6 Women’s Long Sleeve Shirts for Hot Weather

Nina Dobrev - Women's Long Sleeve Shirts for Hot Weather

Well, you are here on this selection for long sleeve shirts to wear in hot weather. Maybe you clicked because you actually need a long sleeve shirt to wear in summer, or maybe you clicked to see if we are joking.

If the case is the latter, then no, we are not joking.

Long sleeve shirts in summer are a necessity. While you might be thinking how in the world you would wear a long sleeve shirt when you are sweating through a tank top, you would be glad to know that potentially, you could sweat less in a lightweight top that has long sleeves.

Have you seen what people wear out in the desert?

Long sleeves help with not only keeping you cooler because it blocks direct sun rays to the skin, but also keeps you protected against UV exposure and skin damage from the sun. And no, that doesn’t mean you can skip wearing sunscreen because your arms are covered!

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We have selected 6 lovely tops for you to wear in blazing sun, which will help cool you down and keep you comfortable.

Let’s get started!

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Dokotoo Casual Blouse

Dokotoo Casual Blouse

Image: pinterest.com

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The first design is by Dokotoo, a light blouse made of Polyester and Spandex.

Polyester blend fabrics are a good choice for summer clothes as they can wick moisture away and helps absorb some of the perspiration, while allowing it to dry quicker than a 100% Cotton top would.

This design resembles a shirt, as it buttons up and has a medium V-neck. The sleeves roll up and stay in place, which helps air out the shirt a bit better.

Its hem comes in a low-high design, with the back being longer than the front. This way you can tuck the front part in and leave the back as is, for a stylish look.

What really caught our eye were the colorful options, which can be matched with a variety of accessories and go especially well with jeans and shorts.

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Vapor Apparel Long Sleeve T-shirt

Vapor Apparel Long Sleeve T-shirt

Image: pinterest.com

Check it out on: Amazon.deAmazon.co.ukAmazon.comAmazon.esAmazon.it (paid links)

This next T-shirt is by Vapor Apparel and it’s a specialized design that is made specifically for protecting against sun rays.

It comes with a UPF of 50+, meaning that you can go out in the sun without concern for sun burning or skin damage.

It is made of 100% Microfiber, which is a great absorber and a material that breathes well and dries out quite fast.

This T-shirt keeps the body cool because it breathes so well and it is very soft and comfortable to wear, due to the microfiber fabric.

The colors available are 11, including: Arctic blue, Pale yellow, Pretty pink, Water blue and Seagrass.

Columbia Tidal Tee Long Sleeve Shirt

Columbia Tidal Tee Long Sleeve Shirt

Image: pinterest.com

Check it out on: Amazon.co.ukAmazon.comAmazon.esAmazon.it (paid links)

Another specialized shirt that is made for sun protection, Tidal Tee II by Columbia is made of 100% Polyester Interlock.

This is a highly breathable fabric that will keep you dry and comfortable in hot weather, due to its ability to wick moisture out without absorbing much.

It comes with a sun protecting factor of 50 due to the Omni-Shade technology.

Also aiding in breathability is the Omni-Wick technology, which also helps the shirt dry quickly.

It is a great option for sportswear if you will be spending hours out in the sun, but the design and look of it is quite casual and some of the color options make this shirt suitable for casual wear, too.

There are 9 colors to choose from: Camellia rose, Clear blue, Collegiate navy, Kelp, Light juice, Lollipop, Pixie, Vivid blue and Winter green.

Lilly Pulitzer Elsa Top

Lilly Pulitzer Elsa Top

Image: pinterest.com

Check it out on: Amazon.co.ukAmazon.comAmazon.es (paid links)

A lightweight and breezy design, the Elsa top by Lilly Pulitzer is a must-have for hot weather.

Whether you are travelling to work or are out touring on vacation, this 100% Silk blouse will keep you cool and dry in warm weather.

It comes with a V collar and elasticized sleeve cuffs, which fit a bit loosely as to allow for some air to move through the blouse. It also buttons up at the collar, so you can wear the V-neck as deep as you’d like.

Silk is very soft to wear and it being such a thin and light blouse, you will feel cool and comfortable despite the hot sun outside.

The floral print is quite a nice touch as it adds a very youthful and carefree look to the design.

There are 20 colors to choose from, all of which are vibrant options that can be matched in different outfit styles.

Asvivid Top

(Not available at the moment)

Yes, we may be technically cheating with this gorgeous top by Asvivid, but look at it, can you really blame us?

Off-shoulder long sleeve tops are a must have as they provide a great balance between keeping you cool in hot weather, without having to completely cover the shoulders.

This top is not only an eye pleaser, but it also comes in numerous options that are suitable for different seasons, so you can wear this same style even in autumn or winter.

It has a split hem in front, which can be tied for a very chic look. The back part of the hem is quite low, and gives a very relaxed look to the whole outfit.

We also like the sleeves, which are expand like bell sleeves but then are elasticized and tight at the wrists, a very good look in our opinion.

There are 23 options to choose from and there are both striped and monochrome options, too.

Umgee Off-Shoulder Top

Umgee Off-Shoulder Top

Image: pinterest.com

Check it out on: Amazon.com (paid link)

We will be ending this selection with this other off-shoulder top by Umgee, the Straight off the Runway design. The name is very fitting, if you ask us.

It is a beautiful design, with an adjustable off-shoulder top part that ties in front and a rounded hem.

The bell sleeves are the real show stealers here as they work so well with the cut of this blouse and especially so with the colorful floral print.

It is a Polyester blend, which means you will remain cool and fresh in hot weather. Just make sure to protect the shoulders.

You can get this beauty in the colors: Aqua, Fuchsia, Cool grey, Mint, Black, Cream, Lemon, Kiwi and Grey.

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