What Type of Skirt Should a Pear Shaped Body Wear?

What Type of Skirt Should a Pear Shaped Body Wear?

Welcome back to a guide, this time, on what skirts are most flattering for pear shapes. We recently did a piece on swimsuits for different types of bodies, so we thought it would be good to carry on with the topic of how to wear certain clothes for a specific body type.

A short informative paragraph is in order on what is a pear shape.

A pear shape refers to a woman who has a small waist and hips that are wider than her shoulders. Those of you with this body type usually have a fuller back, too, and a smaller chest. This is also the most common body shape in women, in case you were wondering.

Dressing a pear shape is quite simple as it gives you plenty of choosing options. A-line dresses look great on pear shapes, pants, leggings and jeans especially, look exceptionally good. If you play around with different tops, you can easily rock any outfit.

Today’s topic is skirts and we will be looking at what types of skirts you should wear, if you have a pear body shape. The reason why we are focusing on skirts is because a lot of women with this body type tend to shy away from skirts.

Due to the wide hips and often fuller thighs and back, not all skirts look very flattering and unfortunately some of you have completely given up on skirts altogether, which is a shame.

Skirts are a great addition to a woman’s wardrobe. They are comfortable, stylish and you can easily find a skirt to wear for any occasion.

Without any further ado, let’s get started with types of skirts you should wear, why they will work best for your body type and also some tips on what to look for in a skirt.

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Flowy Skirts

Flowy skirts are the best ones and they tend to look good on most women. They work especially well for women with big thighs because the attention is all in the pleats, folds and how it flows, taking the focus away from your legs.

You can opt for long skirts, too, which don’t lay too close to your legs and thighs. They help create a longer and also slimmer silhouette so you can get numerous benefits all at once.

What counts as a flowy skirts are usually A-line ones, which end just under the knees. These are great especially if your thighs are thick. A-line skirts are great for those of you just starting out, especially for women who are not fans of wearing skirts in general.

A circular skirt is another great option. They are longer than A-line ones and wider, too. They are very elegant and look great with high heels. Circular skirts are very flowy and quite comfortable.

The Waist On a Skirt

A smaller waist in pear shaped women is something you can easily work with. You should really enhance it and show it off. For this, we would recommend you look for skirts that have a medium-height waist that rounds out the hips.

This will bring the focus on how curvy you are, while the flare of the cut will complement your legs, as we said before.

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The length of the skirt also matters. We would suggest you stay away from mini skirts as they are not very flattering.

The best length would be at the knees and down, which will look great on you and it is also a comfortable length in general, as you can easily move around in and sit down without fear of any incidents.


Flowy skirts are the best option for a pear shaped body because of the way it shapes and makes the hips and thighs appear. This is due to how loose they fit.

With that being said, a skirt that fits too clingy on the body is a no-no.

Especially those elastic or super tight ones. They are rarely flattering on curvy women since the hips, thighs and back are in full display. Unless that’s what you are going for, then we’d suggest you steer clear of them.

Prints and Colors

This is the fun parts. While we did say that tight skirts are not a good idea, if you must wear one that has really caught your eye, then opt for prints and patterns. Especially stripes or lines as they will help take away attention from the width of the thighs.

As for colors, you can choose any color you like. If you are just getting into the skirts’ world, go for classy colors like black or beige, that you can wear anywhere.

And another thing before we bid you goodbye, avoid shiny prints or sparkles. Not only are they a bit too much, in our opinion, but they will draw attention on the legs immediately.


There you go, a quick and simple guide on choosing the best skirt for a pear shaped body. See you in the next one!

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