Bearpaw Boots vs Uggs: Which is Better?

Bearpaw Boots vs Uggs: Which is Better?

In our second installment of the comparison articles, today we will be looking at boots. Yes, again. But wait, there is a slight twist, it’s brands we’ll be focusing on today as opposed to boot styles, like we did in the previous piece.

What you are looking at today is an UGG versus Bearpaw showdown to determine which one of these two brands is the better choice for you.

First, what we will be doing is going through each of the brands separately to learn a bit more about their stories, materials and products and then take a look at the differences among the two, how they relate to each other and which one is better.

Without any further ado, let’s get right down to it.

1. The Ugg Boot

The Ugg Boot

Before we take a look at the brands, there is something to be said first. While UGG is a brand name, the Ugg boot is a type of boot, so they are not to be confused.

The Ugg boots are originally from Australia and New Zealand, made of sheepskin and lined with fleece on the inside to provide insulation, and have a synthetic sole. These are unisex boots that were often worn during the 1960s by surfers in Australia and then became popular among the surfers in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The term “ugg”, which has been cause for many legal disputes, is used to refer to the style of the ugg boot and there are many brands, including Bearpaw and UGG which use this term for their sheepskin and faux leather ugg boots.

Thus, the ugg boot is the type of boot which is made of leather (either real or faux depending on the brand) and lined with wool fleece on the inside, and it is not the trademarked name of the UGG brand.

The video below by Australian Ugg Boots beautifully showcases the process of making the traditional Ugg boots:

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2. UGG

UGG Boots


A short introduction

UGG is an American brand founded in 1978 and, in case you didn’t know, it does not solely manufacture and sell footwear, but also outerwear, bags and a number of other products.

However, its most renown product is the sheepskin UGG boot, which took the world by storm since the early 2000s and continue to be a beloved winter boot even in 2019.

The boot’s rise in popularity can be traced to a particular event, that of the 2003 “Oprah’s Favorite Things” on the Oprah Winfrey’s show, in which she gifted more than 300 boots for the people in the audience and her staff.

Other celebrities were then spotted wearing the UGG boots around town and also on set, which then further expanded the boots’ market base and helped increase its popularity.

Not just a fashion trend

A lot of celebrity-endorsed things become a fashion trend solely on the basis of people wanting to emulate the people they are a fan of and idolize.

While there certainly were times where products that beloved actresses and singers endorsed turned out to be complete flops and not worth the attention they received or the price tag they came with, there are times, such as with the UGG boots, that the popularity is not solely because of the brand name.

The UGG boots are very comfortable. Okay, they are incredibly comfortable, which cannot be said for many other types of shoes. For those who spend a lot of time on their feet, comfort is of the utmost importance.

Made of sheepskin and lined with wool fur on the inside makes the UGG boots really warm and insulating and the rubberized foam sole provides cushioning and support.

The manufacturing is also worth of noting, as these boots are really well-made and will last for nearly 2 years with regular wear as they are durable and high quality.

However, keep in mind that we are referring here to the “Classic” UGG boot, but the brand makes many different types of footwear that include heels, slippers, moccasins, etc.

3. Bearpaw

Bearpaw Boots


A short introduction

Bearpaw was founded in 2001 and its original purpose was that of making sheepskin footwear that were comfortable and stylish.

Since the original Classic Collection, the brand has designed several other collection that are not limited solely to boots, but also include slippers for those looking for the utmost comfort both inside and outside the house.

While the brand is most popular for its sheepskin soft-sole boots, which resemble those made by UGG, there are other more technical shoes and boots available for winter activities, which provide better protection and comfort while out on the trail.

Affordability and style

Bearpaw boots rose in popularity due to the comfortable design, which was also well-made, but most importantly it directly rivaled UGG boots in price.

Bearpaw boots are considerably more affordable than the UGG boots and it’s for that reason that many people opt for their designs because not everyone can afford to spend $150 on a pair of winter boots.

In regards to the material used, Bearpaw boots come in a variety of options that make these boots suitable for those who are not fond of animal-based clothes and shoes.

Faux leather boots are part of the brand’s products and they come in really good quality, without the ethical issue of using real sheepskin or cow leather.

4. UGG vs. Bearpaw – The Differences

While the brands make Ugg boots that vary in several ways, at their core these boots also share many similarities, for example their general cut and shape and the fact that they are great winter boots for those who want warmth and comfort.

There are differences, however, when it comes to how each brand’s Ugg boots perform overall.


The price is the first and foremost difference you will notice right away while looking these boots up online. The UGG boots are considerably more expensive than the Bearpaw ones.

This is due to the materials used, as the UGG ones are made of sheepskin, wool and overall higher quality materials, whereas the Bearpaw boots can be made of synthetic materials, too, which cuts down the price of the product.


While UGG make a multitude of different types of footwear, when it comes to uggs boots, Bearpaw provides a lot more variety of designs to choose from.

The styles are also more versatile and come with more intricate cuts and details.


In regards to which of the two makes more comfortable boots, the good news is that they are overall similar.

Both brands make quite comfortable and quality boots, but all things considered, UGG uses materials of higher quality and the sheepskin is far superior to the synthetic leather that can be found in some of the Bearpaw boots.


In regards to durability, UGG boots are more durable overall and last for a longer time than the Bearpaw ones, especially comparing the sheepskin ones to those made of synthetic leather.

5. Which One is Better?

We cannot really say for certain which one is better for you.

If you can afford to spend the money and are looking for boots that you can count on for the next three or four seasons to come, then the UGG ones are a much better choice.

But if you prefer variety and affordability, then Bearpaw boots are a great choice, especially considering that they do not lack in comfort or quality.

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  1. I have a pair of Bearclaws boots since 2008. I take care of them and they are lasting. I do not wear them everyday like before, they are ugly but wear in the worst conditions. Well, ugly or not… love them. But, when the time comes up again for a new pair, I will check out the UGGS. Thank you.

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