Best Polarized Sunglasses for Women Under $50

Best Polarized Sunglasses for Women Under $50

In a recent article, we reviewed several stylish backpacks, which were of great quality and at an affordable price.

Continuing along the same lines of high quality accessories, that will not break your wallet, this time we will be reviewing the nine best polarized sunglasses for women, which cost less than $50.

Sunglasses are not only fashionable, but they are also a necessary accessory, especially during sunny days.

They keep the eyes protected from sun’s UV rays which can cause problems, such as cataracts and damage to the skin around your eyes. And for those concerned with wrinkles, this is a very important thing, also considering that they prevent your eyes from squinting in bright sunlight.

Different shapes of sunglasses look better on different faces, that is why we have selected different shapes and designs.

For each selection, there will also be a suggestion on which type of face they go best with.

9 Best Polarized Women Sunglasses Under $50:

grinderPUNCH Cat Eye Polarized Sunglasses



We’re starting right away, with these elegant cat eye sunglasses by grinderPUNCH.

The frame is made of plastic and the lens are polarized plastic, 50mm wide. They offer 100% protection against UVA and UVB. These glasses come in their own microfiber pouch, so they’ll be safe from scratches and damage when you are not wearing them.

Cat eye shape tends to elongate the face, so it goes well with square, oval or heart shaped faces.

The colors available are: Black and Tortoise.

Eye Love Polarized Sunglasses



Eye Love‘s movement to offer sunglasses, glasses or even a eye exam to someone who needs it, for every product sold, definitely adds to the benefit of purchasing these next sunglasses.

They come in a beautiful tortoise shell design, or for those who prefer a more classic look, they also come in the color Black. These glasses go well with pretty much and face shape and the lens is plastic, 54 mm.

They come with a hard case, a soft case, microfiber cloth and also a screwdriver to make sure that you won’t have any issues with the glasses being too tight or too loose.

Carfia Erika Vintage Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses



The Erika Vintage wayfarer sunglasses come with photochromatic resin lens and metal frame. The lens is 54 mm wide and 46 mm high, with an 18 mm bride.

The arms of the frame are 145 mm and they rest lightly and comfortably. These sunglasses offer UV400 protection, are easy to clean and resistant to scratching.

They come with eyeglass case and cleaning cloth, while the colors available are matte black frames with three different lenses: Blue, Black, Silver, and the other version is a tortoise shell brown. The design is more suitable for heart and oval shaped faces.

Retro Rewind Classic Polarized Sunglasses



Retro Rewind‘s classic sunglasses, are an all – time famous design. The frame is plastic and the 52 mm polarized lens is plastic, as well.

They come with Authentic Retro Rewind microfiber pouch and go best with round and heart shaped faces. The protection against UV rays is 100% and the lens is Anti – glare.

The color selection includes a lot of colorful choices, such as: Matte black, White, Yellow, Green, Blue Orange, Black, Purple, Red and tortoise.

ATTCL suglasses Round Shape Polarized Sunglasses



These beautiful sunglasses by ATTCL come in a round wayfarer shape. The frame is plastic, while the lens is composite, 50 mm wide and 55 mm high, with 100% UV protection.

They are lightweight, feel comfortable and highly durable. This shape goes well with square, oval and heart shaped faces, but the design is so eye – catching and stylish that it doesn’t really matter much what shape your face is, they will look good regardless.

The colors available are: Floral, Black, Pink, Blue, Leopard and Brown.

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ATTCL sunglasses Oversized Polarized Sunglasses



Continuing with another oversized pair of sunglasses, these are also by ATTCL. The frame is made of plastic, while the lenses are shatterproof polycarbonate, 60 mm wide and 50 mm high, with a 16 mm bride.

They come in an elegant design, with anti-glare effect and have UV400 protection. The hard case they come in is elegant, as are the glasses, in a combination of white, silver and black.

There is also a microfiber cloth and a repairing tool included. The arms are patterned and have two open circles, lined with tiny stones.

The color selection includes: Black, White, Brown and Purple.

Corciova Oversized Polarized Sunglasses



It’s time for oversized sunglasses and these ones are by Corciova.

Their frame is plastic with 124mm arm and the lens is polycarbonate and gradient. The size of the lens is 60mm wide, 54mm high, with an 18mm bridge.

The main focus is on the shape, without patterns or decorative stones added to the arms and frame. They look best on oval or round faces and come with a microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth.

They are durable, lightweight and also resistant to scratching. The colors you can choose from are: Black, White, Zinfandel, Brown, Champagne and Coffee.

Woodies Polarized Sunglasses



Another wayfarer design, these sunglasses are by Woodies, a brand that donates 1% of its revenues to protect the oceans and beaches.

The frame is made of plastic, while the arms are made of zebra wood, with unique striations for each pair of sunglasses. This makes the sunglasses very lightweight, as well as comfortable, which combined with the stainless steel double- spring hinges, will last for a long time.

The lenses are polarized with 100% UV protection. They come with a hard case, microfiber cloth and a guitar pick made of wood.

This shape goes best with heart and oval shaped faces.

Diamond Candy Polarized Sunglasses



Diamond Candy’s retro sunglasses bring us to the end of this selection. The frame is composite and oversized, and the lenses are composite, too, with UV400 protection.

These sunglasses go well with any face shape, because they are a mix of round and wayfarer shape. Although, being oversized glasses, they are not very suitable for those with smaller faces.

They are quite lightweight, with thin arms and a stylish design that goes well with most outfit styles. These glasses come with a cleaning cloth and a snap button hard case.

There are two main frame colors: Black and Brown and several lens colors: Blue, Green, Grey, Purple, Silver, Yellow and Brown.

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