7 Swiss Jackets, Coats & Outdoor Clothing Brands: Our Favorites

woman wearing winter jacket in city park

Brands from Switzerland that make jackets, coats, and outdoor clothing stand out for their precision in the search for innovative materials and technologies to ensure maximum comfort.

In addition, Swiss companies also take great care of the design and each of their products becomes functional and capable of withstanding even the coldest temperatures, protecting you without any problems.

Simplicity is another characteristic element, as well as refinement and elegance. Many brands focus also on sustainability.

Today, we have chosen for you our favorite 7 Swiss brands for jackets and outdoor clothing.

Let’s take a look at all their features!


1. Maya Maya

Maya Maya has a very particular logo, red and with shapes reminiscent of old writings, in fact, the desert dunes appear in the background of the site.

Its motto is “If you don’t go, you don’t have a story” and this phrase makes us understand the importance of the brand for exploration and the attempt to try to accept the challenges of practicing sports.

For this, the Swiss brand makes products of the highest quality, including jackets, coats, and outdoor clothing. In addition, it not only offers creations for the winter season, but also for the summer season and for various sports such as skiing, trekking, running, and even yoga.

Maya Maya official website
Maya Maya official website

Regarding its philosophy, the brand is partly inspired by the Mayan tribal populations, even if the company name refers to the need to create a kind of refuge called “Maya Maya”. The brand wants to symbolize life, its eternity, its magical elements, and the desire to discover new things.

One of the main features is the attention to detail and care in the creation of the products. Each item must protect the wearer as much as possible, but they also guarantee every comfort and thus become a kind of “second skin”. In addition, some jackets or coats guarantee thermoregulation and therefore protect against the intense cold.

Summer clothes also have high levels of protection, because they remain breathable and prevent sweat from drying on you. Another goal of Maya Maya is to find a perfect blend of ancient features and tribal style with contemporary design.

In addition, the brand uses technology and is always looking for the highest quality materials. In fact, its garments are always soft to wear and do not hinder movement. Each creation always focuses on sustainability, because the company gives importance to the environment and respect for nature.

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2. Tefaneso

Tefaneso is a Swiss brand that produces high-end outdoor sportswear and in particular ski clothing, but also for other types of sports, and its products are aimed at women, men, and children.

Its main feature is its very high quality and the company is always attentive to the environmental impact. Its purpose is to create a new identity and to increasingly be a reference point for sportswear. The efforts are concentrated above all on the desire to obtain maximum comfort, but also maximum usefulness.

Tefaneso official website
Tefaneso official website

As for the history of Tefaneso, this began in 2015 and was born with the aim of making sports products even more useful. For example, hiking boots can also have some features to be suitable for professional activities or maybe even be equipped with different types of protection, or a perfect design for everyday life.

From boots, Tefaneso also began to focus on clothing and today it is an important and well-known brand. The characteristic of the garments is that it offers high movement capacity, particular comfort such as thermoregulation, but also protection from the accumulation of sweat and high impermeability.

Also very particular are the colors, which are both neutral and bright. In addition, each garment is full of multilayers and pockets, so it will also be very functional. All these productions are useful both to sports professionals and to those who are in their first experiences or practice sports just for fun.

Tefaneso always focuses on simplicity, but at the same time, it is always looking for particular technological innovations, to ensure comfort and maximum safety.

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3. Mountain Force

Mountain Force is a company that produces sportswear for men and women and was born in 2006 thanks to Peter Jud, a Swiss skier who has always loved the mountains of Switzerland and his aim was to create clothing that fits perfectly in that environment.

In addition, he wanted clothes that were not bulky, but perfect to accompany the person who goes skiing. The idea was to create practical and high-quality outdoor clothing, inspired by the power of the mountains. The company name derives from this philosophy.

Mountain Force official website
Mountain Force official website

In 2011, the brand was bought by KTC, the Hong Kong-based sportswear manufacturer. Today the brand is well known and its logo is also significant because it represents a square with a broken line inside that portrays the mountain peaks.

Today Mountain Force wants to create innovative clothing by focusing on particular technologies such as thermoregulation and protection from cold temperatures, but also on GORE-TEX, which guarantees high levels of waterproofing.

In addition, all the materials chosen have high durability. Another feature of Mountain Force is the attention to every little detail, especially those concerning comfort and functionality, but also the design.

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4. Mammut

Mammut is a famous brand known internationally and its history begins in 1862, thanks to Kaspar Tanner, who founded the company in Dintikon.

In those years Mammut produced only climbing ropes, but over time it also began to make outdoor clothing, such as jackets. In addition, today it also produces outdoor footwear and equipment. The lines are many: there are clothes for climbing, hiking, urbaneering, mountaineering, and skiing.

Mammut official website
Mammut official website

Although the search for high-quality materials is always present, Mammut prefers simple features and wants to guarantee functionality.

Each garment is light to wear, does not hinder natural movement, becomes almost a second skin, and adheres well to the body, protecting it from any rigid temperatures. In addition, Gore-Tex technology is widely used, which ensures the highest level of waterproofing.

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KJUS is a clothing brand with Swiss origins that makes garments for women, men, and kids. Its peculiarity begins with its logo, which is a very elegant “K”, with sinuous and refined lines. This symbol also reflects the thinking of the company, which always maintains elegance in its productions, but also focuses on practicality.

KJUS official website
KJUS official website

Founded by former Norwegian alpine skiing champion Lasse Kjus, the brand’s headquarters are now located in Boulder, Colorado, in the USA.

A characterizing element of the brand is the resistance of the materials, which helps to achieve maximum comfort and high levels of performance during sports. In addition, safety always comes first, as well as functionality.

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6. Bally

Bally is a famous Swiss brand that deals with luxury fashion and produces clothing, but also shoes, bags, and other accessories. Its history began in 1851, thanks to Carl Franz Bally, hence the company name.

Together with his brother Fritz, he built a small company, which is now internationally known. The main element of Bally is represented by the union between craftsmanship and the use of technologies.

In fact, already 3 years after the foundation, machinery began to be used to increase production, but craftsmanship has always remained an important point.

Bally official website
Bally official website

Another feature is that Bally focuses on the durability of its products, capable of responding to every need and accompanying the wearer on every occasion. The designs are simple but at the same time also elegant and refined, always with unique details.

Another feature is that the brand offers customers a myriad of models, so they can choose the one they prefer, thus satisfying every possible taste.

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7. Jetset

Jetset produces sportswear as well as casual wear and manages to connect fashion, sport, and even luxury. The quality of its materials is in fact always sought after, as well as the designs, always able to satisfy even the most particular tastes.

Jetset official website
Jetset official website

Durability is an important point, as well as safety and since the year of its foundation, in 1969, the brand has always wanted to leave a mark on the market and it has succeeded in doing so.

The company is also one of the pioneers of luxury sportswear and that is why today it is a worldwide reference for the sector.

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