9 Best Skirt Brands: From Luxury to Affordable

Woman Wearing a White Skirt

Nothing screams strong and beautiful women like a great fitting, well-crafted skirt created by a brand known for its stylish designs.

And every woman deserves a chance to own a fabulous skirt, no matter what her style or budget.

We have taken the time to create a list of 9 Amazing designers who have gone above and beyond to bring fashionable and accessible skirts to the stores we love to visit the most.

We have also chosen our favorite skirt from each brand we think you will love.


1. Levi’s

Levis - Official Website
Image: Levis – Official Website

In 1873, a Bavarian immigrant Levi Strauss was working hard running a dry goods store during the gold rush.

During this time, he noticed how poorly clothing was holding up and was determined to create something durable. Thus, Levi’s blue jeans were born.

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Over the next hundred years or so, the Levi company has continued to use denim to make fabulous clothing, including skirts for women.

Levi’s skirts are well made, many are denim, and provide a modern and popular style for everyone.

The best part is, this is a very affordable brand offering style for those on a budget.

Check Out the High Waist Denim Skirt at Levi.com

The Levi Company is known for its denim products, and this skirt (see link above) proves there is a good reason for that.

It uses 100% cotton, heavyweight denim, and it is non-stretchable with a cut-off hem to give it a young modern vibe.

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2. Guess

GUESS Originals Spring '21 Campaign | #GUESSOriginals

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In 1981 two brothers decided they wanted to experience the American dream, leaving their home in France to make a name for themselves in the fashion world.

Once established, they took denim to a new level, giving it different looks, colors, and life.

Guess is a a mid-level clothing company offering quality designs for a higher price tag than some but still affordable to most.

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Its skirts are still popular to this day, and even though they started with denim, many of its best designs are not denim at all.

You can see these fashionable skirts on celebrities and not only…

Check the Sweater Rib Skirt at Guess.com

Forget little black dress; this high-waisted (see link above), mid-length design is our little black skirt.

It has a tight fit that accentuates all the right curves making you feel like the belle of the ball every time you put it on.

3. Old Navy

Old Navy - Official Website
Image: Old Navy – Official Website

Old Navy is a clothing company owned by Gap Incorporated.

The owners wanted to create a more affordable version of Gap, so they began opening Gap warehouses but decided to rename them Old Navy and give the shops their look and atmosphere.

The comfortable skirts offered by Old Navy are simple and very affordable.

Check Out the High-Waisted Tiered Mini Skirt at Oldnavy.gap.com

For example (see link above) this high-waisted tiered skirt is an item all women should have in their closets.

It is a versatile and comfortable high-waisted piece that will match just about any top you want to pair with it.

You do not have to pay a fortune to have a beautiful skirt with Old Navy.

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4. J. Crew

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J.Crew stores have been selling timeless styles and designs for more than 35 years. This designer clothing shop took vintage fashion and gave it a modern twist to re-new past decades of fabulous designs.

J.Crew offers a wide variety of women’s skirts that range in fabrics, including denim, cotton, stretch linen, and wool.

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They also have skirts made with many different styles, such as button-up front, wrap-around, and stretch waist.

This company is a mid-high level clothing store where you are likely to pay around $60-$100 for one skirt.

Check Out the Side-Slit Maxi Skirt in Eyelet at Jcrew.com

This beautiful, full-length skirt (see link above) comes in either black or white.

The J.Crew skirt offers a wonderful feminine and summer look.

This piece is a poly/cotton blend and has pockets sewn into the seams for discrete storage.

5. American Eagle (Outfitters)

American Eagle (Outfitters) - Official Website
Image: American Eagle (Outfitters) – Official Website

American Eagle Outfitters was founded in 1977 and is an American lifestyle clothing store.

The brand started as a leisure wear store, selling items for men and women who took part in outdoor sports like hiking, camping, biking, etc.

Once the company changed hands in 1991, the direction changed quickly to selling fashionable clothing for men and women.

The skirts sold at American Eagle are mostly minis and made from fabrics like denim, chambray, and cotton.

Check Out the Solid Eyelet Tiered Mini Skirt at Ae.com

This mini skirt (see link above) uses a cotton material with a comfortable smocked waist and it comes in different colors .

It is affordable, machine washable, and will match nicely with solid tank tops, tees, or graphic tops.

6. Ralph Lauren

RALPH LAUREN | Polo Ralph Lauren | Raise Your Game with Kathryn Newton and Andrea Lee

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Ralph Lauren is a well-known high-end clothing design brand. It is also the name of the American fashion designer who created the label.

His clothing is featured on runways, in magazines, and in many stores.

Ralph Lauren is best known for his Poli sportswear line, a preppy look for the sports fanatic.

Although the company may be best known for its sportswear line, that doesn’t mean it lacks in its other clothing styles.

It offers a wide variety of well-made, red-carpet-ready skirts that are expensive but worth it.

Check Out the Patchwork Cotton Madras Skirt at Ralphlauren.com

This mid-length skirt (see link above) has a unique Madras design crafted from yarn-dyed cotton; it offers a cascading hem as well as a stylish belt at the waist.

The way it hangs past your knees in a diagonal gives length to your legs. It is a stylish and fantastic skirt for any closet.

7. Gap

GAP Freedom of Summer | SUM21

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The Gap is a mid-level specialty clothing store founded in 1969. It is the parent company of many other clothing stores, including the Banana Republic and Old Navy.

Over the last few decades, The Gap has been growing and changing to keep up with modern fashion and style, offering great looks for all ages.

The Gap’s marketing and production plans were inspired by Levi Strauss. The brand sold Levi products in its stores for a short time.

They have closed many brick-and-mortar stores around the US but are thriving as an online retailer.

This company offers a variety of skirt designs and fabrics for all ages and body types.

They have mini, mid-length, and full-length skirts in fabrics such as denim, cotton, and Smooth poplin.

There is no style that you cannot find in this store.

Check Out the Lenzing Ecovero Button-Front Mini Skirt at Gap.com

This beautiful design (see link above) comes in navy blue with white hearts and is created from a soft, lightweight, 52% Viscose Rayon, 48% Lenzing Ecovero fabric.

It is a mini skirt that comes down to the tops of your knees with a refreshing feel. This skirt can be dressed up or dressed down and is very versatile.

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8. Abercrombie and Fitch

Abercrombie and Fitch - Official Website
Image: Abercrombie and Fitch – Official Website

Ambercrombie is an American-style clothing company founded in Manhattan, NY, in 1892.

The clothing style was geared towards the outdoorsman. In 1988, it was purchased and reformed by a clothing chain operator called The Limited.

These days, Abercrombie and Fitch are toning back and now marketing towards medium-end retail using good fabrics and materials to create fashionable clothing.

Abercrombie has fashionable skirts made from the most comfortable materials and is pre-matched with tops and accessories before you even make a purchase.

Check Out the A-Line Mini Skirt at Abercrombie.com

This mini skirt (see link above) is classy and stylish with its linen fabric with a Viscose lining.

It is the perfect skirt for the spring or summer and is appropriate for all occasions.

9. Michael Kors

Michael Kors - Official Website
Image: Michael Kors – Official Website

The Michael Kors brand is known worldwide for its high-end, ready-to-wear luxury designs.

Michael Kors has locations in some of the most prominent cities worldwide, including New York, Chicago, Beverly Hills, London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Rio de Janeiro.

Michael Kor’s designs focused mainly on sportswear and immediately became popular and highly sought after, encouraging the brand to continue creating and moving on to bigger and better things, making luxury clothing for the everyday life of women.

The Michael Kors line of skirts range from lace to leather and everything in between. These are expensive items but will give you a look you are sure to love.

Check Out the Paisley Lace Mini Skirt

This white paisley lace mini-skirt (see link above) would be great for a dinner date or a night on the town.

Its paisley design combined with a ruffled hem will give you a feminine and sophisticated look.

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