Girlfriend Jeans vs Boyfriend Jeans: What’s the Difference? How to Choose?

Girlfriend Jeans vs Boyfriend Jeans - A Boyfriend Jean

When browsing for a new pair of jeans, we soon realize how these smart pants are made for every taste, age, and shape.

Of the many jean types we can find on shelves and styled in magazines, girlfriend jeans and boyfriend jeans seem created for this particular time.

We are socializing less outdoors, but we still need something as comfortable as trendy to move around.

No other garment like this couple of jeans can look and feel good without being too shabby.

What are the main differences and how to choose between girlfriend jeans and boyfriend jeans? You will find the answers in today’s article.


1. The Girlfriend Jeans

Basics Styling Series | Girlfriend Jeans

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1.1 A Quick Introduction

In a previous article, we had a look at the mom jeans and the boyfriend jeans and drawn some differences between the two styles. So far, so good but now the family seems bigger.

The girlfriend jeans landed around 2014-2015 as a sort of spin-off of the boyfriend jeans. Today they are getting more and more popular, mainly thanks to the pandemic lifestyle and online influencers rocking more carefree looks.

Girlfriend jeans are a preferred choice for many girls and young women because, compared to the mom jeans, feel fresher and free from age or social constrictions.

It is very easy to explain why the girlfriend jeans cannot miss in any wardrobe: they are highly versatile and easy to style during the day, from home to Fridays at work.

1.2 What Are Girlfriend Jeans?

The girlfriend jeans, as the name clearly suggests, is a more feminine alternative to the boyfriend jeans.

The girlfriend jeans are also called “boy-fit” or “slim boyfriend jeans” and are another option available for comfy denim pants.

Both the lines and features of this pant respect female curves without losing the relaxed look that is typical of the boyfriend counterpart.

They can be declined in different styles and washes but you will definitely associate them with a light wash, maybe some with cuts and false abrasion.

They have a high-waist and are slightly slouchy between the legs; they wear fitter on the legs and are more tapered.

2. The Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans Outfit - Secrets Of A Stylist

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2.1 A Quick Introduction

The trend of stealing man clothes and wearing à la garçonne made the history of fashion.

It was either a necessity, as in the case of American women wearing husbands’ jeans, or the ideation of a fashion mogul, if we think of Coco Chanel and her signature masculine outfits.

In the collective imagination, the boyfriend jeans are linked to Marilyn Monroe and her role in the movie “The Misfits” in 1961.

Since then, boyfriend jeans have always been on the market but with alternating popularity due to a more selected audience for style and body shape.

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2.2 What Are Boyfriend Jeans?

The boyfriend jeans have an unmistakable look and enjoyed a new vogue in the ’90s when baggy pants were a hit among rappers and youngsters.

These jeans have a looser fit and combine volume and straight lines, and their main features are a low-rise hip, slouchy crotch area and straight legs.

They are usually made of sturdy denim fabric and they make great daytime, street-style or casual-chic outfits.

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3. Girlfriend Jeans Vs Boyfriend Jeans – The Differences

The stylistic differences between the girlfriend jeans and the boyfriend jeans are more subtle, hence comparing these two pants with real models and pictures come in handy to point them out correctly.

In short, the differences can be connected to the different silhouettes of men and women, although nobody will forbid you to try some boyfriend jeans if you wish so.

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3.1 The Cut

The girlfriend jeans have a more generous and flattering cut compared to the boyfriend original version.

They fit comfortably where needed and they hug and accommodate curves with more fitter or more comfortable areas in strategic spots.

The boyfriend jeans have the typical low-rise waist and straight lines of many male jeans.

It seems that much depends on the jean maker and its style; in fact, these pants can be either fully baggy or larger just around the crotch.

3.2 The Waist

A major difference is the waist of these two pants, in particular for what concerns waist height and width.

The girlfriend jeans sit higher on the waistline and, even though they are fitter than the boyfriend, they have an inch or so to make them feel comfortable around the legs.

The boyfriend jeans, on the other hand, are characterized by a very low and straight waist made with male hips in mind.

3.3 The Length

The girlfriend jeans are available in different lengths – cropped and full-length – with more tapered legs.

They are easy to customize and they will never look wrong with rolled-up hems.

The boyfriend jeans have straighter and longer legs and, exactly as seen in the female version, they are available in different lengths and look great folded up as well.

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4. How To Choose?

How I Style Boyfriend/Girlfriend Jeans

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Today’s comparison ends with a little guide to help you to choose the right comfy jeans.

In this case, in fact, it is not the style but your silhouette that determines which one, between the girlfriend jeans and the boyfriend jeans, will look better on you and, most importantly, flatter your shapes.

If you are reading this, you are looking for something comfortable but not scruffy, something unconventional but still in the mainstream, worth a page in a glossy magazine.

The high waist typical of the girlfriend jeans makes them suitable for everyone and every shape because they will fit easily and feel less constricting than other jean models.

They will give enough freedom of movement and comfort without hiding your curves.

The boyfriend jeans could be less forgiven with some body types and they will look great on others, for example, athletic and slimmer silhouettes, etc.

The success of these jeans mainly depends on how much slouchy or how much straight they are.

Generally, curvy girls and petites may find baggy pants too voluminous or too long for their body constitution.

Hopefully, there are different cuts for the boyfriend jeans and, as we have already suggested, slim-cut boyfriend jeans and rolled hems will be a good solution for petites and tapered cuts will do for curvy women.

5. Conclusions

Girlfriend jeans versus boyfriend jeans is not a match with a clear winner. Both options win for freedom and are ideal to take a break from second-skin and fitting jeans like the jeggings.

These two styles are not just comfortable but also trendy and playful. They can be customized in length with ease, make a casual outfit stand more, and give some “pepper” to a chic look.

The key is to try them on so you can feel which boyfriend or girlfriend jeans you feel yours.

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