Are Dr. Martens Still in Style? How To Wear Them?

Woman Wearing Pascal 1460 Dr. Martens Boots

No other pair of boots is as robust, iconic, and grunge as these. It’s Dr. Martens, also known as Docs or DMs. We swear on their lasting wear and instant boost on your self-esteem!

Although the Docs have a long story, you might question whether or not Dr. Martens are still in fashion this year.

So, read on as today’s article will tell you how the original Docs were born and why they got so famous.

It is a true rock and roll tale written by a real doctor.

We will also have a look at the iconic Dr. Martens styles and some newly launched boots, as well as how to match these shoes to your outfit in different situations and seasons.

Let’s see if we can wear the famous Docs all year round.


1. History of the Brand

Label 1460 Pascal Dr. Martens Boots
Image: Label 1460 Pascal Dr. Martens Boots

When someone sees a pair of Dr. Martens, instantly thinks of the UK, Brit-rock and gangs of punk youngsters. You are not wrong but this story started somewhere else.

The iconic Dr. Martens was born in Germany. Here, Klaus Märtens, a military doctor, was recovering from a skiing accident and needed better boots to support his foot.

His military shoes were too uncomfortable and stiff, so he recycled his cobbler’s skills and some leftover leather to make his own air-cushioned boots.

It was 1945 and, two years later, Klaus presented his invention to an old friend of his, a mechanical engineer named Herbert Funck.  The two friends moved to business using discarded rubber.

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It will certainly surprise you but, at the very start, their best clients were older women.

Sales were going great, so Märtens and Funck dreamt of expanding their venture overseas by advertising their boots in magazines.

Thanks to an advert, the duo met the British manufacturer R. Griggs Group Ltd. This event signed a turning point and the evolution of Dr. Märtens’ footwear as we know and appreciate it today.

The Griggs have been in the market since 1901 and were experts in shoe-making. The family acquired the patent to produce the boots in England; anglicised the name in “Dr. Martens” and retouched the upper part, the sole design and the heel for a better look.

Griggs marketed the sole with the trademark “Airwair”, added a signature ribbon loop and the iconic yellow stitching around the welt.

Iconic Yellow Stitching 1460 Dr. Martens Boots
Image: Iconic Yellow Stitching 1460 Dr. Martens Boots

The style, social and cultural revolution started with Dr. Martens 1460, a model taking its name from the launch date, 1st April 1960. This was the first pair made in the UK and still the best-seller.

The original Dr. Martens 1460 are 8-eyelets boots in cherry-red leather, made to be oil and acid resistant for hard-working people. Sold initially at 2£, they were worn by anyone, from police forces to workmen.

Dr. Martens were a symbol of self-expression, anti-conformism; it soon became part of many young subcultures like scooters and punks.

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The success with the wider public arrived when Pete Townshend, guitarist and singer of The Who, fell in love with their bright colour and wore them at his gigs.

He swore Dr. Martens’ “bouncing soles” gave him the right energy for his performances!

From the ‘70s to the ‘90s, the symbiosis with the music continued: Britpop, punk, grunge, nu-metal and emo bands were performing with Docs on, and so their fans did.

Dr. Martens expanded its production plants in the UK and East Asia to meet the constant request.

Things were going really well, so much that the brand opened its own six-storey shop, in Covet Garden.

Although popularity never ceased, the company was very close to bankruptcy in 2003. New strategies, new designs and a vintage collection winked at the younger public and helped Dr. Martens rise again.

In 2019, the iconic brand has been acclaimed as one of the landmark companies “made in the UK”.

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2. Are Dr Martens Still in Fashion?

Woman Wearing Pascal 1460 Dr. Martens Boots

After more than three generations in boots, Dr. Martens still wears musicians, celebs and everyday people.

Its quality is a guarantee; its style is unique. These the reasons why so many people keep looking for Docs.

Just one year after the big launch, the original 1460 was followed by the 1461 and, today, this English brand by adoption has a wide array of shoes and sandals with some quirky take-on the iconic styles.

2.1 Are White Doc Martens in Style?

Dr. Martens 1460, 1461, platforms, sandals and mono boots are declined in pure white leather which cannot but pops in contrast with the black or greenish-grey of the rubber and yellow stitching.

White Docs are seen many times in street-style looks sported by daily fashionistas, IG influencers and celebs like Orlando Bloom, supermodel Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin.

These candid shoes need extra care but, are white Docs in style? Yes, they definitely are, mostly for the daring people!

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2.2 Are Doc Martens 1460 in Style?

Label 1460 Dr Martens Boots
Image: 1460 Dr. Martens Boots Label

Dr. Martens 1460 made the history of everyday fashion. The way they shake the plainest of the outfits makes them the favourite of celebrities for their random stroll or shocking walk on important carpets.

Gigi and Bella, Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani, Miley Cyrus, the list may go on and on.

There is no age limit for these Docs, even Susan Sarandon wore them in an unusual metallic peridot shade.

There is no restriction regarding event, time of the day or season; every occasion is a good one to wear your Dr. Martens 1460.

2.3 Are Platform Dr Martens in Style?

Dr. Martens platforms literally elevate your style with those extra inches!

Here too, you can spot everyone wearing platforms but they ride the wave of success and appreciation on the socials thanks to many influencers and fashion addicts.

Timeless 1460 and 1461 but also Chelsea Boots, monochrome shoes and gladiators have this upgrade, and it seems like these are going to be a “big thing” in these ’20s!

2.4 Are Dr Martens Chelsea Boots in Style?

Chelsea Boots are timeless choices with a sort of “preppy” touch. Luckily, they will not end up outdated any time soon thanks to their easiness and casual wear.

However, this style is the one popping the less in Dr. Martens catalogue and VIPs’ outfits.

3. Are Dr Martens Good for Spring / Summer?

Probably, boots are not your first choice for springtime or Summer days. We would normally agree on that but Dr. Martens works well in unstable weather condition like the typical British Summer.

Docs are made to protect from sudden rain and dirt while sustaining your feet and keeping them dry.

They are perfect in those early Spring days when it drizzles out of the blue.

Ankle-high Dr. Martens are the right ones to join outdoor events or walking in the park as they protect your skin from insect bites and itchy grass.

Docs and music festivals sound like a match made-in-heaven, we will see how to rock them!

4. Are Dr Martens Good for Fall / Winter?

Dr. Martens and F/W outfits is a combination taken for granted. Although, Docs are made to survive any hostile condition; heavy rain is not the best friend of natural leather.

A little snow or a drizzle is not a big deal but Dr. Martens cannot resist a real shower as leather absorbs water.

We would suggest wearing some warm socks in Fall and during rigid Winters, as well as having a spare change with you, just in case.

You can treat the leather with a waterproof wax or spray to build up its resistance too. The rubber sole may feel harder with extreme cold and you may feel your feet cold as well.

Keep your feet warm to enjoy this unique style as we will see in the next paragraph.

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5. How to Style Dr Martens?

Dr. Martens Boots Box
Image: Dr. Martens Boots Box

Once you break in your beloved Docs, you can really wear them every day.

To make your life simple, we want to share our style tips and suggestions by season and occasion, so that you can create the best outfit with your Dr. Martens 1460 and what you have already in your closet.

5.1 Spring / Summer

Good news if your working place or school have no strict dress code: you will have all eyes on you with your Dr. Martens!

For a Spring/Summer professional look, you can put on a formal outfit with an oversize blazer and a long t-shirt or a neutral silky top tucked in your trousers and your Docs. Your boots will give a kick to this bon-ton look!

Try also your Dr. Martens with rolled-up denim and checked shirt, a unisex outfit defining your space at work.

At school, you can twist the classic all-black British school uniform: your DMs will feel outrageously cool with your skirt, tights and cardigan!

You can choose a denim look with a t-shirt, jeans and maybe a plaid touch as the internal print of a comfy jacket.

For informal situations, there are absolutely no limits: wear your Docs with airy dresses (sunbath, spaghetti strap, skaters…), mini skirt or mini trousers and tees, short dungaree with a white t-shirt, denim shorts, jeggings and shirt dresses.

Your Dr. Martens will go well with flowery prints, checks, pastel palettes or b&w; and combined with anything like distressed jeans, sleek trenches and ripped tees, crop tops or pleated skirts.

From day to night, you can cover up your casual daytime look with a jacket or a loose cardigan, or start anew with cargo or denim jeans and your favourite leather jacket or parka.

5.2 Fall / Winter

For the cold season, your work outfit featuring the legendary Docs does not need massive changes. Just update the fabrics and add an extra layer of comfort and warmth.

At school, college and uni, you can wear a pair of Dr. Martens with a sporty set like joggers and a hoodie, distressed denim jeans and fluffy jumpers.

For daytime rambles, a combo with slim denim and a sweater is a fool-proof choice, but you can also pair your Docs with bulkier assemble in acid wash and pastel drip.

Jegging/leggings and a maxi sweater dress are top-notch together with your boots too!

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When everything looks too heavy or too dark, spice up your wintry look with a bright or metallic pair of boots!

You can keep your night casual, of course, but your Dr. Martens will not dislike the company of a chic black dress.

You will be surprised by the harmony made by such a harsh contrast!

6. Iconic Dr. Martens Boots

1460 Smooth Leather Lace Up Boots

1460 Smooth Leather Lace Up Dr. Martens Boots

The Docs for excellence: high boots in the original 8-eyelet height with yellow stitching and heel-loop label.

They have comfortable air-cushioned rubber soles in contrast with the smooth black leather in a natural rubber mat texture.

Also available in other 11 colors.

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1461 Smooth Leather Oxford Shoes

1461 Smooth Leather Oxford Dr. Martens Shoes

1461 is the second model in Dr. Martens’ production history: loafers with strings.

This traditional pair has 3 eyelets and air-cushioned rubber soles defined by iconic yellow stitching.

These Oxford shoes are in smooth back leather with a rubbery mat finish and are available in 10 colorful versions.

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2976 Yellow Stitch Smooth Leather Chelsea Boots

2976 Yellow Stitch Chelsea Dr. Martens Boots

These slip-on Chelsea boots combine comfort and durability. They are easy to wear thanks to the elastic bands on the sides.

They have air-cushioned rubber sole with yellow stitching, heel-loops, yellow inside and black leather outside with a rubber mat touch and light texture, also available in contrasting white.

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1490 Smooth Leather Mid Calf Boots

1490 Mid Calf Dr. Martens Boots

The true punk version of the 1460, these high boots have 10 eyelets, the same structure and features of the original model: air-cushioned, ridged rubber sole with yellow stitching, heel-loops, black leather with soft mat texture.

Also available in signature cherry red.

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Jadon Smooth Leather Platform Boots

Jadon Platform Dr. Martens Boots

A modern version of the 1460 on a raised platform.

Jadon is an 8-eye boot with laces and ankle zippers.

The platform is 1’1/2 high (1 7/8 high on the heel). It has a ridged air-cushioned rubber sole with yellow stitching and a white, smooth leather body with a subtle sheen.

Also available in the original smooth black.

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7. Conclusions

Being likeable is not in Dr. Martens’ story: they were for the underdogs! In fact, Dr. Martens are not trendy, they go way beyond fashion.

You make your style and we dare you to match any piece in your closet with a pair of Docs.

These shoes are made to express your true self and build your confidence either with a silky dress or leather jeans, any fabric, texture, shade or pattern.

Dr. Martens are armor to face any uncomfortable day and we know they happen; so, it is always time to wear your Docs.

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