Best Place To Buy Work Clothes on a Budget? Try These Ones!

Best Place To Buy Work Clothes on a Budget? Try These Ones!

Ladies, let’s talk work clothing.

While some places such as banks, restaurants, coffee shops or post offices have a set uniform for you to wear, a lot of other high-end workplaces require a formal and refined look for which you will have to shop yourself.

While this leaves you with a lot of freedom to pick and wear only your favorite clothes and create elegant outfits, it does tend to get a bit expensive. A lot of formal wear can be quite pricey, which makes shopping on a budget a feat in itself.

You are in luck! We did a bit of online digging here and there and are happy to report that we struck gold… figuratively, of course!

Now, we found several online stores, some of which well known and others less so, where you can find great deals for many different type of outfits, and most importantly outfits to wear to work.

These are affordable options, which deliver quality clothing without you having to break the bank to go to work looking presentable and put together.

Let’s dive right in and take a look at what we have picked for you today!

1. Amazon

Amazon Website

We are starting off with arguably one of the largest online retailers of clothes (and many other products, too).

On our site you can find numerous selections of Amazon clothes and fashion accessories, some of them at very affordable prices.

When it comes to work clothes, Amazon provides plenty of options, from trousers, jackets, tops and of course, dresses and shoes.

You can have a complete outfit at your doorstep, without having to spend hours shopping in malls to get the best deal.

And because there are many different sellers, the styles and options are practically endless, and there are also options for plus size women, which might not always be the case if you are shopping locally.

Amazon ships to many countries worldwide, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to purchase the clothes you love.

Here is a lovely dress that is quite elegant and at the same time looks professional and classy.

Or if you are more of a pants’ type of gal, this comfortable design might be just the right one.

2. Asos

Asos Website

ASOS is another brand that we are pretty sure you have come across online. It was founded in London and currently ships to more than 200 countries, so odds are, from where you are buying, ASOS can deliver to you.

This is a brand well-known for its versatile designs and the numerous options it provides, for many different body types, preferences and styles, ranging from very casual ones, to quite vibrant and experimental styles.

When it comes to work clothes, the majority of the options are reserved for pants and dresses. Seeing how tops can be a lot more easier to match and many workplaces don’t really mind what top you are wearing so long as it’s not revealing, we think it’s good that there as so many pants options as opposed to tops.

There are numerous designs to choose from and they average around $40 in price, which is pretty good, considering that the quality is commendable.

The dresses are a thing of beauty, to be quite honest. Avant garde and classy designs are available and the prices are buyer friendly as well.

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3. H & M

H & M Website

H&M is a brand that, unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard of before.

It can be considered as the high-end affordable brand, as their designs look like runway-style clothing, but the price is not ridiculously high like actual runway designs.

The work clothes you can find at H&M are many, and they include mostly shirts for the Tops and lots and lots of lovely dresses.

There are shoes available for purchase, too, and let us tell you, some of them are to die for, truly gorgeous.

While H&M does not ship internationally at the moment, you can utilize the Store Locator feature on the website and it will direct you to a store near you from which you can purchase in person or order from online.

4. Mango

Mango Website

MANGO is a Spanish clothing company, which was founded in 1984. As of today, the brand has over 1,000 stores worldwide, so odds are you can find one near you as well. However, there is international shipping available, too, so nothing to worry about.

The product range is vast, with many different designs and options for creating some great outfits, both for work and casual or formal wear.

Pants, Sweaters, Dresses, Tops and many accessories, including scarves, jewelry, bags and also shoes, are all available for purchase, so you should definitely take a look.

There is also a plus size collection, albeit a bit limited.

The price range can vary depending on what you are looking for, however the majority of the designs are priced very reasonably and are really affordable.

5. Top Shop

Top Shop Website

Those of you who live in the UK might be familiar with Top Shop, and now they also sell online and ship internationally as well.

Even better, for orders over $100, they will ship for free.

There are many designs to choose from on their website, with options that range from quite daring, to very work-appropriate ones.

You can also find accessories and classy bags to match with your work outfit, as well as different shoes.

There is even a workwear collection, which includes fashionable suits for less than $100, which is a steal in our opinion.

6. Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins Website

The sixth and last brand featured in today’s selection is Dorothy Perkins, a UK retailer which focuses mainly around chic and very elegant clothing.

It is part of the Arcadia Group and was founded in 1909, so we are talking over a century’s worth of experience and refinement.

While the different designs are quite a lot in number, you’ll be happy to know that there is a workwear selection available, which features beautiful dresses, tops, pants and different shoes, all of which are appropriate to wear to work, regardless if you work in an office or as a teacher.

The brand ships internationally and the prices are incredibly affordable, with pants and shoes for less than $30 dollars and beautiful dresses for less than $40. Quite reasonable and also very stylish!

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