of flare and some pleats as well. We picked this particular style as it puts all the attention on the small waist for the hourglass and pear body shape. This, in turn, takes the focus away from your hips and thighs, creating a very flattering figure.

We also picked designs that you can wear anywhere, be it a casual or formal event, and even to work.

Before we get started with the selection, we would like to suggest that you wear these skirts with shirts that can be tucked into them, as this will better show off the curves and small waist.

But this is just our suggestion, if you’re feeling like wearing an oversized top then you do you!

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Are Patterned Leggings in Style in 2018? + 5 Suggestions

Are Patterned Leggings in Style in 2018? (Jessica Alba and Megan Fox)

Here we are again with another “Are they still in style?” article, and today it is all about leggings… again.

But, with a twist, you see! We will be looking at whether patterned leggings are still in style in 2018.

As with all fashion trends, leggings had their time to shine, which was a couple of years back when people went nuts about living a healthy lifestyle. Yoga pants where everywhere and leggings got out of the gym and onto the streets.

You could see them everywhere, styled with tops, Uggs, flats, sneakers and what have you. Even with high heels, especially leggings that were made to resemble pants.

The material got thicker and they went from see-through gym leggings, to a fashionable choice to wear practically anywhere.

But are they still as hot nowadays?

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8 Best Drop Waist Fit and Flare Dresses for Spring 2018

Drop Waist Fit and Flare Dresses (Victoria Beckham and Naomi Campbell)

Welcome back!

Recently we discussed fit and flare dresses and looked at some suggestions. Today we are on the same topic, but with a twist, these are drop waist fit and flare dresses.

To shortly explain what these terms stand for, a fit and flare dress is one with an A-line cut and wide skirt. While the drop waist one means exactly that, a dress with a waist that is dropped, usually at the hips.

What’s great about them is that they usually have a wider cut than a typical fit and flare dress and the dropped skirt takes attention away from the hips. This makes them suitable and flattering for plus size women, too. Especially if you are chubbier on the upper body.

Plus, we need some spring and summer vibes in here to get us through the remaining days of winter.

We have included 8 options, as you will see, with the very last one being a tad special as compared to the rest. Let’s get right into it!

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Are UGG Boots Still in Style in 2018? + 5 Suggestions

Are UGG Boots Still in Style in 2018? (Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Love Hewitt)

Coziness and comfort are two important factors when we shop for clothes and shoes. We buy not solely based on style and looks, but also on how well clothes wear, especially shoes.

With people getting more and more aware of the risks of living a sedentary life, they are trying to be more active and walking is the activity of choice for many. It is easy, it can be done by mostly everyone and most importantly, it is free.

That, on the other hand, has caused people to look into better-fitting shoes that are first and foremost comfortable.

During winter, though, sneakers are not a popular choice. Most of them let water in and not to mention the cold. So boots is where it’s at.

We have looked at several boots in our previous selections, ranging from different designs, styles and types. Today, we are not only going to look at a specific type of boots, but also see if they are still trending and a good fashion choice.

You’ve seen the title, it’s all about the UGG boots today.

Ladies, let’s get real for a minute here. These boots are incredible to wear. Be it in comfort or durability, you cannot compare Uggs to any other design out there.

However, what we want to focus on in today’s article, is whether you can wear them in 2018. Well, you certainly can, but should you?

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8 Best Faux Leather Leggings You Should Try In 2018

Olivia Palermo And Miranda Kerr: Faux Leather Leggings

It’s time to get into another leggings selection and today we will be looking at a special type: faux leather leggings.

They are just as comfortable as regular leggings and as stylish as skinny jeans. Being a bit thicker, they help give your legs a smooth appearance, making them look good on all different thigh sizes.

No bumps, no awkwardness when wearing faux leather leggings, which is the best thing about them if you ask us.

While they are so versatile in both wear and style, unfortunately they are not as popular as one might expect. And that is because they look a bit hard to style and for some, they are a little too daring. To others it doesn’t really fit their style as they associate these leggings with the rocker / bad girl look.

So how do you style faux leather leggings, especially black ones? Easy peasy, treat them just like you would skinny jeans. Black skinny jeans go with everything so you can rock any top and shoe style you’d like with these leggings.

Now, let’s take a look at the 8 faux leather leggings we have chosen for this selection!

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How To Style a Fit and Flare Dress for Spring 2018, Plus 6 Suggestions

How To Style a Fit and Flare Dress (Jennifer Lawrence)

Girls welcome back and we hope you had a fun weekend.

With Valentine’s day approaching, those of you who are looking for a sexy outfit to wear have come to the right place.

And for those of you who are single this V-day, today’s dresses are for you too. Looking good and especially feeling good about yourself are why we do what we do. We are going to look at dresses in this selection and more specifically flare dresses.

They are by far one of the top trending dress styles of the moment and have been so for a very long time.

Back in the day they were just as stylish as today, but as the years have gone by and trends have changed, so has the styling of these dresses. Ranging from different accessories and all the way down to the shoes, there are numerous looks you can create just by tweaking a few pieces of your outfit.

First things first: What’s a Fit and Flare dress?

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