Trend Spring / Summer 2016 – Women Lace Up Sandals

Trend Spring / Summer 2016 - Women Lace Up Sandals

Spring is here ladies and that means lighter clothes, bolder colors and sandals. Sandals are fashionable, comfortable and very feminine, adding that extra touch to complete your look. We have seen several celebrities wearing sandals, with the lace up models being the most preferred ones.

Kendall Jenner is a well-known fashion model, popular for her unique style. She is seen wearing lace sandals in many occasions and, in all honesty, they look amazing. She has worn them with Sophia Webster pants and shirt, proving just how well these sandals go with pants.

As for Rihanna, let’s just agree that everything looks great on her. She has chosen to wear the Impera lace up sandals, with a gorgeous short dress, making these shoes stand out. They complement her legs, without overpowering the dress, and giving a really elegant feature to the whole look.

So as you can see, whether it’s pants or a dress, lace up sandals will always fit well.

Today we are introducing you to some great lace up sandals, which go well with dresses, skirts and pants, therefore being always a good choice, which will complement your style. You will find really interesting designs in our list, featuring stiletto sandals, flats and also the well – known gladiator style sandals, so there is something for everyone, whether you prefer high heels or more casual and comfortable shoes.

Steve Madden – Women Sandalia Dress Sandal



Steve Madden‘s dress sandal design is the first one on our list. This sandal is made of leather, with a synthetic sole. It is a stiletto, with a heel which measures 4.5 inches and a thin platform of only 0.25 inches. This design is an open toe one, and suitable to be worn with the dress of your choice.

The lacing up is done by the cage upper, ending with the adjustable ankle wrap, so this is an ankle – high design. The color selection for this pair consists of vivid colors, some with an extra touch to their print. This includes: Floral multi, Silver, Black, Blush, Purple, Gold and Floral pink – yellow.

Sully’s – Lace Up Leg Wrap Stiletto Sandals



Closely resembling Kendall Jenner’s sandals in the picture above, Sully’s Leg Wrap Stiletto Sandals are a must have for everyone. They are made of synthetic material, including the cage upper, laces and sole. This pair is an ankle – high as well, with open toe design and a 4 inch high stiletto. The platform is once again thin, making them quite elegant and comfortable to walk in. The colors to choose from are: Black, Nude, Olive and Red.

SNJ – Wedge Gladiator Sandals



SNJ’s Wedge Gladiator sandals come in a very interesting design, giving them an elegant look, along with great comfort. The soles are made of synthetic material, with the shaft and caging made of faux leather, so for the ladies who don’t prefer real leather, this is the pair for you. The lacing is placed on both sides of the sandal, while the caging is along the front.

This design is an open toe one, and the wedged heel measures to 3 inches in height. They are under knee sandals, making them the highest of our pairs so far. There is a zipper on the back, so they can be easily put on, and there are also metal buckles along the sides, with the straps being elastic so the sandal can adjust properly. The colors to choose from are: Black, Tan and Taupe.

Superpark – Women Pointed Toe Leather Lace Up Sandals



This next design is a flatter one, with only a half an inch heel. These are closed to the front, with an angled design on the toes. There is not much of a cage on this ankle – high design, so the lacing up makes up most of the sandal. The material is leather, which of course means a durable and comfortable choice, which combined with the neutral design that can go well with either pants or dresses, this is another must on your selection. The colors to choose from include only two: Beige and Black.

Sam Edelman – Women Gemma Sandal



This next design comes from Sam Edelman‘s collection, and it’s the Gemma sandal for women. It is made of leather and the soles are man-made, with light padding, which of course, means great quality and comfortable sandals.

These are flat, with a minimal heel of 0.5 inches. There is strappy leather for the cage and a short lace-up closure. Once again, these are ankle – high, and perfect for those summer days when the heat gets unbearable. There are several colors to select from, including: Black, Jute, Pop Fuchsia, Putty and Golden caramel.

Schutz – Women Erlina Gladiator Sandal



Next on the list, this pair is a mid – calf height, in a gladiator style. They are from the brand Schutz and are made of 100% leather, including the soles. The design is strappy all the way up, with lacing on the front. The design is open toe and there is a metallic inset at the heel.

They are flat, with the heel measuring only 0.75 inches. This pair of sandals go great with skirts, shorts and also summer dresses, but if you can’t resist the design, can be worn with pants as well, completely up to you. As for the color selection, there are three different choices you can go with, including: Black, Neutral and Light wood.

Qupid – Women Athena-902A Gladiator Sandal



Ending our selection for this spring and summer lace-up sandals that everyone must own a pair of, it’s the Qupid women’s ATHENA-902A Gladiator Sandal, which is a knee-high design. They are man-made, ensuring the quality of this pair. The soles are synthetic and the heel measures at 0.75 inches, making this another flat pair.

The shaft of the sandals, from the arch, measures approximately 16 inches and there is a zipper closure on the back, making them easier to put on. The caging starts from the open toes and goes all the way up to the knee, with laces which adjust the size of the sandals and ensure a perfect fit on your feet and legs. The colors to choose from are: Black, Toffee and Fuchsia Multi, which is a colorful print, with coral laces.


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