Outfit Idea #1: Polka Dots Look

Polka Dots Look

Clothes are a necessity in our lives. While some might go about it as if it’s a burden that they must deal with on a day-to-day basis, others are so involved and in love with finding that perfect outfit that it consumes hours upon hours and not rarely, even a lot of money. Nevertheless, we can all agree that the right outfit will not only make you look more presentable, but it is also a confidence booster.

With all that being said, we are launching a new series of articles about clothes, where we will discuss different trends, styles and patterns. Each of the articles will have a sample outfit recommended by us, with information for every item included.

For the first one, we thought it best to open with polka dots. They have been around for so long and never go out of style.

For those not acquainted with polka dots, they are evenly sized and spaced dots all over a piece of fabric. Traditionally, they were used by flamenco dancers, but then they spread and became a fashion style.

When most of us think of polka dots, Minnie Mouse comes to mind, with her red dress with white dots and the matching bow. She was created in 1928 by Disney, and since then the polka dots have been used in so many different pieces, with the dresses, of course, being still the mostly used and designed around this style.

As it is common knowledge, if a celebrity wears something, it becomes a trend afterwards and that’s actually how polka dots became famous, when Miss America 1926 wore a swimsuit with polka dots all over it. Nowadays, celebrities still continue to wear clothes with polka dots on them.

Polka Dots Look

As you can see, Jessica Alba is wearing a Tory Burch white dress with blue polka dots. Miranda Kerr was photographed in the “Space Cadet” jumpsuit from Beck & Bridge, with an open neckline, in black fabric and white polka dots.

In Dior‘s hot couture event, Cameron Diaz wore a dress from the fashion house itself, a beautiful dress, with short sleeved and a belt around the waist. And proving that polka dots can go with any style, Olivia Wilde rocked this white and black dots skirt by Mark Jacobs.

Now let’s head on to our outfit selection for this trend.

Polka Dots Outfit

We have come up with a casual outfit, which looks youthful and it is so comfortable that you can wear it whenever you please. And of course, there are accessories to go with it, and a bag, so you can have a complete image of how to mix and match clothes.

The Top

Azkara Crop Top


Starting from the top, this is a crop top from Azkara, with short sleeves and a rounded neck. It is made of cotton and is a slim stretch fit, which makes it very comfortable to wear and it is also lightweight.

It goes well with a lot of different styles and accessories, so you can customize your style as you prefer. There are a lot of colors to choose from, some plain such as: Black, Mint, Coral and Pink and striped: Black-White, Coral-White, Red-White, Grey-White, Jade-White, White-Black.

The Culottes

Culottes Pants J-Sun-7


Because pants are very comfortable, but not that appropriate during hot days, and skirts are not everyone’s first choice, we selected an in-between item, the culottes. These come from J-SUN-7 and are the Denim Palazzo Culottes.

They are made of 100% Cotton and come with a high waist. The length goes just under the knees and they are wide at the end, making them very versatile when it comes to matching with shoes and tops. They come only in the color shown in the picture.

The Shoes

Palladium Ballet Shoes


So far you might be wondering about where do the polka dots come into all this? Well, right now.

Palladium‘s ballet boat shoes come in three different colors, each with white polka dots over the fabric. They have a rubber sole and white, crossed laces on top, and are made of textile. The colors are black, gray and blue. These shoes are very comfortable and go well with pants, skirts and dresses and can be worn all year-round.

The Bag

Backpack Betsey Johnson


Next on, with this Betsey Johnson super cute backpack bag. It is made of nylon and comes with an outer zipper pocket, apart from the main one, and two slip pockets. There is also a handle on top, so you can also carry it as a handbag.

It is a small bag, which makes it practical for carrying stuff and comfortable to wear, due to the adjustable shoulder straps. The fabric is full of white polka dots, with the bag itself being black.

The Accessories

Moving on to accessories, we have selected a pair of glasses, in polka dots, of course, and a pendant, also with polka dots.


Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Pois


The glasses are from Marc Jacobs. Their frame is plastic, and the lens are non-polarized. They come in only one color: brown with tiny white polka dots all over the frame. They have a bit of a cat-eye, making them suitable for different face shapes.


Graphics and More Necklace


We have come at our last item for this outfit, and it is Graphics and More‘s Oval charm pendant. The color of the pendant is silver and the design is urethane encased, a white field with large black dots. The cord is made of black satin and is 24 inches long. This pendant gives this outfit the final touch, because it contains the polka dots, while adding a fun and youthful look to the whole piece.


Done with the outfit, as you saw, we didn’t go with the typical choice of selecting the main pieces to have the polka dots print on, because we think that accessories are what make or break an outfit. Plus, you can wear either of the clothes in several different combinations, not necessarily including polka dots, therefore having versatile items in your wardrobe.

Polka dots are really fun to wear and they give the impression of someone being fun and easy-going, all the while keeping up with the style you’re going for and never looking out of place.

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