R.M. Williams Alternatives: 8 Boot Brands You’ll Love

RM Williams Boots Alternatives

R.M. Williams is an iconic Australian footwear brand founded in 1932 in an Adelaide suburb.

Reginald Murray (RM) Williams started by producing and selling leather goods and today the brand is known worldwide.

Its products are beloved by many customers, especially the Chelsea boots made with quality leather and attention to detail that give them fine details and a luxurious feel. Comfort is also a characteristic of R.M. Williams’ boots.

As for prices, the brand is expensive, period. We’re talking $400 USD or more, for a pair of boots.

Yes, in our opinion, the products are worth the price, but what about other options? Are there any other brands with similar products?

We did the research and found 8 boot brands like R.M. Williams. They’re similar in their designs, history, and high-quality materials. And many of these companies offer more accessible prices too.

So, are you curious yet? Here they are:

Table of Contents:

1. Rossi Boots

Rossi Boots official website
Rossi Boots official website

Founded in 1910 by Arthur Rossiter, Rossi Boots is a famous Australian footwear brand known for its safety, construction, and Chelsea boots.

Arthur Rossiter began making leather sports boots in 1908 before launching his factory in Adelaide, Australia, and registering the Rossi Boots company in 1910.

Many Rossi Chelsea boots are made with premium, full-grain leather. Some boots are made with nubuck. Also, many Chelsea boots are made with single-piece Australian yearling leather, making them famous for their durability and strength.

Besides the leather or nubuck upper, Rossi’s classic Chelsea boot has a leather lining.

Leather boots from Rossi don’t only focus on strength and durability. Comfort is also an essential aspect. Many of the boots feature spongy polyurethane footbeds or removable cushioned foam footbeds, as well as a cushioned sole. All these characteristics are for providing optimum comfort.

Rossi’s leather Chelsea boots are made for men and women, with prices mainly in the high bracket.

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2. Blundstone

A pair of Blundstone Chelsea Boots
A pair of Blundstone Chelsea Boots

Blundstone is an Australian boot company known for its work and Chelsea boots.

John Blundstone started by importing boots from England and then founded the company in 1870. His sons later joined him in the boot business.

The importation arm went bankrupt, while the production side changed hands from the Blundstones to the Canes and then the Cuthbertsons.

Blundstone’s Chelsea boots are meant for men, women, and kids. Some models are even gender-neutral.

Some of the black leather Chelsea boots are made with premium 2.5mm thick leather upper and leather lining. They feature an engineered toe spring for reduced fatigue.

Blundstone boots are preferred by many because they require little to no breaking in. The company’s Chelsea boots fall within the expensive category.

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3. Dr. Martens

woman wearing Dr Martens Boots
Woman wearing Dr. Martens Boots

The story of Dr. Martens began in Germany in 1945 when a real doctor, and soldier, Klaus Martens, suffered an injury and needed more comfortable boots than the ones that had stiff leather soles.

Dr. Martens made a boot from leftover leather with an air-cushioned sole, which became famous as the “Bouncy Sole.” He worked with his friend Dr. Herbert Funk, making boots and selling them mostly to older women.

The Griggs footwear company of England bought the patents of Dr. Martens footwear to make them in England. This gave birth to the iconic 1460 Dr. Martens boots, in the 1960s.

Dr. Martens isn’t so famed for its Chelsea boots, though they are high quality and made with smooth leather for men, women, and kids.

The Chelsea boots feature the iconic yellow stitching, one or two pull-tabs, and some even have faux fur lining. Dr. Martens boots fall in the affordable to expensive category.

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4. Redback Boots

Redback Boots official website
Redback Boots official website

Redback Boots is a 100% Australian footwear brand fully owned by the Cloros family. The brand’s headquarters are in Alexandria in New South Wales, Australia.

Redback Boots is famous for its work boots and Terra Combat boots, but not so much for its Chelsea boots.

Even though the company’s Chelsea boots aren’t that famous, they still have a commendable market share, keeping in mind that the market for these boots is full of many brands selling different versions of them.

Redback’s Chelsea boots are made with 100% full-grain leather and full-grain nubuck leather uppers.

They feature urethane air-cushioned midsoles for optimum comfort and shock absorption. The TPU outsoles are highly slip-resistant, making the boots ideal for various terrains.

Redback Chelsea boots for men and women have two pull tabs. They fall under the expensive boots category.

5. Solovair

nps solovair official website
Solovair official website

Solovair began in 1881 and is one of the earliest British footwear companies. Five men came together to form a cooperative: the NPS (Northamptonshire Productive Society).

The cooperative began making footwear in a dove house on Wollaston’s Thrift Street. By their 20th anniversary, they had grown to 80 employees.

The company faced hard times in the 1980s and was bailed out by Ivor Tilley, who offered to buy the brand in 2006 and helped it stay afloat.

Solovair calls its Chelsea boots “Dealer Boots” and makes them in England for men and women. The boots feature one or two pull tabs, Soft Suspension soles, and Goodyear welt construction.

Solovair uses different types of leather, such as:

  • Smooth leather (Hi-Shine);
  • Full- and soft-grain leather;
  • Gaucho leather;
  • Rub-off leather;
  • Shearling leather.

Some feature vegan materials – polyurethane and polyester materials.

The Dealer Boots have leather and synthetic lining and are placed in the expensive boots price category.

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6. Crockett and Jones

Crockett and Jones official website womens boots
Crockett and Jones official website – Women’s boots

Established in 1879 by Sir James Crockett and Charles Jones, Crockett and Jones is a famous English footwear brand specializing in making Goodyear-welted footwear.

The Crockett and Jones shoes and boots with the Goodyear welt technology are produced in Northampton, England.

Crockett & Jones began as a maker of men’s boots before venturing into women’s footwear. Their Chelsea boots are quite expensive.

Chelsea boots for men and women by Crockett & Jones are made with European calf leather, suede, or Pebble grain material. The boots have single leather or rubber soles.

7. Baxter Boots

Baxter Boots official website
Baxter Boots official website

Established in 1850, Baxter Boots is named after Henry Baxter and is one of the oldest family-owned footwear brands in Australia.

About 10% of Baxter footwear is made in Goulburn, New South Wales, while 90% is made in China.

The company makes Chelsea boots for kids, men, and women. They have features such as full-grain leather uppers, stitched leather soles, one or two pull tabs, and cork rubber outsoles. Most of the boots are expensive.

8. Grenson

Grenson official website
Grenson official website

Initially known as William Green and Sons, Grenson is an English footwear brand started by William Green in 1866 in Rushden, Northamptonshire, England.

By 1874, William’s boots were in huge demand, prompting him to move to the Green Yard “factory” and begin using Goodyear Welted technology.

The company was renamed Grenson in 1913, becoming one of the first-ever trade names registered in the United Kingdom.

Grenson has been making Chelsea boots since the early times. Its Chelsea boots for women and men feature suede or calf leather uppers and rubber soles or full-leather soles. The boots are quite expensive.