Why Are Blundstone Boots So Expensive? Are They Worth It?

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You can expect to spend north of $200 on a pair of Blundstone boots – or Blunnies, as they are famously known in Australia.

There are many Australian brands of shoes and boots that you can buy, including Rossi, Wootten, Redback, Baxter, and R.M. Williams, whose iconic boots have become very popular in Australia.

Blundstone is one of the many footwear brands that have made Australia famous globally for highly durable, stylish, and timeless shoes and boots.

As with other boot brands, Blundstone products are quite expensive, typically in the $200-$250 price range. However, they are somewhat cheaper than boots from a brand like R.M. Williams.

But why are Blundstone boots so expensive? Why are people willing to pay top dollar for Blunnies? Are the boots even worth the money?

In today’s article, we explore the Blundstone brand to explain some of the reasons behind its high prices, popularity, and the worthiness of the company’s boots.

1. Brand History

Blundstone‘s history dates back to the 1870s. In 1870, John Blundstone, an immigrant coachbuilder from England to Australia, started importing footwear from his home country before setting up shop on Liverpool Street in Hobart Town, Tasmania, as a manufacturer of leather boots.

Blundstone was joined by his eldest son, Sylvanus, in the shoe business. Together they formed the footwear company J. Blundstone & Son, under which they made boots. Meanwhile, William, the other son of John and Eliza Blundstone ran the importation side under the name W.H. Blundstone & Co.

Blundstone Chelsea Boots

Even though the two companies did well, they started struggling financially around the beginning of the 20th century, which prompted the sale of J. Blundstone & Son.

The company was sold to the Canes family in 1901, who sold it in 1932 to the Cuthbertsons, a family that also owned a shoe business in Hobart.

The importation wing of the Blundstones went bankrupt in 1909, while the manufacturing arm bought by the Cuthbertsons was merged with the new owners’ shoe-making company and operated under the Blundstone name.

The Blundstone brand has grown from a maker of boots to making other products such as gumboots, the production of which began in the 1980s.

Today, the company makes work boots (which they’ve done so since the 1950s), safety footwear, hiking boots (since the 2000s), dress boots, and boots for kids.

While the brand has moved most of its production overseas, it still makes some of its footwear in Australia. The company is still family-owned by the Cuthbertsons and has its headquarters in Tasmania, Australia.

Blundstone’s production sites are in various places, including Tasmania, India, Thailand, China, Mexico, and Vietnam.

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2. Why are Blundstone Boots So Expensive?

Despite having changed hands and manufacturing locations, Blundstone boots have remained quite expensive, with a pair going for between $200 and $250.

The key reason for this is that Blundstone boots have retained their characteristic quality and durability. This stands out from other brands that often compromise quality standards when they change hands or move manufacturing locations overseas where the cost of production is cheaper.

Blundstone Chelsea Boots

Blundstone boots may not utilize a single piece of leather, but they have fewer seams and stitches, which is the same principle other famous brands rely on to remain highly durable.

With fewer stitches and seams, the boots have fewer weak points and are thus better guarded against damage by water, as it has fewer places to slip through.

Blundstone even acknowledges that leather isn’t entirely waterproof on its own and that using fewer stitches and seams helps their boots stay fairly dry, especially in light showers.

The fewer weak points aspect also ensures that Blundstone boots are highly durable. They won’t be damaged by water easily.

Furthermore, the high-quality leather used to make the boots adds to their longevity. You can expect to use them for several years, even when you wear them every day or take them through rigorous use.

Although Blundstone recognizes that leather isn’t fully waterproof, its boots are highly water-resistant and water-repellent, which also goes into ensuring longevity.

Another aspect that goes hand in hand with durability and high product quality is performance. You can expect your Blunnies to withstand the test of time and weather to remain fully functional for their intended use, be they a work boot, a casual hiking boot, or even a dress boot.

Besides durability, high quality, and product performance, Blundstone boots have also been celebrated as highly comfortable. Some people believe there are more comfortable shoes out there but they often come at a higher price.

Blundstone uses various methods and technologies to ensure its boots are comfortable for the user. The SPS Max sole technology is an example.

The XRD technology is also common, complete with footbeds that improve cushioning and arch support.

Most Blundstone boots also feature foam inserts that users can remove and easily replace for increased comfort.

To further enhance the comfort levels, Blundstone uses lightweight materials, such as polyurethane midsoles.

Breathability is a key consideration for workers, especially industrial ones who have to wear the boots for long periods at a time, usually in intense heat conditions.

All these factors go into making Blundstone boots quite expensive. Their widespread popularity also contributes to the high prices. If the shoes weren’t in high demand, the prices would be much lower.

The popularity of Blundstone boots is due to their versatility, availability in different colors, sizes, and styles, possibility to be resoled, and innovativeness in design.

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Blundstones in the Winter, Boots For All Weather

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3. Are Blundstone Boots Worth the Money?

Since Blundstone boots are of high quality and last a long time, they are worth the money.

It is no use spending $200 or more on leather boots and having to hit the shops again soon after because the boots didn’t last. That’s not the case with Blunnies. A durable boot is worth investing in for the long term.

Furthermore, you get to enjoy high levels of comfort, even though the boots need some patience to break in and conform to your feet. At this price point, the comfort levels of Blunnies are agreeable.

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4. How Long Do Blundstone Boots Last?

Blundstone says that their boots last between two and seven years.

The company places this time frame based on factors such as the location where the user wears the boots, how often they wear them, what the boots are exposed to, and how well (or badly) the user cares for them.

When you check in with users of Blundstone footwear, you’ll learn that some have had their boots between six and eight years. Some have even worn theirs for up to 10 years!

5. What Kind of Activities are Blundstones Good For?

Blundstone is largely known as a maker of no-nonsense, durable, and functional work boots. The brand’s work boots can withstand high temperatures of up to 284°F (140°C), which can be reached in many industrial setups.

Blundstones that feature the steel toe cap are also highly suitable for industrial use because they offer optimum protection against intense impact and cuts. The cap helps keep the toes safer than when you use ordinary shoes.

Blundstone Chelsea Boots

If you want boots you can use comfortably in winter, Blundstone thermal boots are a great option. They are designed to provide optimum warmth during winter, as well as repel as much water and moisture as possible.

Blundstone makes several series of boots, each suited to a specific purpose. One key factor the company considers, in this case, is the weight of the shoes, which will vary depending on the model and the boot size.

For example, Blundstone walking/hiking boots are lightweight, so you can walk more comfortably without getting tired too fast. Boots like the Blundstone Classics 550 weigh about 960 grams per pair, making walking in them easy.

The Thermal Series boots will be a bit heavier to walk in because of the additional materials used, but this cancels out with the extra warmth they provide.

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6. Is Blundstone a Good Brand?

A brand that so many people celebrate not only in Australia, but also globally, must be a good one, right?

Blundstone is truly a good brand, as evidenced by its high-quality products, high product performance, and timelessness.

The brand is also good because it supports various causes meant to conserve the environment and uphold human, plant, and animal life.

Besides using recycled and recyclable materials, Blundstone supports causes that help protect horses and nature, uphold human rights, and promote rooftop farming, sustainable living, and green space development.

Blundstone Boots - 50 Years of the Original 500 Series Boots for Men & Women

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7. Conclusion

We hope we have satisfactorily answered the two main questions in your mind on why Blundstone boots are so expensive and whether they are worth the money.

The bottom line is that while they are expensive, Blundstone boots are worth your money because they have high levels of comfort, longevity, quality, timeless style, and even prestige!

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