7 Best Boyfriend Jeans for Women with Thick Thighs + How To Wear Them

7 Best Boyfriend Jeans for Thick Thighs

We have looked at mom jeans, skinny jeans and a whole variety of types and cuts for women with big thighs. Today we will continue on our search for some of the best types of jeans for curvy women, where we will be taking a look at boyfriend jeans.

Boyfriend jeans are constantly trending and rightfully so. They are not only among the most comfortable type of jeans, but also quite stylish.

But what exactly qualifies as boyfriend jeans might be a bit confusing. Typically this cut is slouchy and baggy, more so in front, as to imitate jeans made for men.

They fit a bit loosely and often come with rolled up ankles, in order to give off the vibe that they are a tad too long, just like your boyfriend’s would be.

And before you wonder, they aren’t a creation of recent years. Marilyn Monroe was one of the first to make these jeans popular, so they go way back.

The reason we picked them for today’s selection is because they are very flattering on curvy bodies.

You can choose loose-fitting ones, or designs that fit the form, whichever you like best. Because of the often straight legs, with a tad of skinny look to them, they help shape the legs better.

Let’s get started with the 7 designs we have chosen for you today!



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Our Top Picks

Lee Curvy-Fit Ruby Boyfriend Jean

Lee Curvy-Fit Ruby Boyfriend Jean

Image: pinterest.com

Check it out on: Amazon.co.ukAmazon.com

Just look at them! Need we explain why Lee‘s Ruby boyfriend jeans are a must have?

With a midrise in the front and a higher waist in the back, not only are these jeans stylish, but they also keep the back completely covered when sitting or bending down. Maintaining decency with jeans is sometimes an issue on those situations, so you won’t have to worry with this design.

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The fabric is not solely denim, but a blend that also includes Rayon, Polyester and of course, Spandex.

They are cropped, with rolled up ankles and have highlights and wrinkles both on the front and back.

Best of all, you can style them with any type of shoe you want! Plus, they come with distressed options, too. The colors available are: Rhine, Rinse, Dreamer, Monterey, Soho, Horizon and Royal chakra.

Ellos Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans

Ellos Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans

Image: pinterest.com

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By Ellos, we have picked this design that is specifically for women with more to love.

They fit loosely and have a higher rise than usually, but not so much to make them high-waist. What’s great about this is that you can wear them with the top tucked in, while they take care of tucking the tummy in.

Because the top part is cut straight, they shape the body well for those of you who’d rather take attention away from the curves.

Having Spandex in the fabric makes them fit more comfortably, too. The ankles are rolled up and the color selection includes: Black distressed, Light stonewash, White distressed and Distressed.

Poetic Justice Curvy Fit Boyfriend Jeans

Poetic Justice Curvy Fit Boyfriend Jeans

Image: pinterest.com

Check it out on: Amazon.com

Stylish throughout and a definite eye-catcher, this next design by Poetic Justice is cut like the original style of boyfriend jeans.

With straight legs and a baggy fit, wrinkles on top and rolled ankles, they are gorgeous and go beautiful with any type of shoe, especially high heels.

Not only are there highlights, but bleach spots as well, which make them look especially trendy. The rise is high enough to tuck the tummy in and the cut on the hips perfectly brings out your beautiful curves.

They come only in the color Blue and are made of Cotton and Spandex.

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LEE Plus-Size Curvy-Fit Ruby Boyfriend Jean

LEE Plus-Size Curvy-Fit Ruby Boyfriend Jean

Image: pinterest.com

Check it out on: Amazon.co.ukAmazon.com

Plus size ladies, we never forget about you in our selections.

Cropped, distressed and very chic, these boyfriend jeans by Lee are made of Cotton, Rayon, Polyester and Spandex. This means that not only do they come with the perks of denim, but fit much better on the thighs due to the Rayon and especially Spandex.

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Just like the previous design by Lee, they also have a higher back that shapes the butt beautifully.

The ankles, as mentioned, are cropped and also rolled up, giving these jeans a very trendy and youthful look. What we love best is the elasticized waist, which keeps everything in place and rounds up the hips nicely.

There are 3 colors to choose from: Rhine, Rinse and Monterey.

NYDJ Plus-Size Sylvia Boyfriend Jean

NYDJ Plus-Size Sylvia Boyfriend Jean

Image: pinterest.com

Check it out on: Amazon.com

For those of you who love bright colors, NYDJ‘s boyfriend jeans will definitely fit your style.

Made of Cotton, Polyester and Spandex, they fit loosely and comfortably, with the most interesting part being the shins and ankles.

The ankles are rolled up, obviously, and because of the straight cut below the knee, they fit exactly as if you had borrowed them from your man.

With the classic five-pocket style and in a cut that slims down the legs while making the back look lifted, they are a great addition to any wardrobe.

Silver Jeans Plus Size Sam Boyfriend Fit Mid-Rise Slim Jean

Silver Jeans Plus Size Sam Boyfriend Fit Mid-Rise Slim Jean

Image: pinterest.com

Check it out on: Amazon.com

So far we have looked at jeans that go great with high heels, so next we have a design that is best suited for flats and sneakers.

Made of Cotton and Elastane, they come with highlights and a spotted wash, which looks very cute.

The mid rise tucks in the muffin top, while not being as high as in the previous designs.

With the ankles rolled up and in a cut that looks super relaxed and carefree, these are the perfect jeans for running errands or taking a stroll in town. They come in 2 colors: Medium vintage wash and Blue.

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Cello Jeans Plus Size Boyfriend Ripped Jeans

Cello Jeans Plus Size Boyfriend Ripped Jeans

Image: pinterest.com

Check it out on: Amazon.com

We are ending things in style, as we are wont to do. This last design is by Cello Jeans, the V-OK boyfriend jeans.

More daring than the others and cropped, these jeans do not play around. Suited for women who love a good bold outfit that is hard to ignore, this design is perfect for creating stylish outfits.

The distressing is all over and you cannot miss it.

They go great with heels and flats alike and the best thing about them is the cut. Designed to shape and lift, your curves will show off beautifully in these jeans.

The fabric is made of Cotton, Polyester and Spandex, so you know they will wear well. They come in a dark denim color, which we think goes perfectly with the way they look.


In the beginning of this selection we touched a bit on why this type of jeans is called boyfriends jeans and then moved right on to our picks.

As we have done with several other selections on pants, we thought it would be best to update this one, too, with some more information on choosing the right type of boyfriend jeans, what qualifies jeans as boyfriend ones and how to style them in the best way possible for women with big thighs.

In this sort of “guide” are included some quick tips to make your next shopping experience easier and a lot more enjoyable, as well as more successful, since you will be getting the best fitting jeans for your body shape.

Without any further ado, let’s get right into the guide!

Why Are They Called Boyfriend Jeans?

You might be a bit confused at this point by the many different types and names that jeans have nowadays. Skinny jeans, mom jeans, girlfriend, boyfriend, it surely does get annoying sometimes.

Boyfriend jeans got their name because of the way they look. They fit a little loosely on the legs and especially in front, at the crotch area, because you know, the style was originally for men.

They are also longer than jeans that are cut for women, in order to relate to the fact that men tend to be taller than women on average. So, when worn they look just like your boyfriend’s jeans would look on you.

As we mentioned before, the style was made popular by Marilyn Monroe and then it turned into a trend, especially because they are versatile in wear as you can style them in a variety of different ways, as we will see below.

Are Boyfriend Jeans Flattering On Women With Big Thighs?

We answered this one shortly in the first paragraphs of this selection, so the answer is yes. But what makes them flattering for big thighs is what we will be focusing on.

First and foremost is the way they fit. This gets a little bit tricky because not all boyfriend jeans are created equal and therefore not all of them fit and look the same.

While the original design was slouchy in front, with loosely cut legs and lengthier than most, today there are a variety of cuts, lengths and looks for the boyfriend jeans.

However, generally speaking, because boyfriend jeans have a wide cut at the legs, they are a lot more comfortable for women that have big thighs. You won’t have to fuss with skinny jeans, be concerned about showing off a bit too much and feeling uncomfortable while sitting or moving around.

Secondly, the slouchy front comes in handy if you have a bit of a muffin top as it will tend to cover that area, creating a better and more flattering silhouette.

And thirdly, they can be both high and low waist, which can meet the preferences of each and everyone of you, because you won’t have to be confined to wearing only jeans with a high waist.

The Difference Between Mom Jeans and Boyfriend Jeans

Let’s say you have looked online for different styles of jeans and the mom jeans appears. This style of jeans has a loose cut in front, a high waist and fit a bit slouchy.

Well, how to tell them apart from boyfriend jeans then?

It’s simple, actually. Mom jeans will always have a high waist and they tend to fit a bit more loosely on the hips rather than on the thighs. Another dead giveaway is the cut of the legs. They tend to narrow down at the ankles and more often than not run a little short.

Whereas boyfriend jeans on the other hand don’t necessarily come with a high waist and the legs are usually cut straight, with either tapered or regular ankles, which wrinkle at the shins in order to show off the fact that they are longer than regular jeans.

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How To Style Boyfriend Jeans

Ladies, it’s finally time for everyone’s favorite part, styling and pictures.

Let us preface this segment by saying that boyfriend jeans are arguably the most versatile style of jeans because you can play around with different tops and shoes and go from a grunge, carefree and casual look, to a sexy and refined one.

1 PAIR OF BOYFRIEND JEANS 4 WAYS! / How I Style Boyfriend Jeans

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As per usual, we will look at different elements and aspects of styling these jeans, so let’s begin with boots.

How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans With Boots

Boyfriend jeans and ankle boots are a match made in heaven. No, we are serious. We will go as far as to say that you cannot find a pair of ankle boots that do not go well with boyfriend jeans. Especially if you are wearing the jeans cropped or rolled up!

Now, there are two types of ankle boots that we will refer to: low and high heel ones.

High heel ankle boots tend to be a bit more classy and suitable for creating casual outfits that you can wear to different gatherings, lunch, dinner and even to work, provided that jeans are appropriate for your line of work.

Low heel boots are more relaxed and they suit different outfit styles. You can go for the rocker style or just a typical casual look, both work great with boyfriend jeans and the right style of ankle boots.

High boots are not recommended for this style of jeans because then you will have baggy jeans on the thighs, while the rest of the leg is slim due to the boots and you know what that looks like. Like a chicken drumstick, that’s right!

How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans With Sneakers

Sneakers and jeans, the style you will come across the most in your lifetime. And really, who can argue against this combination? Especially with boyfriend jeans!

Sneakers are comfortable, practical and great for toning down the look of any outfit, while the boyfriend jeans, with that baggy and relaxed fit complement the casual style of sneakers perfectly.

We would recommend that you go with flat sneakers, such as Vans or Converse for the most flattering look.

How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans In Winter

It’s time to talk tops. Bring the oversized sweaters out or that slouchy knitted cardigan and you are all set for winter time.

Boyfriend jeans go great with long sleeves, especially if the jeans are cropped and worn with ankle boots. They will balance each other very well, and not make you look like you are packed into your clothes.

Oversized and long jackets, in general, are quite a universal look for jeans and that is the case for boyfriend jeans also.

How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans If You Are Short

Now, curvy women in general are either average in height or petite. Petite women have to also consider their height when choosing boyfriend jeans and for that reason, long cuts are more suitable.

They will fit better and also show off your legs a bit taller. Whereas, cropped jeans are a no-go for shorter ladies because they tend to shorten the appearance of the legs, making them look stubby and wider, and you had big thighs to begin with!

If you can get your hands on a pair of boyfriend jeans that have a high waist, even better, as it will make it seem as if your legs begin higher than they actually do, as opposed to the low-rise jeans.

How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans With Different Tops

We already settled the matter of sweaters, long sleeves in general and jackets.

What about summer time then? Well, tank tops and T-shirts go perfectly with boyfriend jeans, especially if tucked loosely into the waist.

But, because we are talking about curvy ladies, wearing them over the jeans is a much more flattering look, especially with low-rise cuts. In that way, your torso will look more proportionate to the legs and if you carry extra weight on the belly it will be covered up.

Shirts that come in a loose cut are also a very stylish choice and they can be worn over the jeans or half tucked in.

How To Choose The Right Boyfriend Jeans

As curvy ladies, choosing the right pants in general can be a hassle. Jeans are usually the problematic ones as they tend to form that gap in the back, which due to fabric’s sturdiness, just stands there and won’t budge.

To avoid this, go for high waists that are cinched and preferably elasticized as they will fit a lot better and will also round out the hips beautifully.

If you don’t carry extra weight in the middle, then low-rise jeans are a good option, too and there is no gap issue with that cut.

For this particular body type, elastic in the fabric is always the best option, both for comfort and fit.


Thirdly, the color is very important. Opt for a dark wash with no fading, because in this way your legs will look slimmer, and if you are also including our previous tips, they will look longer, too.

Lastly, look at the fabric. The heavier the fabric (especially for online shopping), the higher the quality and the more durable are they going to be.

How To Choose The Right Size For Boyfriend Jeans

Most online sellers will mark their boyfriend jeans as “run true to size”, which means that if you are a medium with other jeans, then that’s the size you should get boyfriend jeans.

Boyfriend jeans tend to fit bigger on the thighs, so that will not be an issue in wearing them. It’s the waist that you should consider. So look at the sizing table carefully and choose accordingly.

If you are unsure, then opting for one size bigger is always a good rule of thumb so you can rest assured that the jeans will fit.

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  1. If you really want the boyfriend jean look, stop looking in the womens section!! Grab a pair of mens jeans, light weight denim. If you wear a 6 women size, go for a 32_33 in mens. Mens sizes are by the inch. The cut is straighter at the waist/hip area. The crotch is always longer, for obvious reasons… The fit will be more relaxed. As soon as you put them on, you’ll feel like putting your hands in the pockets and mellow into a mindfull groove. Oh, you can choose your length too. The waist will sit comfortably on your natural curve. Unless you have no hips. If you have a curvy figure, it will show. Wear them extra long and slouchy over your sneakers, or roll them up and throw on a pair of heels, ever kitten heels make them look sexy. accent with a sexy belt and sinch in a bit for a blousy look. Pair with a more fitted, femin top or blouse. Own your look! Womens boyfriend “like” jeans are NOT boyfriend jeans. Im sure he wouldn’t wear them! I LOVE, LOVE mine!! Gap,32×34 slim. Light weight denim. (not skinny cut!). Mens relaxed cut is too roomy in the crotch area for most female bodies. Mens skinny cut is too straight at the hip. What really makes the look authentic, is the size of the back pockets. How many pairs of jeans do we have to try on before we think we’ve found a pair that flatters our butt? Too many. The main reason is the back pockets. Womens jeans have much smaller, displaced back pockets. Not designed for function like mens jeans. Try on a pair of womens jeans with larger back pockets, big enough to invite his hands to easily slide into instead of awkwardly getting stuck back there. Your butt will look great ! 9 times out of 10!.. Stop trying and buying boyfriend jeans made for girls!!

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