How To Style a Fit and Flare Dress for Spring 2020, Plus 6 Suggestions

How To Style a Fit and Flare Dress (Jennifer Lawrence)

Girls welcome back and we hope you had a fun weekend.

With Valentine’s day approaching, those of you who are looking for a sexy outfit to wear have come to the right place.

And for those of you who are single this V-day, today’s dresses are for you too. Looking good and especially feeling good about yourself are why we do what we do. We are going to look at dresses in this selection and more specifically flare dresses.

They are by far one of the top trending dress styles of the moment and have been so for a very long time.

Back in the day they were just as stylish as today, but as the years have gone by and trends have changed, so has the styling of these dresses. Ranging from different accessories and all the way down to the shoes, there are numerous looks you can create just by tweaking a few pieces of your outfit.

First things first: What’s a Fit and Flare dress?

We are certain that all of you are familiar with the look of a fit and flare dress, but let’s get a bit more technical.

They are also referred to as A-line dresses, for resembling the letter “A” in their cut. With a slim bust and wide skirt, A-line dresses are very flattering for those of you who have an hourglass, pear or ruler-shaped body.

They help by smoothing out the figure and enhancing the curves, while minimizing love handles. Flare dresses, specifically, are those types of dresses with a (usually) very wide skirt, which often creates pleats.

With that out of the way, let’s first start with three different ways you can style a fit and flare dress.

Table of Contents:

Fit and Flare Dress with Boots

Fit and Flare dress with boots: Kristen Ritter

If you remember a couple of articles ago, we took a look at some different styles of boots you can rock this season. So here goes why you should wear boots with a flare dress.

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This is in part due to the length of the dress. Long boots such as over-the-knee or riding ones go great with short dresses. A flare dress that has a more casual and relaxed style will look perfect with a pair of boots.

Take a look at Krysten Ritter here. She looks well-dressed, without being too over the top. While the dress is adorable and it works for both day and evening wear, wearing the boots is what really changes the look of her outfit.

If she were to wear heels, she’d look overdressed for a casual day out. And we’re not even getting into the comfort comparison between heels and boots!

So, what you should keep in mind when wearing boots and a flare dress is length. Either ankle boots and a longer dress, or a shorter dress with high boots. That’s it!

Fit and Flare Dress with a Jacket

Fit and Flare dress with a jacket: Alessandra Ambrosio

This is a double reference for both Alessandra Ambrosio‘s outfit and Krysten’s above. First of all, the different jackets bring out a different look in each outfit.

A jeans, casual jacket is perfect for a relaxed day out. While a sexy black leather jacket will turn heads wherever you go.

While jackets are not usually a good match with dresses, especially elegant ones, that’s not the case for a fit and flare dress. Because this dress style is so versatile, wearing a jacket serves both a practical and fashion purpose.

Her flare dress in this photo comes in an irregular pattern and mixed colors, which go so very well with the rocker leather jacket she’s paired it with. And those heels Alessandra is wearing really tie her outfit together!

What you should keep in mind here is to determine what look you are going for. Sexy and sensual, then a leather or cropped jacket is the way to go. If you just want to take it easy and are going about your day, then a jeans jacket is what you’re looking for.

Fit and Flare Dress with a Cardigan

Fit and Flare dress with a cardigan: Zooey Deschanel

Oh Zooey! If there’s one person that comes to mind when the word cardigan and dress are mentioned together, it’s certainly her.

She is all about that comfort, overloaded with cuteness and femininity. Zooey has such an everyday style that we cannot help but love.

Cardigans are a must-have in any wardrobe. Whatever the season, they are always appropriate. And they go so well with tops and most importantly, dresses.

Cardigans are very feminine and elegant, without being “too much”. That’s why they fit in most outfits, be them elegant or casual ones. And they can be worn anywhere too. At work, night out, brunch, school, anywhere.

Combining them with a flare dress is easy peasy! Just choose a color that complements the color of your dress and rock that look!

6 Fit and Flare Dresses We Would Suggest

Done with the styling, now it’s time for our suggestions. You will find a variety of styles and cuts, with options for plus size ladies too. No girlfriend left behind, we say!


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DanMunier Fit and Flare A-Line Dress

DanMunier Fit and Flare A-Line Dress


(not available at the moment)

Let’s kick it off with DanMunier‘s wonderful flare dress. A true work of art, this embroidered dress is perfect for a special event.

It caught our eye and we knew it had to be included in this selection. The cropped sleeves go so well with the elegance of the dress and the loose-cut waist creates a very symmetrical appearance on the body.

This is a great dress especially for those of you who work out and have slim, long legs. The short length of the dress and the minimalistic flare will bring out the best in your silhouette.

The embroidery work is exquisite and comes with two options. The main body is colored Black and the first option is a mixed nature pattern with flamingos, while the other one is a potpourri of colorful leaves.

Sarin Mathews 3/4 Sleeve Fit and Flare Dress

Sarin Mathews 3/4 Sleeve Fit and Flare Dress


Check it out on:

Next, by Sarin Mathews we picked another dress with cropped sleeves.

This one is made of Cotton and Spandex so you can wear it comfortably on that date night next week. The loose pleats add a lovely touch to this dress’ look and the length shows off the legs beautifully.

We especially like the closed neckline which makes this dress very elegant and refined as there’s not too much everywhere. This places the focus on the lower body more, as mentioned above.

Another interesting thing about it, is the versatility. It can be worn on special occasions, to work and on your daily stroll around town with a nice pair of boots.

There are four colors you can get this dress in: Burgundy, Ink green, Royal blue and Black.

Simlu Fit and Flare Plus Size Dress

Simlu Fit and Flare Plus Size Dress


Check it out on:

Ladies with a little more to love on them, this next dress is designed for you. A beautiful cut, with numerous pleats and short sleeves, Simlu’s flare dress is a must-have.

It comes in the perfect length, which suits those among you that would rather not show it all off, while still being very sexy. There are options when it comes to the sleeves, too.

The crew neck is absolutely gorgeous and you won’t have to add extra accessories to shine, this dress does it all on its own!

And if you prefer a different neckline, there are options for that too. With a pair of elegant high heels, preferably stilettos or even better, sandals, you will look incredible.

The key design feature is the short and high waist, which makes the upper body look slimmer, while rounding out the hips and taking the attention away from the muffin top.

Best of all, it comes in over 30 colors, including: Blush sweetheart, Round coral, Round blush, Black, Mint, Mauve and Grey.

Wild Meadow Stretch Velvet Fit and Flare Dress

Wild Meadow Stretch Velvet Fit and Flare Dress


(not available at the moment)

Oh, we are obsessed with this next dress by Wild Meadow. It’s a velvet dress, need we say any more?

Velvet dresses are the epitome of sexy. They are incredibly sensual, feminine and just have something about them that makes any woman wearing them irresistible.

The dress we picked comes with a deep V-neck, so your bust is showing ladies. Who says you can’t be classy and daring all at the same time?

This is a short dress, best suited for those with toned and defined legs as they will be all out.

Different from the other designs, you cannot, nor should you, wear a velvet dress with anything but high heels. Just trust us on that!

With long sleeves, this dress is perfect with a long jacket on top, adding some dramatic effect to the reveal. You can get this lovely design in the colors: Navy and Gloxinia.

InsNova Fit Flare Party Dress

InsNova Fit Flare Party Dress


Check it out on:

It got a bit hot for a minute there, so let’s cool down a little with this sleeveless cocktail dress by InsNova.

With a V-neck and halter top, this is the perfect summer dress. The elegant two-layer design adds a youthfulness to the dress, so it is appropriate for both young and mature ladies to wear.

The over-layer comes in a stripped print, which goes well with the V print of the top. This is the perfect dress to style with a jacket!

There are three colors to choose from: Burgundy, Black and Green.

Nine West Fit and Flare Dress With Yoke

Nine West Fit and Flare Dress With Yoke


Check it out on:

And lastly, by Nine West, a laced, gorgeous dress for night outs and special evenings. It, too, is a sleeveless design and also double-layered, the top one being lace.

The round neck, in combination with the laced top, work beautifully together and you won’t need a necklace with this dress.

This is a cardigan dress, especially during spring and summer nights. It goes well with heels due to its elegant design, so that’s what we’d recommend you wear it with.

This is a dress best suited for slim bodies, as the long waist and narrow hip flaring are not very flattering on a curvier woman.

The colors it comes in are: Black – White and Dark pacific.


We hope you enjoyed spending time with us and most importantly, that you found this selection helpful! See you in the next one.

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