What Kind Of Skirt Should a Petite Woman Wear? A Guide

What Kind Of Skirt Should a Petite Woman Wear? A Guide

Earlier in April we wrote a guide on what skirts to wear if you have a pear shaped body and it’s time for a follow up. Today we will be discussing the most flattering types of skirts for petite women and how to choose the right one.

The term “petite” refers to height, not weight, contrary to what some people believe. It is used as a term for women shorter than 5’3″ (162 cm).

However, you might see it used for taller women, too. This is because petite means “small” and women taller than 5’3″ can have a small torso, narrow shoulders, or short legs. But when someone is regarded as being petite, it is directly related to their height, just so we can be clear on that.

As for a petite woman’s body shape, it all depends. Since petite is a term solely for the height of a woman, they can have an apple, pear, hourglass or rectangle body shape, just like the rest of the ladies out there.

We will start off with a few tips on looking taller, slimmer and curvier for petite women in general and then continue with the most flattering types of skirts for your height.

Tips To Wear Clothes Better

Most petite women prefer to have a longer figure, therefore they look for options that either add height or which make it seem like there has been height added.

What we mean by this, in simpler terms, you either wear high heels, which immediately makes you taller, or you play around with your clothes in order to create the appearance of longer legs.

When it comes to high heels, there is a height recommendation, at around 2″ (5 cm). Any taller than that, such as the stiletto heels, and you might look completely out of proportions with extra long legs and a small torso.

Also avoid straps on the ankles or calves as they will make your legs look a lot shorter and stubby.

Making your legs look longer, high-waist pants or skirts are the quickest way of doing so. Just make sure that you tuck the top in and if you are accessorizing with a belt, choose one that matches the color of your pants or skirt.

We have discussed this same tip for curvy women also, so if you are a combination of both, then this is the best tip.

Color-matching your outfit, especially when worn with nude heels, will elongate your figure, not only making you look taller, but also more elegant.

Slits on skirts and dresses are perfect for petite women. This tip works especially well with longer skirts, as it will show a part of your leg.

If you are going for stripes, vertical ones are the best choice. They always create an elongated silhouette, regardless of the body, and work especially well for women with big thighs, too.

Choose a skirt length that shows off the slimmer part of your calves, as it will make it seem like your legs are longer, as opposed to a skirt that cuts off in the middle of your calf, giving your legs a stubby appearance.

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When it comes to colors, monochromatic options are the best choice. Heavily patterned or extremely bright colors will draw attention to the legs, instead of looking flattering.

Avoid fluted hems on skirts as they are more suitable for longer legs.

Lastly, the right fit is very important. It goes for any height and body shape, but it is especially important for petite women. Clothes that don’t fit you properly will add more bulk and you will look as if you are wrapped in fabric.

Best Types Of Skirts For Petite Women

What Kind Of Skirt Should a Petite Woman Wear? A Guide

Now, let’s take a look at what types of skirts are the most suitable for petite ladies.

A-line skirts are the most flattering, especially if you are a fan of miniskirts. The high waist will elongate your figure and the width, or flare, of the skirt makes your legs appear more slender.

Midi length pencil skirts are another good choice as their tight waist and hips will make your body’s curves show off. Just make sure they are either at the knee or below the mid-calf section, as we said before.

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Envelope skirts are not only fashionable, but they work great for petite women as they elongate legs due to the irregular, diagonal cut, which also creates a slit. They usually have a high waist, too, which is an added bonus.

Ankle-length skirts, in general, are a good rule of thumb for petite women. They show off the legs in a refined way and you can wear them anywhere.

Miniskirts are NOT a smart choice, because they tend to end at the widest part of the thighs, and if your legs aren’t slim, it will only make your legs appear thicker and shorter as a result.

This concludes another guide on how to wear skirts the best way. See you next time!

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