What to Wear During Pregnancy? + 8 Suggestions

Zoe Saldana and Gwen Stefani: What To Wear During Pregnacy

Welcome back, ladies! We have a good one for you today so make yourself comfortable and let’s get started.

There are few things that bring as much joy and novelty to someone’s life as having a baby. And while the dads are certainly excited and cannot wait to hold their baby, mothers have a lot more to worry about.

Especially during the arduous nine months of pregnancy.

What with bloated days, swollen feet and those crazy food cravings, those nine months are no easy feat for anyone, and especially new mothers. Those with more experience have some great and very helpful tips and are, to a certain extent, prepared to handle pregnancy like real pros.

New mothers, on the other hand, truly have no idea what they are in for! But, with that being said, pregnancy has the best positive outcome one could hope for, your tiny, adorable baby and in the end, that makes it all worth it!

Well, we are a fashion blog and of course today’s topic will be about clothes, as you have surely seen from the title.

We will be discussing maternity clothes: what to wear, what is most flattering and most importantly, what’s most comfortable for you to have in your wardrobe.

You won’t need to buy crazy outfits or break the bank by having to purchase so many clothes that require their own space.

You could even make use of what you already have, or shop around for different styles, if you are not a fan of maternity clothes.

Here is a video that gives some great suggestions:


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There will be 8 clothing items we highly recommend, which will make your life easier and your pregnancy much more comfortable.

Included, along with the suggestions, will be some tips on how to wear and match particular clothes. We hope you will enjoy spending your time with us and that you will find these tips helpful!

Let’s get on with it then!

* Keep in mind that: The availability, colors and sizes of the products below may change at any time. Also please check the products features on the various shops before buying. The product images shown are for illustration purposes only.


Maternity Looks: Angelina Jolie And Reese Whiterspoon

During pregnancy, Maxi dresses are not the only “allowed” dress style you can wear. There is no written rule anywhere that you cannot look elegant and sexy wearing all different kinds of dresses.

For a better idea, this video is quite helpful:

Maternity Dresses - How to Pick the Best Pregnancy Outfit | Parents

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Styles recommended:

  • Wrap dresses are a great idea, as they fit different sizes and you could wear them throughout the pregnancy.
  • A-line dresses are also a good choice. They rest loosely on the body, giving you plenty of room as your baby grows.
  • Stretch dresses are usually left behind as the belly grows and we couldn’t disagree with that more. They are feminine, really show off the bump and highlight all the right curves. Even better if you have a favorite one with stretchy fabric, as it will fit comfortably.
  • High-waist dresses are also incredibly flattering. They tone down the size of the bump a bit, especially in the third trimester and look really elegant. You can wear them for formal events, too, looking fantastic.

Suggested Dresses:

PattyBoutik Long Sleeve Maternity Dress

PattyBoutik Long Sleeve Maternity Dress

Image: pinterest.com



This Stretch Long Sleeve dress by PattyBoutik is a beautiful design that is made of Spandex and Rayon (94% and 6% respectively).

Rayon is a great material for dresses, as it rests on the body very elegantly, minimizing any flaws, while being super comfortable, too. Spandex is a must when it comes to pregnancy clothes, especially dresses and pants. It provides comfort by giving you flexibility and a better fit.

This dress comes with a cowl neck and slightly lengthy sleeves, creating a feminine silhouette. It is knee-length, perfect for both casual and formal wear and goes great with any type of heels you are comfortable wearing.

It comes in classic muted colors, such as: Black, Burgundy, Dark Olive Green and Navy Blue.

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Mother Bee Maternity Long Dress

Mother Bee Maternity Long Dress

Image: pinterest.com


What’s not to love about Mother Bee‘s Wrap Maternity dress. It comes with two of the features we recommended earlier: wrap and high waist.

The design is beautiful and flowy, with a very long skirt that ends at the ankles. It is made of 96% Polyester and 4% Spandex, with a wide V-neck and cropped sleeves.

It comes with pleats and is designed for both maternity and normal wear. This is a great feature as you can continue wearing this design even after the baby is born. Depending on the color and print, it works as both a casual and formal dress.

There are 9 mono-colored options: Dark and Light Mauve, White, Toffee, Midnight, Mocha, Royal Blue, Indigo and Red.

That’s not all, as there are also 7 prints available: Burgundy, Olive, Rust, Black, Navy, Off White and Wood Rose.


Maternity Looks: Isla Fisher and Malin Akerman

Ah, leggings. What a joyous day was the day they were created. They are so easy to combine and so versatile that you cannot go wrong. By the way, have you checked our winter leggings article?

Leggings are possibly the best purchase whether you are pregnant or not. They are incredibly comfortable and with various designs and weather-appropriate fabrics, you can wear them year-round.

You should really buy a couple of different pairs, just to have them at hand when needed.

As the pregnancy progresses and you get bigger, leggings will adapt to your size effortlessly and provide comfort every step of the way.

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And if you already have them, there really is no need to buy specific ones for maternity. But, if you’d like to go the extra mile, here are our two suggestions:

PattyBoutik Mama Shaping Maternity Leggings

PattyBoutik Shaping Maternity Leggings

Image: pinterest.com



By PattyBoutik we have selected Mama Shaping Leggings, which are made of Nylon, Polyester and Spandex.

What’s different about this design is the 3D cut, which covers and protects the belly, without adding pressure on it.

The back is also a key feature as it comes in a V-shape cut. This helps sort of pull the front, to prevent the waist from slipping and also reduces pressure on the lower back.

Those who have tried them say that these are the best leggings you will find for maternity wear. They are incredibly comfortable and the elasticity is perfect for the later months.

Despite being so elastic, they are not see-through, so you can wear them outside with no problem. There are 2 colors to choose from: Black and Heather Dark Grey.

Motherhood Secret Fit Printed Maternity Leggings

Motherhood Secret Fit Printed Maternity Leggings

Image: pinterest.com


Motherhood‘s Secret Fit leggings are a good choice for those of you who prefer the look of typical leggings.

They are made of Cotton and Spandex and are super stretchy and completely opaque. The name comes from the very interesting design, which has the belly part in a light beige color, while the actual legging print starts lower.

This gives the appearance of a normal pair of leggings to everybody else. This way, you can wear regular-length tops without any worry.

The waist is non-slip and round so it covers the belly completely and won’t move around during the day.

The colors and prints are also quite appealing, including options such as: Ground Floral, Star Print, Grey, White Geo and Floral Print.

Tunic Tops and Maxi Pullovers

Maternity Look: Victoria Beckham

Tunic tops are a great addition to any wardrobe, regardless of whether you are expecting. They are roomy and help give the appearance of a slimmer figure, while completely hiding any bumps you wouldn’t want to show.

For pregnant women, they are a good top option due to the extra room and go great with leggings.

Skinny jeans with elasticity in them are also a very good match for these types of tops.

Another reason to get one is also the length. They are hip or thigh-length usually, which provides good coverage even in the last months of pregnancy.

V-neck tunics add some femininity and bracelet-length sleeve are flattering on anyone. They are versatile in wear as the light material is great to wear from autumn all the way to spring.

Hello MIZ Long Sleeve Tunic Top

Hello MIZ Long Sleeve Tunic Top

Image: pinterest.com


Our suggestion is this beautiful and elegant tunic top by Hello MIZ. The fabric is a blend of 72% Rayon, 24% Polyester and 4% Spandex.

It comes with a closed, squared neckline and long, slim sleeves. The length is just around thigh-length (depending on your height) and the design is flowy, widening at the bottom.

You will be super comfortable sitting (or even lying down, no judgment here!), as the wide hem leaves plenty of room. There won’t be any tightness or discomfort in the slightest.

It comes in lots of lovely colors and prints, such as: Teal, Rust, Burgundy, Wine, Mauve and Denim.

As for Maxi pullovers (maxi anything, to be honest), they are stylish in any season and you can wear them before, during and after pregnancy.

Nellbang Oversized Long Sleeve Pullover

Nellbang Oversized Long Sleeve Pullover

Image: pinterest.com


The design we’ve chosen is by Nellband and you will absolutely adore it.

It comes with a boat neck and oversized sleeves, that appear to come up underneath the body of the pullover.

It is very wide, in a curved and round hemline that creates a very classy and elegant appearance. This particular cut, if you’d like to refer to for future purchases, is called “Batwing” and it is flattering on every body shape and size.

The fabric is knitted and also stretchy, making it a great pregnancy choice. The colors available are two: Black and Grey.

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Comfortable Winter Jackets

Maternity Look: Claire Danes

We sure love a good winter jacket and if you are having a winter pregnancy, there is no need to worry about finding the perfect one for you.

Look for sizeable or ones labeled for maternity, as they are specially designed to provide comfort and protection.

A regular jacket wouldn’t be an issue earlier in the pregnancy, but as you progress, unless it is an oversized jacket, it won’t be able to keep you properly protected. And you really shouldn’t take any chances with the cold while pregnant.

We have selected two maternity designs, both a “typical” winter jacket and a parka, for those who live in colder areas.

Momo Maternity Nori Down Parka

Momo Maternity Nori Down Parka

Image: pinterest.com


The Nori parka by Momo Maternity is a water-resistant design made of 100% Polyester and lined with Nylon.

It is a Down parka, in a 80:20 blend, which provides great insulation and maintains body heat perfectly. The front zip closure is very easy to access and the hip-length of the jacket makes it practical.

This is very important in the third trimester, where bending down is not the easiest thing to do. It comes with four outer pockets, two of which are hand-warmer ones. There is a chest pocket, too.

The waist is elasticized and adjustable and the hood is lined with faux fur trim, to add style and also protect the face.

The back comes with a tie that you can tie into a lovely bow. It is available in the color Navy.

Youth Stream Pregnant Women Winter Jacket

Youth Stream Pregnant Women Winter Jacket

Image: pinterest.com


Our last jacket and recommendation for today is by Youth Stream. This is a specially designed jacket that you can wear from your first month and even after the baby is born.

The extra room and cozy design will keep you comfortable and warm throughout winter.

It comes with a removable hood, which is lined with a fluffy fur trim in the color White. This is a super lightweight jacket, filled with 100% Down for insulation and has a waterproof outer lining.

The bottom hem is also adjustable and the two side pockets are lined, to quickly warm up the hands. It comes in the color Grey.


And that was all! We hope you’ll have an easy and happy pregnancy! See you in the next one!

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