Can You Wash UGG Boots? How To Wash Them? (A Guide)

Can You Wash UGG Boots? How To Wash Them?

Our latest piece was about tips on how to tell whether you pair of UGG boots is genuine or not. This is an important thing to consider because you pay quite a bit of money for such boots and making sure that you are purchasing exactly what you are paying for is essential.

When it comes to boots that are made of such quality and come at a high price, proper maintenance is another important consideration. Not only will it help with keeping them looking like new for a long time, but it will also help extend their usability and lifespan.

To help make the process of cleaning and caring for your UGGs easier, we have compiled today’s guide on the proper steps of maintaining your boots in pristine condition.

Let’s now briefly learn a bit more about the history of UGGs and how they came to be so popular and beloved, then move on to the care guide for safe and effective cleaning of your boots.

1. UGG Boots

The #UGGLIFE Campaign

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First things first, it’s important to define what we mean by UGG boots. We are referring to the brand name of the boots, which are made by UGG, the American footwear company.

We make this distinction because uggs have been around for a very long time, and no, UGG did not create this design. Ugg boots, that is the sheepskin boot that keeps feet cozy, warm and comfortable, originated in New Zealand and Australia and became popular among surfers in the 1960s.

It was over a decade later that this boot design crossed over to the U.S and UK, to then become a global trend in the mid-2000s, as they were spotted among celebrities, too.

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Now, UGG, the brand name for this design, stayed true to the authentic and original design of these boots to ensure that they did not lack in either comfort or warmth.

Over the years, however, while the brand carried on with the core standard for their design, they also expanded the range further to include taller and shorter boots, ones with zippers, buttons and a variety of other details that quickly became popular among customers, especially women.

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Today, we will discuss UGG boots made by UGG and the proper steps of caring for them.

2. Clean & Care

Before we move on to the actual steps, there is a product that you can use, which will help your UGG boots stay clean for much longer, reducing the frequency of having to clean them.

We are talking about UGG Protector, a product that comes in spray form, which is applied directly onto dry UGG boots (or even other similar suede footwear) and helps keep the outside of the boots clean and protected against common stains. We will discuss its application shortly.

2.1 Cleaning

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We started directly with cleaning because, often times, you won’t have to actually wash your UGGs, which is actually a good thing as frequent washing can be detrimental.

Products and Use

  • The first product you will need is a brush designed specifically for suede. Suede is a material that requires special care, which is why it is not advisable to use inadequate products. You might be able to get away with a soft brush, but considering that suede brushes are quite inexpensive, we would suggest you go for one of them.
    A suede brush is used to dislodge any debris stuck to your boots. Namely dirt, in most cases. By brushing dirt away you will prevent the risk of it spreading and sticking to the suede further when you wet the boots.
  • Next, you will need a cloth or soft towel or a sponge, which will be used to wet the suede with a solution of water and an appropriate cleaner, helping to lift any stains that may be on the boots.
  • The cleaner of choice is, of course, the one developed by UGG themselves, which features a cleaner, a conditioner and a leather balm that helps smooth the surface of the suede and gives the boots a cleaner and better looking finish. In absence of that, wool cleaners, leather soaps or another gentle/mild detergent will work as well, just make sure it contains no bleach or softener as they may not only discolor the boots, but can actually damage the suede beyond repair.
  • A suede eraser is especially useful for light-colored suede, such as white, off-white or light beige ones. The eraser helps remove any debris that did not get off from the brush and large scuff marks as well.
  • Lastly, you will need some papers, newspaper, paper towels or any other similar material you have at hand that you can stuff inside the boot to help them stand properly as they get cleaned and dry.

Cleaning Steps

Now that you have all the products ready, let’s get started.

Yes, you will have to do the cleaning by hand. While washing them in a washing machine can potentially be successful, the brand itself warns against this, as do many others. A washing machine and dryer, too, can and most likely will damage the suede or build of the boot, so it is better to be safe than sorry in a case like this.

  1. Start with brushing off any debris, as mentioned earlier, with the brush. Preferably, brush in one direction as not to disturb the layout of the suede too much.
  2. After having removed all, or as much of the debris as you can, use a suede eraser if you notice any scruffs that need removing.
  3. Next, mix the water and the cleaner of choice in the ratio recommended in your cleaning product. Do not soak the boots in this mixture! Do not apply cleaners or conditioners directly on the suede!
  4. With the cloth or sponge, gently wet the surface of the suede, while being careful not to use too much water. After the boot is wet, start to very gently scrub on the areas that require a deeper clean.
  5. With your cloth (preferably a different one) free of cleaner and using clean water, start to gently wipe the suede in order to remove soapy mixture residue. Make sure you go over all areas that were cleaned in order to remove all residue.
  6. Stuff the inside of the boots with paper towels or newspaper to help them stand tall as they dry.
  7. On to drying, you should let the boots dry for about 24 hours in an area with good ventilation and away from direct sunlight or proximity to heat. Do not use a dryer!
  8. When the boots have fully dried, brush the suede in one direction only (follow the natural direction of the suede surface). This will help the boots look like new and maintain their appearance much longer.
  9. With all steps of the above completed, this is when you can apply the Protector or the balm as per the directions on the product packaging. Water and stain repellant products can also be used, as long as they are specifically designed for suede.

The Inside of the Boot

With the outside clean, some may wonder what happens with the inside of your UGGs. Well, original UGG boots come with sheep wool fleece on the inside, which is a material that naturally repels odors and smells fresh for a long time.

However, if you would like to go the extra mile, use a deodorizer made for this purpose, such as the one made by UGGs.

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3. Conclusions

That concludes today’s guide on how to easily and safely clean your UGGs to keep them looking great for a long time. See you in the next one!

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