What Type Of Jeans To Wear If You Have Big Thighs?

What Type Of Jeans To Wear If You Have Big Thighs? (Kylie Jenner)

Having big thighs is still one of the staples of the fashion and beauty world nowadays and everyone is still striving to get that perfect hourglass shape.

But, as we have looked into previously, having big thighs comes with a couple of downsides, despite the perks. The most important issue that women who have big thighs continue to face every day is buying the right type of pants, jeans to be more specific.

Jeans are comfortable, they are timeless and the most versatile type of pants, leaving you with plenty of room to experiment creating different looks. Unfortunately, not all types of jeans are suitable for women who are curvy and have the luscious and sexy fuller figure.

This becomes even more of an issue if you have a smaller waist, because jeans tend to leave that gap in the back of the waist, which is quite awkward-looking and uncomfortable.

But there is no reason to fret about any of this, because we have compiled this quick and easy guide, which will teach you all the tips and tricks of choosing the right cut of jeans for your body and how to wear it flawlessly.

How To Choose The Right Jeans

Let’s firstly start with how to wear jeans if you have big thighs and the answer is quite simple: One leg at a time. Jokes aside, you should first and foremost choose the right fit. Doing that is the tricky part, the rest is very straightforward.

What do we mean by the right fit? It’s the cut of the waist, especially. Look for high waists, which are the most flattering on women with big thighs and especially those with a small waist also. However, simply having a high waist is not the end all be all of the right fitting jeans.

This is where the pinch in the waist comes into play. This is typical in elasticized waists, which are cut a lot more narrower than the hips, making them fit properly and completely preventing the gap in the back.

As for what style of jeans you should and shouldn’t wear, you really don’t have to shy away from wearing any of them. With the right-fitting style, length and color, you can hardly go wrong.

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How To Wear Jeans If You Have Big Thighs

Women with big thighs usually want to make their legs appear slimmer and longer and doing so with jeans is quite simple.


Opt for dark washes, which are naturally more slimming than the brighter ones and make sure to avoid fading and highlights, which bring the focus on the width of your thighs.


Ladies, avoid cropped jeans like the plague. They will make your legs appear shorter and therefore stubby and wider.

Ankle-length and slightly longer jeans are the most flattering ones, regardless of the cut of the jeans. Especially in combination with a darker wash and a high waist, they will make your legs appear a lot longer and slimmer.

Height Of The Waist

denim fabric

We did say that a high and pinched waist is your best bet but this does not mean that just any high waist cut will do.

Opt for a waist that is right above or around the belly button. A higher waist will throw off the look and it’s not very comfortable, either, whereas a lower waist will most likely cut into the hips and also make your lower body look shorter.

Do not forget to make sure that the waist is elasticized, so it will fit better and a lot more comfortably.

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How To Wear Skinny Jeans

The most raved about jeans right now are skinny jeans. They are sexy, they go well with a variety of tops and are suitable for many occasions. Most importantly, they look beautiful on curvy women because they help accentuate the hips.

This is why we will focus on this cut of jeans specifically as it is the trickiest one to wear, in general.

Skinny jeans must have a high waist for big thighs in order to look flattering. This way, you will look slimmer, with longer legs and your small waist will show off better.

To create the best outfit, chunky shoes are very recommended due to balancing the proportion of your legs, as opposed to stilettos which will only highlight the fact that your thighs are big.

Tops should be worn in classy and light colors (not necessarily bright ones), in order to complement the dark wash of the jeans better and also take the attention away from your thighs and bring it up to your torso.

If you would like a further slimming effect, then match your outfit with a long and elegant cardigan that covers at least below the hips, but mid-thigh would be better. This way, the skinny cut will show smaller and a lot slimmer on your thighs.

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This concludes our quick guide on choosing the best fitting jeans for women with big thighs. We hope you will find it useful and that we will see you in the next one!

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