10 Italian Shoes and Boots Brands: Our Favorites

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Italy has a unique character and style that makes it home to some of the best hand-crafted shoes.

Its generations of artisans have perfected every stage of the shoemaking process, ensuring durability, design elegance, material quality, and intricate stitching.

One of the main shoe materials itself, Italian leather, is also a product of an authentic Italian tanning process.

Tanning artists have developed techniques that boost the leather’s elasticity and resistance.

In this article, we highlight some of the best Italian shoes and boots brands on the market. Let’s begin!


1. Geox

Geox official website
Geox official website

In 1995, Geox started in the workshop of a small Italian footwear company. The founder, Mario Moretti Polegato, had invented his first “breathing” shoes. Yet, he couldn’t sell them to established footwear companies, so he started manufacturing them independently.

Nowadays, Geox offers innovative rubber shoe soles permeable to vapor but not water. This guarantees protection from wet and hot weather conditions while keeping the foot well ventilated to reduce sweat and odors.

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The brand’s line offers a wide range of footwear that’s both comfortable and stylish. One example, the Nebula Y Man sneakers, are known for their comfort in a simple everyday style.

The company ensures sustainable sourcing of natural rubber and leather used in their boots and shoes. Geox has unique technological support, but it’s still more affordable than luxury brands.

Discover the Geox SS20 New Collection for her.

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2. Melluso

Melluso official website
Melluso official website

Melluso‘s footwear was first produced in an artisan workshop in 1945. It started as a small workshop offering bespoke shoes to a small group of customers. A family-run team closely supervises the shoe-making process.

The brand is attentive to the inside of its shoes to ensure the softness and comfort expected of Italian shoemaking. The result is footwear that’s attractive, top-quality, and durable.

Melluso brings comfort to various footwear styles, including sandals, sneakers, and heel shoes. They also offer a unique collection of bridal footwear and classic leather shoes for the groom.

As one of the most affordable brands in the market, Melluso’s designs are awe-inspiring. We recommend the brand to anyone looking for effortless elegance.

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3. Le Silla

Le Silla official website
Le Silla official website

In 1994, Le Silla was established by Enio Silla and his wife in Porto Sant’Elpidio. They started with the iconic 10cm heels and evolved with more products. The brand doesn’t compromise on quality.

Its founders and product designers have emphasized reintroducing femininity with extremely high heels for all shoes and boots. They also offer a range of signature sneakers in high heels to combine sports with fashion.

Le Silla uses sustainable materials, including certified Lycra sustainable material and sustainable Satin. This is a luxury brand catering also to the tastes of its celebrity customers.

As a brand targeting the high-end market, its products are far from affordable. If you’re looking for a standout “jewel” pair, Le Silla should be your go-to brand.

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4. Nero Giardini

Nero Giardini official website
Nero Giardini official website

Nero Giardini was founded in 1975. It’s currently based in Fermano-Maceratese, a shoemaking district in Italy.

The brand is loyal to the local craftsmanship and decades of high-quality handiwork. It emphasizes “made in Italy” as its main selling point. Owner and CEO Enrico Bracalente is committed to giving back to his country’s economy and labor.

With a global outlook, Nero Giardini targets a variety of customers. This is one reason why the brand has one of the broadest footwear varieties for all age groups. You can build an entire wardrobe from their website.

Neo Giardini is setting itself apart from the competition with its accessible price range. Its footwear is one of the most budget-friendly authentic Italian brands. If you’re looking for 100% authentic Italian shoes on a budget, these shoes won’t disappoint.

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5. Tod’s

Tods official website
Tod’s official website

Tod’s was established in a small basement in 1920. The company offers handmade luxury leather shoes that have attracted affluent customers over the years. Tod’s group includes other luxury brands, such as Fay, Roger Vivier, and Hogan.

In the 1970s, the founder’s grandson designed Tod’s signature model, Gommino, after being inspired by New York’s casual style. Gommino was refined to suit casual and elegant settings providing both style and comfort.

Tod’s moccasins are distinctive because of their wide variety in materials and colors. Unfortunately, they’re costly. Yet, they’re still a brand buy, which makes them all the more desired.

Despite being quite pricey, depending on how and where you’ll use them, you might be interested in investing in these iconic shoes.

Tod's Generations. A Family Story

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6. Hogan

Hogan official website
Hogan official website

As part of Tod’s group, Hogan was established in 1986 when they released their first line of luxury sneakers. Nowadays, Hogan offers a wide variety of shoes, including slip-ons, loafers, pumps, and ankle boots for men, women, and children.

They’ve also started manufacturing bags, accessories, and clothing. Their recently released line, Untraditional, addresses the sustainability concerns of their young fans. The shoes are made from recycled materials.

Hogan’s sneakers are costly, so they’re also a brand buy like Tod’s. However, Hogan will suit you more if you’re looking for a casual and youthful style.

They’re also versatile because they can be paired with formal clothes. Some Hogan’s sneakers incorporate unrecognizable platforms, making the legs seem longer. The prices are generally high, but some lines are more affordable to suit all budgets.

7. Paciotti

Paciotti official website
Paciotti official website

In 1948, Giuseppe and Cecilia Paciotti established a handmade shoe manufacturing business. In the 1980s their two children, Paola and Cesare, launched the first collection named “Cesare Paciotti”.

Nowadays, Paciotti offers a collection of shoes, jewelry, clothing, and boots. The brand is renowned for its innovative designs and unique details.

Currently, the company has also the Cesare Paciotti 4US line that includes accessories and clothing. This is a unisex line aimed at sports and casual use.

8. Santoni

Santoni official website
Santoni official website

Santoni has been founded by the experienced shoemaker, Andrea Santoni, in 1975. To ensure quality, Andrea has strived to keep the shoemaking process “under one roof.”

Initially, the shoes were exclusively crafted and sold in Santoni’s workshop in the village of Corridonia. Today, the shoes are made in an eco-friendly factory. Yet, manufacturers ensure consistency in quality by following the same process and inspecting the shoes carefully.

Santoni started out with its classic lace-up and buckle shoes. To date, they remain the brand’s flagship. Another old and traditional line is the Santoni loafers, which are a bit on the casual side.

Over the years, Santoni has partnered with other companies, such as Mercedes AMG when they introduced their luxury line of Santoni AMG sneakers. This could be why Santoni is one of the priciest brands in the market.

9. Fratelli Rossetti

Fratelli Rossetti official website
Fratelli Rossetti official website

Fratelli Rossetti was founded by Renzo Rossetti and his wife in 1953. The family business was passed down to the second generation with their three sons running the company.

Their brand was the first Italian fashion brand featured on New York’s Madison Avenue. It mainly offered shoes but has now begun offering bags, accessories, and clothing.

Renzo quickly became aware of the importance of innovation. Early on, his brand embraced new colors and new styles of shoes. They currently offer casual sneakers and sports models in line with modern demands.

Fratelli Rossetti uses crocodile leather for their precious models and calfskin for their classic ones, which means they can be pricey. Fratelli Rossetti offers “Made to Measure” and “Made to Order” services to cater to their customer needs.

10. Igi&Co

Igi and Co official website
Igi&Co official website

Established in 2002, Igi&Co offers high-quality light, flexible, and breathable wellness shoes with the help of high-tech solutions. The designers of Igi&Co study the customer needs of each region and adjust their collections accordingly.

The brand picks leather that’s essentially both lightweight and wear-resistant. The shoe soles are made from specific polymers through a production process that provides extra lightness and cushioning. Then, they’re attached without glue to guarantee comfort, flexibility, and high impact resistance.

Igi&Co has been an advocate for environmental causes. One way it’s making a difference is through its use of biodegradable materials.

The shoes by Igi&Co belong to the middle and upper-middle price ranges. The company has a production plant in Italy, in Colonnella, and has also outsourced some of its production to Tunisia.


The Italian shoemaking industry is based on a wealth of knowledge passed down through generations. We hope our selection of Italian footwear brands has helped you explore the country’s impressive variety and timeless style.