6 Fashion Tips For Women With Big Thighs

Curvy Woman Wearing Jeans and White Top

Full-figured ladies, welcome back!

Today, we will be going a bit more in depth with some great fashion tips for women with bigger thighs.

We are including these tips as a continuation of a previous article, where we took a look at some beautiful jeans for curvy women and included several tips for choosing the right pants.

The tips you will learn in this article are for picking clothes in general, even those you might shy away from, such as skirts and dresses. There is no reason for a thicker girl to not look chic and stylish, so read ahead.

1 – Pants and┬áJeans

As a continuation to the previous article mentioned earlier, let’s start with pants and especially jeans.

  • Style-wise, straight and boot-cut pants are your best option, as they completely hide any flaws and will make the thighs appear slimmer.
  • Go with full length pants, preferably high-waist, to slim everything down and make the legs appear longer.
  • If you are a fan of stripes, then horizontal ones must be avoided all-together. Opt for vertical stripes, as they bring attention to the length rather than the width of your hips and thighs.
  • Flare pants are a great option, not only for this particular body shape, but also for style. They go with any top and will make you look chic and sophisticated.

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2 – Skirts

Woman Wearing A-Line Skirt

Skirts are always in style and they come in all shapes and patterns. With so many options available, it is a shame that women with bigger thighs tend to avoid wearing them.

The right skirt shape will make you look gorgeous and you can finally get out of the pants during Summer. Having to wear pants everywhere ends right here, right now!

  • If you are looking to wear a skirt that will take all attention away from your thighs, while focusing on the small waist, then an A-line skirt is the right option. They are flowy, come in a variety of designs, lengths, colors and are a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. Even better, they are also very suitable if you are a plus-size lady, as they tend to make everything look very proportional.
  • But, if you love your curves and work hard at the gym to make them even better, then go with a Pencil skirt. Preferably one with high elasticity, as it will smooth everything out and will draw attention in all the right places.

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3 – Dresses

Woman Wearing Vertical Stripes Dress

Like skirts, dresses are a great and fashionable option, especially during Summer. They share similarities when it comes to what to look for, so let’s take a look.

  • A-line dresses are the most suitable for women with big thighs. They tighten at the waist and then widen right away, hiding all the bumps along the way.
  • Maxi dresses are another very good option. They are wide, long and flowy, not to mention super comfortable. Add a thin belt at the waist and you are good to go.
  • As for length, opt for knee-length or longer. Shorter dresses will make your bigger thighs very obvious and will defeat the purpose of choosing a correct dress design. The same goes for skirts.

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4 – Tops

  • Try to avoid crop tops. They shorten the upper body and will bring attention to the width of the hips.
  • Go for slightly longer than the hips for length, as this is the most flattering and complementing length for thicker thighs.
  • Choose light and bright colors, to bring attention to the upper body, especially when wearing light colored pants.
  • Wear frill-sleeves or deep V-necks, to also draw attention to the upper body.
  • Also useful, is wearing bold and statement jewelry, such as necklaces and earrings, which will make the eye focus up, rather than on the hips and thighs.

5 – Colors

Choosing the right colors to wear is another important thing when buying clothes. While in the end, it all comes down to preference, there are some tips you need to know, to make the most out of your clothes.

  • For pants, skirts and dresses, go for darker colors, like Black, Navy, Maroon, Brown, Olive or Dark grey. These are universally flattering colors for curvy women, as they create the illusion of slimmer thighs, while also being very stylish and easy to match with other clothes.
  • If you prefer lighter colors, look for pastels and soft prints, to not draw too much attention and to help minimize flaws. Always wear a brighter and bolder top, to contrast.
  • Avoid bright and bold colors for pants, because they help all the bumps and curves to show even more.
  • For jeans, look for one-color designs. The highlight wash will bring attention to the width of the thighs and make everything look even bigger than it already is.

6 – Shoes

And lastly, shoes can also make or break an outfit, and this is true when it comes to minimizing big thighs.

  • When wearing slimmer pants, such as skinny jeans, avoid stilettos and opt for chunkier heels. They will make the body appear more proportionate and minimize the width of the hips and thighs. This is because the thin heel and toe of the stiletto maintains the illusion of the leg getting slimmer, in turn showcasing how thick the thighs are.
  • Stay away from ankle straps or contrasting-color booties as they make the legs appear much shorter. Shorter legs equal wider legs and that’s why they are a no-no.
  • Nude shoes and heels that match your skin tone will help make the legs look longer and therefore thinner.

And we are all done! We hope you enjoyed reading these tips we put together for you and most importantly, we hope they were helpful. See you in the next one!


Lastly, we’ve also made an infographic with the above tips. You can use it as you like, print it or share on social media:

Fashion Tips For Women With Big Thighs - Infographic

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