9 Tips To Make Your Legs Look Longer

Tips To Make Your Legs Look Longer

Biologically, women tend to be considerably shorter than men. While that in itself is not something to mull over, often it means that a shorter body, equals shorter legs. And we would all love to have those long, slim sexy legs, which look great with anything.

Luckily, women started wearing high heels, giving the appearance of not just being taller but elongating the legs and making them look much slimmer. Heels are great for pushing up your bum look and giving that subtle sensual rocking while walking.

Any woman that has worn heels will tell you that sometimes (read: most of the time), heels are quite uncomfortable. We are certain you have experienced that yourself.

Because of that, unless necessary, most of us ladies out there would gladly skip wearing them and put on a pair of comfortable flats. But what about those dreamy long legs then?

Well, clothes are not just for coverage. Much like make-up, you can create the illusion of a slimmer body, higher waist, bigger bust and yes, longer legs. All this, with just a little knowledge on what and how to wear different clothes and colors. As always, that’s what we are here for!

Get ready to learn and understand how all of this works! We promise you, it is super simple and you might even be using some of these tricks unknowingly.

To make everything easier to comprehend, each tip will be accompanied by a celebrity picture. That way, you will see exactly how these tricks affect the appearance of not just the legs, but the entire body.

1. Wear One Color

What’s the fun in that? What about jeans or colorful outfits? Well, we will get to that in a moment, for now, if the event is suitable for wearing same-colored clothes, we would highly recommend to go for it.

Jennifer Aniston

We mean, look at Jen in this photo. Of course, she always looks gorgeous and stylish, but we have to say, this pantsuit really suits her, pun very much intended.

What one-color outfits do, is give the impression that everything is continuous, there is no separation between the upper and lower body. Therefore, this will not just make the legs look longer, but you will appear taller in pictures.

How does it work? It’s simple! Because there is no distinct separation from the upper body, it creates the illusion that the legs start much higher than they actually do, therefore appearing longer.

Unless the skirt you are wearing is short and matches the outfit, we would recommend you use this trick when wearing pants.

2. Wear Nude Or Beige Shoes

For this next tip, we have chosen the elegant Taylor Swift, who is rocking a beautiful pair of nude heels. This trick, however, works with any pair of shoes, so don’t worry.

Taylor Swift

While you might say that Taylor is quite tall to begin with and her legs are long and look so, despite what she is wearing, we would refer you to the picture. Her legs are indeed slim and long, but look at the difference the color of the shoes makes.

Not to mention that they are strapped shoes, which tend to shorten the legs overall, but because the color is nude, it blends with the skin. This, in turn, makes them look as if they are part of the leg.

A tip like this is very useful with high heels in general, because it gives you the freedom to wear any style and type, pumps, stilettos and what have you, while only helping the appearance of longer legs.

3. Wear High-Waisted Pants, Shorts and Skirts

Now, a high waist is not everyone’s cup of tea. We understand that, but, give them a chance if you would like to make your lower body appear longer.

Low-rise pants are a no-no for women who are short and to avoid at all costs if you happen to have a longer-torso/shorter-legs type of body. The low-rise will elongate the upper body, while giving the impression of much shorter legs. That is why high-waisted pants are not simply a fashion choice, but a smart choice, too.

This trick, however, works best with short Tees or cropped blouses. If that high waist is not even a little bit visible, you would be undermining the whole point of wearing them for this purpose.

Ariana Grande

The example we have selected is Ariana Grande. While yes, she is wearing heels, focus on how long her legs look. This is especially impressive knowing how tall she actually is. At 5’3″, she is as petite as they come.

Yet, this trick works beautiful and because she’s smart, not only has she used the “high-waist” trick, but she’s also wearing a very short pair of shorts. You’ll see how this works just a few rows down.

4. Wear Very Long Pants With Heels

This next tip is for you high heel lovers. Whether you are wearing them to work, to a dinner party, or just because they look fabulous, we got you. Next time you are wearing them, consider putting on those long and gorgeous pants, that only heels can match.

Long pants that fall beyond the ankle and cover the shoe are a nifty trick on the eye. Because you cannot technically pinpoint where the foot begins, those who cast their eyes on you, even for a second, will get the impression of an elegant and slim figure.

Lilly Collins

Take Lilly Collins in this picture, for example. Those pants are a must-have! But if you look closely, you will notice that not only is she wearing really long pants, but her whole outfit is the same color and her heels too. That is most definitely the perfect trio, if you ask us!

5. Wear Pants With Vertical Lines

Ah, Jennifer Lopez! Like us, you too may have, at one time, fantasized about having those curves and that feminine style of hers. In this picture and to illustrate this next tip, she is wearing striped pants. But these are not just any stripes. They are vertical lines.

Jennifer Lopez

This is such an easy trick to understand, just because it is quite obvious. Vertical lines give the appearance of longer legs, because they focus the eye in the length, rather than width, like horizontal lines do.

That is why, for women with shorter legs and more so those with much more curves, pants with vertical lines must definitely be considered.

And of course, to further push the appearance of her legs being longer, she has done another beautiful trio of high-waisted, very long pants, with vertical lines on them.

6. Wear Shoes Without Ankle Straps

Especially important for high heels, this trick will make a huge difference in your overall look. Ankle straps, or even worse, knee-high straps make your legs look much shorter because they take space. What are we talking about? As a rule of thumb, the more foot and leg is showing, the longer the look.

Renée Zellweger

Take a look at Renée Zellweger in this picture. Yes, we may have or may not have had our hearts broken by that fantastic red dress she is wearing. Just look at it! Let’s move on, otherwise we will have to rename this whole guide and leave at that.

But for your sake and ours, let’s look at her shoes. She is wearing red pumps, which, if you recall from the second tip we said, should have been nude to elongate her legs. And yet, they still look long and slim and beautiful. How?

Because they have low vamps. That way, most of her upper foot is showing, being a continuation of the leg and making them a whole lot longer. Keep this in mind next time you are shopping for dress shoes.

7. Wear Mini Skirts and Shorts

We mentioned this above, in Ariana Grande’s picture. This is such a simple trick and quite practical, especially during Summer.

Hilary Duff

The gorgeous lady you see demonstration how well this tip works, is Hilary Duff. She looks great and her legs even more so. And for those that don’t know, she is only 5’2″ and this trick works beautifully.

What a shorter hem does, is show more skin. The more you see, the more there is, in a way. Whether it is shorts, skirts or even a dress you are looking to match with some nude heels, you cannot go wrong.

8. Wear A Cropped Jacket But…

Scarlett Johansson makes any outfit rock, but for this next tip on making the legs look longer, she has made a very smart choice regarding her jacket.

It is a black cropped beauty in the perfect length, which helps in giving the illusion that her upper body is shorter than it actually is, ending right where the jacket ends.

Scarlett Johansson

If the torso looks shorter, where does the length go? Correct! And look how easily this works. Especially taking into consideration that not only is she wearing strapped heels, but the front of the ankle is completely closed off.

But because they are black, matching the slim pants, they do not shorten the legs’ appearance. Add to that the cropped jacket and you can rest assured that the result will be flawless.

9. Do Not Wear Cropped Pants

A no-no. We repeat, a definite no-no. Cropped pants will shorten the legs and not just that! They will also make your thighs look thicker and wider. So stay away from cropped pants and look at the other options we explained above.


We are done! Take notes and keep these tricks in mind to completely transform your look. Until next time!

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