2 Fall Outfits For Women to Wear This 2016

2 Fall Outfits For Women to Wear This 2016

With September well on its way out, we are finally entering into proper fall season.

The temperatures drop and the days are windier than usual, and sometimes it rains. While those might not be too appealing, there is a plus side to this season as well. Clothes, of course!

With the temperatures going down, we are in need of more clothes to wear, and what exactly does that imply? Style, yes!

The options are endless, starting from pullovers or light jackets, to jeans, leggings, cropped-sleeve shirts and finally, boots. They go with everything, so go ahead and select your favorite pair of booties and see for yourself.

There are plenty of designs and a lot more prints, making it exciting having to match and purchase different clothes, but sometimes it gets too much.

We get it, so we are here to help!

Two different outfits will be featured in this article, both casual and stylish. Of course, you could mix and match from both, all up to you!

Women Fall Outfit #1

Uget Baggy Casual Pullover Top



For our first outfit, we will begin with this baggy pullover top by Uget.

It comes with oversized long sleeves, as well as with a wide O-neck.

The material is a mix of Cotton, Polyester and Acrylic, making it a bit see-through, which can be suitable for wearing with a colorful bra underneath, or, as you will see below, with a tank top.

As for color selection, there are many options, including: Purple, White, Apricot, Black, Gray, Green, Pink and Yellow.

Meaneor Tank Top



And here’s the tank top we mentioned, by Meaneor.

It comes with a deep V-neck design, a very popular and feminine design.

The material is a combination of Polyester and Spandex, making it elastic and comfortable to wear, as it will fit properly. It is a slim fit, highlighting the curves and shape of the body.

The colors available are: White, Black, Nude and Red, with no logos or prints on. Very easy to combine with different colors and clothes.

Viv Collection Leggins



Fall is the season for leggings. They are warm and soft, making it easy to wear for a long time, without any discomfort.

The ones we have selected are by VIV Collection.

These leggings come not only in a lot of different colors, but in different prints as well, so rest assured, you will fall for one of them.

Some of those prints and colors are: Navajo Black Beige, Mountain Mirage, Rose Noir, Rusty Navy Aztec, Atlantis, Volcanic Rose and over thirty more.

MBJ Moto Biker Jacket



As for the jacket, this biker jacket by MBJ, is an eye-catcher. It goes well with the outfit and it is versatile enough to be combined with both dresses and pants.

It’s a faux leather jacket, fully lined on the inside. There is an exposed full ā€“ length zipper, as well as a medium-height collar. The sleeves have zippers on the cuffs and the two side pockets are zippered as well.

It is a slim fit jacket, which adds more style to the design.

There are a lot of colors to choose from, such as: Camel, Black, Pink, Taupe, Coffee, Khaki, Red and other varying shades of those colors.

Daily Shoes Ankle Boots



To finish the first outfit, we have selected these military style boots, by Daily Shoes.

They are made of synthetic leather and come with a rubber sole on the inside.

There is decorative stitching on the sides, back and front, as well as quilted design on both sides. It comes with a side zipper and frontal laces.
They are about 6 inches high, with a 1.25 inch chunky heel.

Another very interesting feature, is the 4 inch pouch on the side, for holding money, cards or other small things. As for colors, there are quite a few: Blue, Purple, Red, Ivory White, Black, Tan, Beige, Wild Leopard, Brown, Blue Denim, Zebra and Camouflage Canvas.

Women Fall Outfit #2

Ochenta Plaid Shirt



Let’s move on to the second outfit of our selection. For the top, we have selected this plaid shirt, with roll-up sleeves by OCHENTA.

It is made of 100% Cotton and it is anti-pilling as well as non-fading, two main issues when it comes to brightly colored and cotton shirts.

There are tabs on the sleeves to hold them up, so you wonā€™t have to constantly deal with them. It is an oversized shirt, length-wise, very comfortable and light to wear.

And as for colors, there are far too many, some being: Classic Red, Red Black, Chris Green, Pink, Peach Blue, Purple, Coffee White, Navy Red, Pink Blue and over twenty more.

Blue Age Ripped Skinny Jeans



For the bottom, this pair of distressed jeans by Blue Age go perfectly with the shirt. They are skinny jeans, designed to make your legs appear long and lean.

There is 2% Spandex in the material for elasticity, making sure that they will feel comfortable when worn.

The ripping in placed on different parts, depending on the color, but the majority are ripped at the knees, and some on the thighs.

They come with the classic five-pocket style and with belt space. The colors are varying shades of Black, White and Denim blue.

Levi’s Classic Trucker Jacket



As for the jacket, it is the Trucker jacket for women, by Levi’s. It is made of 99% Cotton and 1% Elastane.

This jacket goes great with jeans, as it’s a denim jacket itself. There are two front pockets on the chest and the jacket closes up with buttons.

The sleeves are long, with buttoned cuffs and they can be rolled up or left at their original length, as per preference. The colors available are: Vintage Reserve, Rinse, Belle Blue, Clean White, Saddle blue and Story Storyteller.

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Dream Pairs Low Wedge Booties



We are at the last item of this selection, and it’s the Dream Pairs low hedge heel bootie shoes.

They are made of faux suede and have man made soles, which are comfortable to wear, even for long hours. The heel’s height is around 2.75 inches and the platform is about 0.25 inches. There are stitching details and the toe is round.

As for the closure, it comes with both laces and a side zipper, to easily put on. They come in many colors, including: Tomson Black, Red, Khaki, Beige, Tan, Grey, Burgundy, Brown, Nude, Leopard and several others.


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