9 Italian Jeans Brands You Should Know (Our Top Picks)

Woman Wearing Jeans in Piazza San Marco - Venezia

Jeans traveled the world to become a global favorite. Explaining such success is not hard at all: jeans are always trendy, easy to pair, relatively cheap, comfortable, and ever-changing.

Jeans can speak any language!

In today’s post, we are going to speak Italian and see how Italian brands translated these truly American pants.


1. Diesel

For Successful Living - DIESEL SS20

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Best known for its denim and provocative adverts, Diesel was founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso, who started to sew jeans at a young age for his friends and family.

He moved his first steps with Adriano Goldschmied and later as his partner, before buying his company.

The name meant to be universally simple, a source of new energy in a time when diesel was considered the new fuel.

Renzo wanted an alternative, something more than simple clothing exemplified by his slogan “For Successful Living”.

This dynamic brand is part of “Only the Brave”, Renzo’s conglomeration of unique brands, and today it ranges between fashion, home design, fragrances, and motors.

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Diesel D-Concias 009RQ

Diesel D-Concias 009RQ

Image: diesel.com

This model is inspired by one of the first jeans designed by Renzo.

It is a boyfriend pants in a light blue wash with a regular waist, slightly higher on the back.

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It has zip fly, 5 pockets, and decorations made of silver rivets on the sides.

It is non-stretch but wears wide on the legs with a balloon hem. It has the ‘80s feel and a defined street-style taste.

Check Out the D-Concias 009QR Jeans On Diesel.com

2. Gas

At the origin of the brand GAS, there was a family business until Claudio Grotto decided to design his own pieces in the early ’70s.

He founded GAS in 1984 and he took the inspiration for its logo – a double rainbow – during a journey in South Africa.

Since the very start, GAS was about denim for everyone with a particular focus on functionality and innovation.

The company has its own lab, the Artisanal Room, where new patents take form, like the first “heat-sealed” jeans (Research Denim 001) and the Reverse Denim, the 100% reversible jeans.

Gas Sumatra Z Pop Up W301 Denim Jeggings

Gas Sumatra Z Pop Up W 301 Denim Jeggings

Image: gasjeans.com

Sumatra is one of the innovative pants made by Gas. It is a second-skin jeggings, super elastic and slim, with high waist and zip fly.

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This online exclusive is in a dark denim wash and made of cotton, polyester, elastane, rayon, and spandex.

The Pop-Up jeans technology adds volume with two hypoallergenic removable inserts.

Check Out the Gas Sumatra Z Pop Up W301 Denim Jeggings On GasJeans.com

3. Replay


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This fashion label launched in 1978 but – although Replay is linked to denim – it focused on casual clothing and shirts at the beginning.

The name reflected the aim of the company, that is looking at the past to inspired present trends.

Replay’s first jeans appeared on the market in 1989 as the result of an innovative fabric, the “Double Ring Denim”, discovered by the founder in Japan.

From the ’90s, Replay grew expanding with a kid’s line, followed by footwear, jewelry, and perfumes.

The growth faced a temporary halt in 2009, after that Replay restarted with important partnerships, like that with Ajax FC, a theatrical flagship store in Milan, and a new innovative denim, Hyperflex+.

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Replay Skinny Fit Leyla Hyperflex Bio Jeans

Replay Skinny Fit Leyla Hyperflex Bio Jeans

Image: replayjeans.com

Leyla Hyperflex is made with bio cotton (85%) and recycled polyester.

It wears skinny with a high waist and the Hyperflex+ technology to assure comfort and stretch.

This model has zip fly, five pockets, the iconic gull stitching on the back, abrasions (hems and pocket edges), and sprayed age signs on the legs for a very casual look.

Check Out the Replay Skinny Leyla Jeans On ReplayJeans.com

4. Freddy

Freddy may sound American but it is a very Italian reality founded in 1976 by Carlo Freddi, hence the name.

This label was born as a dance shoe company, but it made the most of the ‘80s aerobic boom with a successful range of sporty clothing.

Freddy is shaped around the concept of freedom and movement; in fact, it is appreciated for its trendy sportswear and dance gears as several prestigious sponsorships with Italian and international dance associations demonstrate.

In Freddy’s jeans, one can find Italian craft and high-tech fabrics made light as a feather and able to hug any shape, stretch and follow the body everywhere.

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Freddy WR.UP© Light Blue Jeans

Freddy WR.UP© Light Blue Jeans

Image: freddystore.com

A super skinny, 7/8-length jeans are made with WR.UP© fabric technology with 80% jersey and 20% elastane to shape the silhouette, and fit tight.

These jeans are in a light-medium wash with yellow sticking, button fly, and a silicon waistband to keep it in place.

Check Out the Freddy WR.UP© Light Blue Jeans On FreddyStore.com

5. Patrizia Pepe

Patrizia Pepe FW20 Digital Campaign Look 4

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Patrizia Pepe is a Florentine excellence with a real couple behind.

Patrizia and Claudio started with sportswear before making the big debut with everything for women’s wardrobes in 1993.

“Pepe” means pepper and symbolizes Patrizia’s lively, sensual and irreverent spirit, a “woman with a rock soul” as she defines herself, and women like her.

The label style is glamorous but with essential lines that make it wearable day and night, including special soirées.

Patrizia Pepe chose a slim fly as its distinctive icon because it moves light but determined; we can see it on many accessories and jeans too!

Patrizia Pepe Lurex Embroidered Pants

Patrizia Pepe Lurex Embroidered Pants

Image: patriziapepe.com

These jeans embody Patrizia Pepe’s spirit.

This is a skinny model with zip fly and 5 pockets and it is in a black wash with cotton, polyester, and elastane for max comfort.

It is embellished with embroidered flies, the symbol of the brand, on the front leg.

Check Out the Patrizia Pepe Lurex Embroidered Pants On PatriziaPepe.com

6. Liu-Jo

Liu-Jo is a popular Italian prêt-a-porter brand, always featured in glossy magazines.

This is a family and in-house business created by the brothers Marco and Vannis Marchi in 1995 in the Italian fashion center for excellence (Carpi).

Since the launch, Liu-Jo rocketed in popularity and sales in Italy first, then Europe and Asia.

It made its big debut on TV in 2008 with a denim pant: the Bottom UP.

Liu-Jo offers a complete wardrobe, from head to toes, and #Glamourizing is its idea of fashion and femininity: personal, natural, and glamour, of course.

Liu-Jo Eco-Friendly Skinny Jeans With Appliqués

Liu-Jo Eco-Friendly Skinny Jeans With Appliqués

Image: liujo.com

These Bottom-Up jeans are made sustainably with organic cotton, eco dyes, fewer chemicals, and less water during production.

The rear label is made from apple scratch and stitches come from cellulose.

This model is skinny and ankle-length and it has a mid-waist. It is embellished with glitter bands on either side.

Check Out the Liu-Jo Skinny Jeans With Appliqués On LiuJo.com

7. Fiorella Rubino

Fiorella Rubino | LIVE FREE

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Fiorella Rubino is a curvy clothing label and, although it operates in the fast-fashion, it adopts sartorial research for the best raw material and product development.

In 2013 the brand, own by Miroglio Textile, underwent a drastic renovation to become more appealing.

Since then, the brand ranges from essential pieces like the white shirt, previously missing from the catalog, to daring jeans.

Fiorella Rubino imagines a confident and urban woman who deserves a comfy but glamour wardrobe with the best fabric and precious details like rhinestones and lace.

Fiorella Rubino Skinny Jeans with Charms

Fiorella Rubino Skinny Jeans with Charms

Image: fiorellarubino.com

These curvy jeans combine comfort and style.

They wear skinny and have a straight leg with small zippers at both ends; a dangling charm attached to the belt loop and rhinestone rivets enrich it.

It is in medium denim wash with orange stitches with a zip fly and 5 pockets. It is made of cotton and elastane.

Check Out the Fiorella Rubino Skinny Jeans with Charms On FiorellaRubino.com

8. Dolce & Gabbana

We reach the top of Italian fashion with Dolce & Gabbana. The designer duo, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, come from the opposite sides of the country and launched their brand in 1985.

Due to their small budget, there were real women (not professional models) on their first catwalk but, unfortunately, success did not arrive straight away.

Success arrived with their fourth collection; since then, the brand left an indelible sign in the market thanks to its theatrical personality, luxury, and the typical Sicilian explosion of colors and decorations.

Sicily, where Dolce comes from, and the Mediterranean femininity are at the core of the D&G mood board.

Dolce & Gabbana Denim Jeans With Patch Embellishment

Dolce & Gabbana Denim Jeans With Patch Embellishment

Image: dolcegabbana.com

These slim jeans are part of the DGARTWORK jersey capsule collection and show D&G love for 3D details and extrovert spirit.

The model is in a light denim wash with zip fly and 5 pockets.

It has a foldable ombré hem, fringes at the edges of the hem and belt, cut marks, and several embroideries and patchworks reminiscent of the Sicilian roots combined with punk rock style.

Check Out the Dolce & Gabbana Denim Jeans With Patch Embellishment On DolceGabbana.com

9. Gucci

Gucci started as a leather goods company back in 1921 and it soon tied its name with the aristocracy.

Guccio Gucci created his first fashion line for them and the world of horse racing, from which all the iconic details we can see in many Gucci products, like the stirrup, take inspiration.

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The brand had success before, during, and after WWII with innovative solutions to beat the costs.

The former creative, Tom Ford, bonded the brand to an explicit femininity; while today’s director Alessandro Michele gave it a classy touch with the overlap double G as its new signature.

Today, the brand designs lavish clothes and accessories with an opulent, eclectic, and ringing personality.

Gucci Eco Washed GG Denim Wide Leg Pant

Image: gucci.com

These flared, super-wide jeans have a ’70s style and are made with a modern approach to the environment.

The model is made of 100% organic cotton and through a less invasive production.

These jeans are in a dark wash and ivory details for the iconic GG jacquard pattern. It has 5 pockets and a metallic vintage logo at the back.

Check Out the Gucci Eco Washed GG Denim Wide Leg Pant On Gucci.com

– – – –

When made in Italy meets the US, quality, and style are always guaranteed.

These 9 Italian jeans brands dress different women, each with a unique style.

No matter the endless variations, these labels represent every and each woman with the best of Italy and, most of all, made American jeans their own.

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