Are Blundstones Still in Style? How To Wear Them?

Blundstone Chelsea boots collage

In many industries, some brands come and go before they even make their mark on the market. Some never make a comeback. But that’s not the case with Australian footwear brands like Blundstone.

Blundstones have been in production for over 150 years, and their global market has expanded exponentially in places like the U.S., Canada, and Israel.

Blundstone boots are quite expensive yet highly popular as people all over the world choose them as their preferred boots for various activities.

We have studied Blundstone boots extensively, including comparing them with other brands like R.M. Williams, Redback, Dr. Martens, and Timberland.

In today’s article, we look at Blundstones to see if they are still in style and how you can wear them with different outfits.

We’ll also look at some of the most iconic Blundstone boots you can wear to rock your world.

1. History of the Brand

Blundstone Chelsea Boots
A pair of Blundstone Chelsea boots

After arriving in Australia from England, John Blundstone worked as a coachbuilder before quitting his job in the 1870s and becoming an importer of boots from England.

Before long, John became a maker of leather goods on Liverpool Street in Hobart Town, Tasmania, where his son Sylvanus joined him to form J. Blundstone & Son. He left the importation business, W.H. Blundstone, under the stewardship of William, his other son.

Like many other boot brands, the two companies struggled financially at times.

In 1909, the importation wing went bankrupt, while the production wing changed hands, first to the Cane family and later to the Cuthbertsons in 1932.

The Blundstone Story - the origins of an iconic brand

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2. Are Blundstones Still in Fashion?

The changes in ownership brought good tidings for the company. The Cuthbertsons were also shoemakers, and they chose to merge their company with the new one but retained Blundstone as the name.

Perhaps this decision was one of the best for the merged company, as it stood the test of time and gained popularity, with the name Blundstones taking over Blundstone boots.

Eventually, the Blunnies name came up as more and more people became fond of the brand.

Today, the footwear that began as work boots has conquered the world to become everyday footwear for millions of people across all walks of life. And there’s a good reason for this. But amid all the popularity, are Blundstones still in style?

Blundstones are still worn today in many countries, not just in Australia. They are very common among celebrities, travelers, hikers, fashionistas, office workers, filmmakers, and social media influencers. Almost every kind of person wears them!

That Blunnies are still worn by so many people from various walks of life 150 years later is proof they are still fashionable. They have managed to surpass trendiness to become a fashion staple in many countries.

Blundstone Chelsea Boots
Blundstone Chelsea Boots

For example, you might have observed the current trend of wearing Blundstones with rolled-up jeans, such that the boots become the focal point of the outfit.

Although this is largely the trend among younger people, some older people also practice it.

The good thing is that Blundstones are always classic and timeless, with the ability to withstand the test of time and trendiness without being pushed to the fence by other similar brands.

In a country like Israel, Blundstones are considered highly stylish for their “informality.” The people of Israel are generally inclined to informality, and Blunnies have become the No. 1 boot for stamping this outlook.

Blundstones have become the go-to Australian boots in Israel, with many people preferring to rock in the informal look with less polished and lighter-colored Blunnies that require no polishing or extensive care.

In the U.S., most people prefer the #500 Original Series Blundstones for their practicality, comfort, high quality, and unique style. The boots are easy to wear because of the elastic side panel and pull tabs.

Blundstone 50 years of 500

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While Blundstones are mostly a fashion staple in cities, they are also widely popular in rural areas, especially among farmers. In many rural places, wearing Blundstones actually earns you the respect of the locals, and they help you be seen as a fashion influencer.

Another thing to note about the fashion appeal of Blundstone boots is that there are unisex boots, which endear them more to the masses because you can find versatile boots that fit different clothing styles for men and women.

Furthermore, Blundstones have no age limit. There are boots available for children, teens, and adults, both men and women. Blundstone boots appeal to all ages as much as to people from various walks of life.

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3. Are Blundstones Good for Spring / Summer?

Generally speaking, boots aren’t the best footwear options for spring and summer. They can be too warm for your feet. Plus, when it drizzles, the leather might absorb water.

For summer or spring footwear, you’ll want shorter boots that won’t cook your feet in excessive warmth. However, if you are wearing boots outdoors on a hike or nature trail, you’ll want to wear tall ones to protect your feet from prickly twigs or insect bites.

Does Blundstone have spring- or summer-friendly boots?

Yes, they do! The Active Series is Blundstone’s version of summer boots. The boots are lightweight, breathable, and flexible. Blundstone says the boots keep your feet cool and are comfortable to walk in, day or night.

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4. Are Blundstones Good for Fall / Winter?

Boots ideal for winter or fall should be highly water-repellent and water-resistant. You don’t want footwear that will absorb moisture too soon, leaving your feet wet.

Most footwear companies market their shoes and boots as “waterproof.” While some are to some extent, natural leather is not totally waterproof.

In fact, Blundstone acknowledges that their natural leather boots are not 100% waterproof. But they are sufficiently water-resistant and water-repellent to allow you to wear them in winter or fall, especially if there isn’t heavy rain.

Blundstone Boots in the Winter, Mens & Womens Boot Styles

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There are, however, a few things that make Blundstones suitable for use in fall or winter. One, boots with rubber outsoles are especially good for walking over ice or snow because of their good grip and traction.

Secondly, Blundstone has a line of winter boots: the Thermal Series. The series features boots for both men and women, which, in a twist, the company markets as “fully waterproof” and able to “keep your toes warm, toasty, and dry year-round.”

What stands out most in the Thermal boots is that they feature Thinsulate Insulation and shearling footbeds. These help keep your feet warm and well supported despite the biting cold.

The lining and footbed might alter the interior of the boot and ruin your usual fit, but you don’t have to worry. You can order a half size up from your usual size for a wider fit.

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5. How to Style Blundstones?

As you may have observed so far, Blundstones are highly versatile boots that you can wear to just about any event or occasion.

Furthermore, their versatility means they often go well with just about any outfit, and there is just about no wrong way to wear them.

People wear Blundstones to both formal and informal events. In the office, you can wear Blunnies such as the classic Chelsea boots with a suit.

For an informal style over the weekend or an after-work party in the evening, you might want to pair your Blundstones with jeans or denim for a casual look (here are some Italian jeans brands that you might want to take a look).

Blundstones go well with wool socks, which you might especially need in the fall or winter when you want to keep your feet warm. It’s a good practice to wear full-length jeans or pants that cover the socks and the upper part of the boots.

Blundstone Chelsea Boots with socks
Blundstone Chelsea boots with socks

However, some people prefer a more casual look where their pants are shorter or rolled up, such that the socks peek out between the pants and the top of the boot. For others, this style is about showing off the boot label on the pull-on flaps.

For a sexy look, you can wear Blundstones with flowy skirts (here are some good skirt brands), skinny jeans, or boyfriend jeans. Pairing your Blunnies with shorts is also a good idea.

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6. Iconic Blundstone Boots

Want some iconic Blundstones to try on? Check out the ones below.

Women’s Classics #558 Chelsea Boots

Blundstone Womens Classics 558 Chelsea Boots

The #558 Chelsea boots for women are made with durable, water-resistant leather and will last a long time. You can pair them with rugged jeans and long coats.

Men’s Originals #500 Chelsea Boots

Blundstone Mens Originals 500 Chelsea Boots

The #500 Chelsea boots turned Blundstones into an icon for their functionality, durability, ease of wearing, and comfortability. They are made of breathable and water-resistant leather. You can wear these with jeans, denim, shirts, and T-shirts.

7. Conclusion

Blundstones have been on the market for a long time and have proven themselves to be dependable footwear for their reliability, durability, and versatility.

One thing is for sure – Blundstones have withstood the test of time and trendiness to become a timeless fashion staple for millions of people. Hopefully, the company keeps producing them in such high quality. We bet they always will!

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