10 Spanish Bag Brands: Our Favorites

woman with spanish bag

Every woman needs to have at least one great bag in their lives.

A bag that is useful, practical, and makes you feel fabulous every time you carry it. And the country of Spain agrees.

Because we love a great bag so much, we decided to put together a list of the 10 best Spanish bag brands you should know and all the information you need to explain why.


1. Loewe

Loewe official website
Loewe official website

Loewe is a Spanish design company founded in 1846 that provides luxury bags. These bags are costly but come in some of the finest materials and unique styles.

But before it became the oldest fashion luxury store still thriving today, it started when a man named Enrique Loewe joined in with a group of leather craftsmen and introduced designs that no one else had ever imagined. Once Queen Ena became one of the craftsman regulars, this group became Purveyor of the Royal Household of Spain.

Since then, the company has seen its fair share of the rich and famous, from Ernest Hemingway to Sophia Loren. They now have stores and high-end customers purchasing bags, clothing, and accessories from places all over the world.

Making the LOEWE Surplus leather Woven basket bag

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Our Top Pick
XL Flamenco bag in Nappa calfskin: Costing a whopping $3,600, this bag isn’t for… well, most of us. But it is still gorgeous. The color is a vintage khaki made from calfskin leather with a cotton canvas lining. It has a cinch drawstring to close and can be carried by hand or over the shoulder.

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2. Lacambra

Lacambra official website
Lacambra official website

Cristina Álvarez Lacambra, created the brand Lacambra in 2011. Although she has recruited some help with a few designs, most of her collections are handcrafted by Cristina herself.

Lacambra prides itself on its craftsmanship skill and ability to provide incredible detail in each piece. All of their bags are made in Spain and with 30 different colors of soft cowhide leather, which is something not many shops can offer.

Another reason this shop is so high in demand is that they offer free personalization on many of their items and still provide these bags to you at an affordable price.

Our Top Pick
Hobo Cross Body Bag – This Hobo bag uses cowhide leather with a wide range of colors to choose from (we love the fuchsia). The bag has a zipper closure and two straps so you can carry it like a clutch or over your shoulder.

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3. Zara

Zara official website
Zara official website

Zara was founded in 1975 in A Coruña, Spain, by Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera. The brand was intended as a re-creation of top high-end designs and fashion made by hand but more affordable and publicly accessible.

After some time, this fast fashion became popular, and a new plan had to be put into place to meet the company’s high demand from customers. That’s when Zara started to re-produce their products with advanced technology and a large group of employees.

In 2021 Zara is the largest apparel company in the Inditex group, known for being the world’s biggest fast fashion group. It offers excellent products at affordable prices, giving everyone the chance to own a bag that makes them feel good.

Our Top Pick
CROCHET MAXI BUCKET BAG – This large lilac crocheted bucket bag uses cotton and polyester material, and it’s great for a trip to the beach or for any mom who wants to carry just about everything you can think of over her shoulder.

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4. La Portegna

La Portegna official website
La Portegna official website

All of La Portegana’s products are handmade in Spain resourced from the finest materials. Each product uses leather that has been hand-dyed from vegetable dyes to give them all a unique color.

Jose Urrutia, the founder of La Portegna, is famous for his subtle views on life, feeling nothing is better when rushed. His leather fabrics are durable yet flexible. Jose created these bags with the belief that each bag should eventually tell a story.

The leather should wrinkle, change colors, and become softer as you wear it, showing the life it lived. None of La Portegna’s bags are stiff and rough.

Our Top Pick

La Portegna LUCIA MUSTARD bag
La Portegna LUCIA MUSTARD bag – Image from laportegna.es

LUCIA MUSTARD – This small yellow bag is very vibrant and bold. It is small enough to keep discrete but big enough to hold all of your most important items while you are out and about. It uses leather on the outside and suede inside, offering a hidden card pocket on the interior wall.

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5. Lupo Barcelona

Lupo Barcelona official website
Lupo Barcelona official website

Lupo is a luxury brand of handcrafted purses and bags from Barcelona, Spain. It was first founded in the 1920s and was well known for its suitcases and high-quality travel bags. The Lupo brand stands by their quality products and are successful because of its craftsmanship, leather, and designs.

The Lupo company has gone through 3 family generations and is still owned by the family today. This brand of purses has become a staple in the high-end fashion retail world and is now a leading seller of their handmade bags and leather goods.

These luxury bags are fairly expensive but offer an array of high-end fashion, made with nothing but the best quality. Some of their most unique designs are in the exotic line of bags.

Our Top Pick
DONNA PYTHON PM – This exotic python purse is a gorgeous design and has some of the most unique colors and textures we have ever seen on a bag. It is made from Bovine leather and Python leather, with a push-lock fastener and a detachable crossbody strap.

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6. Mohel

Mohel official website
Mohel official website

Mohel offers luxury-style bags at affordable prices. The leathers they use are Bovine and are combined with other materials, including jute, wool, cotton, raffia, and others, to create a unique and brilliant look.

Mohel cares about the planet and tries to source the most eco-friendly products possible, including their dyes.

These bags are made with care of the old fashion way and are designed and created in an artisan shop in Ubrique (Cádiz), Spain. These designs are embroidered with floral patterns, smooth textured leathers, and styles to suit everyone.

Our Top Pick
MARIANA AMBRA – This embossed handbag has beautifully colored and great details. It is simple yet elegant with leather straps and an inner leather pocket. It is lightweight, soft, and smooth, making it great for any woman looking for a bag that is quick to grab on the go.

7. Canussa

Canussa official website
Canussa official website

Canussa bags use eco-friendly, vegan, and durable materials. Its focus is to create amazing bags that are multi-functional and will never go out of style. This company is located in Spain and is determined to leave the smallest footprint possible.

These bags are made for the minimalist in us all, who want something spectacular that will hold the world, but is not bulky and always in the way.

The Canussa brand bags are practical, durable, and, best of all, affordable. No matter your budget, you can own a great bag with that fancy look.

Our Top Pick

Canussa TROTTO BLUE CROSSBODY VEGAN BAG – Image from canussa.com

TROTTO BLUE – CROSSBODY VEGAN BAG – We love this crossbody vegan bag. The color is phenomenal, it provides plenty of space for all of your essentials, and has a hand strap or a crossbody strap for easy transport.

8. Beatriz Furest

Beatriz Furest official website
Beatriz Furest official website

100% made in Spain, the Beatriz Furest bag first came onto the market in 1996 designed by Beatriz Furest, and later joined by her sister Carlota. The sisters come from a family history of art and fashions.

These bags are created with care in some of the best factories located in Barcelona, Spain. Its products use high-quality lamb and cow leathers, fine cotton, and other great materials, all sewn together by hand manufacturing processes.

Beatriz believes in long-lasting bags, heard saying that a good bag should have the ability to grow old with you. The sisters accomplished this with their product and are very renowned in the fashion world today, offering these stylish bags at a fair price.

Our Top Pick
JAPAN CANVAS – This soft canvas bag uses 100% cotton and comes in many color choices. It is a modern and contemporary bag that any woman looking for a reliable purse to keep her wallet, keys, and phone in will love.

9. Mango

Mango official website
Mango official website

Mango designs were founded by brothers Isak Andic and Nahman Andic in 1984, creating its unique and modern designs out of Barcelona, Spain. It created its first website in 1995, and 5 years later had its first online store up and running.

In September of 2020, Mango launched its teen line through the TikTok market platform, and a few months later, it launched a new Mediterranean store style design to become more sustainable.

As of 2020, Mango has hundreds of stores spread out across four continents, offering fashionable clothing, accessories, shoes, and bags at a price for any budget.

Our Top Pick
Raffia handmade bag – This handmade bag is 100% raffia. With a lining made from 100% cotton. It has a large, strong handle and a removable crossbody strap for everyday use. This bag is perfect for just about any occasion and comfortable to carry throughout your day.

10. Mint&Rose

Mint and Rose official website
Mint&Rose official website

Mint and Rose is a Made in Spain company created by Monti G. Benavides in 2012. Monti’s goal for her company was to give it a Mediterranean-inspired look, and she achieved this with her fabulous designs.

Monti is passionate about her collections and believes perfection is achieved in a calm atmosphere. Each piece is an artisan’s handmade creation, with designs pulled from traditional techniques that are centuries old – using the best materials to deliver long-lasting and fabulous bags.

All of the bags on Mint&Rose shelves are moderately priced and have a conventional and chic design making them versatile and diverse.

Our Top Pick

Mint and Rose Calvia Black Bag
Mint and Rose Calvia Black Bag – Image from mintandrose.com

Calvia Black – This is a medium-sized, leather composition tote bag. It has a smooth and semi-rigid texture and a sleek black design. This purse is the little black dress of handbags, and we feel every woman should have one.